How to Choose Right Electric Bike Gift for Your Mom?

How to Choose Right Electric Bike Gift for Your Mom?

There are many objects to gift a mother as a present; however, it is only intriguing when the gift is unique and tangible. Whether you want a best gift for moms on Thanksgiving day, Mother's Day, Christmas, and even Birthday, you should consider electric bikes. Your mother possibly belongs to the adult category that needs to ease their travel process. At their age, the bone is getting weak, and it is medically advisable to travel with ease.

Manufacturers are continually creating fancy electric bike models with an assist mode. Interestingly, you can customize the e-bike to suit your mother's weight or body size. What other things should you consider in choosing an electric bike for your mum? This article provides all the necessary information you may need as you read further.



Why You Should Buy an Electric Bike for your Mom

Choosing an ideal e-bike for your mum is not challenging as you may have thought, while you need to understand the purpose of gifting your mum an electric bike firstly. This places more value on the gift since it is from a place of understanding. Below are vital points that explain why your mum needs an electric bike.

  • If your mum often visits the grocery store or friends, riding an electric bike is the smoothest way to reach her destination.
  • It is one of the best options you can make as a child when your mum has an electric bike to accomplish school-run. More so, this reduces the chances of your siblings getting late to school.
  • When your mum has an e-bike, she can easily plan a family hang-out or picnic.
  • As mentioned earlier, your mum contributes positively to the green environment by riding an electric bike. This ensures no fossil fuel or toxic chemicals are released into the atmosphere.
  • Riding an electric bike is cheaper than booking private cars and some public transport systems. Fortunately, governments are building charging ports, zallowing users to renew their e-bike batteries without complaint quickly. Also, manufacturers like the Honbike brand have batteries that recharge quickly, using about 3-4 hours. Your mom only needs to charge the e-bike battery and be ready to use it.
  • Electric bikes provide a passive form of exercise for adults. Body coaches often recommend this exercise for adults who cannot perform rigorous activities

How to Choose Right Electric Bike for your Mom?

Learn about Mum's Preference

Preference is one of the most important factors you should note when choosing an e-bike for your mom, particularly if she has a preferred color or bike shape in the brand's collection. If you are unsure of your mum's preference, you may want to ask her to make the purchase decision easier. Remember, the best gift you can ever get anyone is to buy to their taste. This applies to every life scenario, including electric bike orders.

Think Clearly Your Mum's Body Fitness

When choosing an electric bike for your mum, you need a frame size that matches her body weight. This also includes the appropriate handlebar height since it supports your mum's strength level. Your mum has a naturally reduced strength at this stage, so the e-bike should provide much support as possible. Although many ladies believe it is rude to ask for their weight, you may want to take exception with your mum. Also, knowing the maximum weight a bike can carry will help you to determine if it's fit for your mum or not.

Consider the Purpose of Using E-bike

Another factor you want to consider is the intent behind getting an e-bike. Although you are getting an electric bike as a gift for your mum, what will she use it for? Is she going to simply commute with it for daily activities or as a means of exercising? This decision will help you choose customized features that match the e-bike needs. For instance, mothers will need a commuter e-bike if she rides on regular journeys.

Check the Needed E-bike Accessories

E-bike accessories fascinate many riders today, who h has contributed to its growth over the years. Meanwhile, the required accessories vary with different mums. For instance, a mum may feel the necessity to have a bottle holder, while another mum will not. However, some other accessories are necessary you include, to enhance safety and productivity. Your mum needs a helmet, rearview mirror, first aid kit, and many other accessories that will assist in responding to an emergency.

Buy with the Most Appropriate E-bike Class

It is required to gather sufficient and proper knowledge when shopping for an e-bike for your mum. Generally, electric bikes are categorized into three categories, with different motor assist levels. A class one e-bike operates at 20mph and only responds to a pedal-assist mode. Although class two e-bike has the same maximum speed as class one, it has pedal-assist and throttle functions. On the other hand, a class three e-bike can reach 28 mph but only has the pedal-assist function. Hence, the maximum speed at which your mum can ride, and her experience level, will influence the best class of e-bike for her.

If your mum has never ridden an electric bike, you can choose the class one option. It is adaptable to many paths and is most affordable. On the other hand, the class three e-bike is ideal for riding around town. Also, class three e-bikes are for powerful rides, which are also fast and highly efficient. However, you should also adhere to your countries e-bike legal as well, in the EU or UK, the top speed of electric bikes should be limited in 25 KM/H. 

Choosing a Reliable E-bike Brand

Undoubtedly, there are several e-bikes manufacturers and wholesalers out there. Since you are getting your mum a gift, you need to consider a brand's experience in the industry and accessibility. For instance, your mum can easily find the spare part of any component that malfunctions. Also, you should be able to reach the company for suggestions, complaints, or recommendations. Hence, choosing a quality brand plays a vital role during and after the purchase stage. It would help if you considered a Honbike bike because you will get a top-notch design and features suitable for your mum.

Other Things to Look Out for When Buying Electric Bike for your Mom

Beyond the aforementioned factors, there are some other necessities that people unfortunately neglect. These features ease the riding experience your mum has with an e-bike. Meanwhile, it also applies to different age groups that want to own an electric bike.

  • Choose an e-bike with a solid inbuilt motor, which can provide a high level of assistance. Also, your mum should be able to choose her preferred assist level, which is usually low, medium, and high keys.
  • Consider a folding e-bike that your mum can easily store as she joggles between daily activities. A foldable e-bike does not only serve a purpose for older adults but also across age groups.
  • Choose e-bikes that are highly visible and safe, especially with smart drive system.

What is the Best Electric Bike for Mothers

Truthfully, several brands are out there, but Honbike has received many positive reviews on its online platform. Honbike is commited to creating safe and smart riding for users, with shaft drive system and smart drive technology, the company realized easy and safe features on ChainFree One, the best chainless & foldable e-bike. You can easily place an order online, while the electric bike will be delivered to your location.


Regardless of the first e-bike type you are getting for your mum, it is essential to check its warranty level. Since it is a gift, you want to ensure it stays with her as much as possible. It is a precious sight to feel a gift around you for a long time. Fortunately, electric bikes are highly durable with low maintenance costs. However, this is primarily applicable when purchasing from a reputable brand like Honbike. Honbike e-bikes are made with modern materials and of top quality. You can contact the customer team, for further inquiries.

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