Electric Bike Battery Package | Honbike HF01

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  • 36V 6Ah, 3.5-4 hours charging time
  • Detachable design and two charging ways
  • Reliable & Waterproof battery bag
  • With an extra battery to double your range up to 80 KM


one HF01 Battery, one HF01 Battery Case



How to Install HF01 Battery Case?

*This battery case is specifically designed for HF01. You can place one battery inside the case and attach the battery case to the bike.

Steps for attaching the battery case:

    • 1. Unscrew the four bolts holding the saddle kit counter-clockwise using hex key #4. Put the bolts aside for later use. Remove the saddle kit from the frame.
    • 2. Put the battery case bracket on the seat tube, then put the seat tube back on the frame.
    • 3. Align the seat tube holes on the bracket with the holes on the seat tube.
    • 4. Use hex key #4 to tighten the four M5*12 seat tube bolts clockwise with a torque of 4.5Nm.
    • 5. Use hex key #4 to tighten the two M5*16 bracket bolts clockwise with a torque of 4Nm.
    • 6. Align the battery case with the slots on the bracket and slide it down to install the battery case on the frame. Grab the battery case and lift it upward to remove it from the frame.