Smart City Commuter Bling Helmet | Ebike Essentials

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Helmet Material:  EPS+PC

Weight:  360g (M) 370g (L)

Dimension:  275(L) * 214 (W) * 159(H)  (M)

                     282(L) * 224(W) * 160(H)  (L)

Helmet Color: (L) Sandstone White, Sky Black 

                        (M) Begonia Red, Mint Blue 

Light Mode: Quick flashing light; Tidal light; Double fast flashing light

Battery:  3.7V 455mAh

Battery Endurance:  Approx. 36 hours for lighting

Standby Endurance: Approx. 180 days

Charging time: Approx.3 hours


Smart: Automatic Light sensation LED lighting & Magnetic charging design

Safe: IPX4 Waterproof & Integral molding for better protection

Stylish: fluent design with the natural transition between brim and body

User-friendly: Built-in 12 vents for excellent ventilation