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      Shaft Drive

      Foldable Design


      Smart Safety Response

      Gyroscope Sensor

      Hill Start Assist

      Removable Battery

      Noseless Seat

      Tech Specs


      • 1. Frame
        Die-cast, Aluminum, Unibody Design
      • 2. Motor
        250W Front Hub Motor
      • 3. Top Speed
        25 km/h (15.5 mph)
      • 4. Top Range
        40 km
      • 5. Max Payload
        100 kg
      • 6. Self Weight
        20.8 kg
      • 7. Fit Height
        150-190 cm
      • 8. Battery
        Lithium-ion 36V 6Ah (removable)
      • 9. Charger
      • 10. Charging
        3.5-4 hours
      • 11. Riding Modes
      • 12. Pedal Assist
        5-Level pedal-assist
      • 13. Speed Sensor
        Torque + Cadence sensor
      • 14. Display
        Integral LCD
      • 15. Light
        Front & Rear LED
      • 16. Waterproof
        IP65 Electrical Parts; IPX4 other parts


      Clean Shaft Drive System - HONBIKE
      • 50,000+km shaft drive system maintenance-free longer lifespan,no chain off, no belt loose, no need to clean.
      • 100% enclosed & sealed shaft tube, impervious to the outside environment.
      • Clever internal linkage arrangements for a durable and reliable drive system.
      • Detects terrains/slopes automatically and helps you smooth out starts on hills.
      • Torque sensor detection to give you enough torque in uphill scenarios.
      • A safer and quicker uphill start assist helps you changing pedals easily and properly.
      • Safety alert sensor helps determining the speed and torque of your turning wheels.
      • Angle alert sensor cuts off motor power when your e-bike tilt angle >30° to prevent from falling when making a turn.
      • Gyroscope sensor helps steer effortlessly and balanced-well in the dynamics of your e-bike.
      • 14:1 Integrated high reduction ratio transition system, generate same torque efficiency with less effort.
      • 100+ rounds of testing and optimization to find the best engineering design & materials.
      • The smallest and lightest 250W hub motor merged the absolute best power, torque and efficiency output.

      Dimensions & Sizing

      1.Total length: 154.5cm

      2.Handlebar Height: 106cm

      3.Wheelbase: 101.5cm

      4.Minimum Seat Height: 73cm

      5.Maximun Seat Height: 82.5cm

      6.Shaft Drive Length: 41cm

      7.Standover Height: 51cm

      8.Wheel Diameter: 50cm

      9.Top Tube Length: 45cm

      10.Stem Height: 30.6cm

      11.Handlebar Length: 59cm

      12.Length: 99cm

      13.Height: 84cm

      14.Width: 45.5cm

      Recommended Height
      Max Load Capacity
      120KG (luggage included)
      Bicycle Weight
      Booster Torque


      • How does the shaft drive system work?
        Shaft drive is essentially a gear transmission, just like the transmission of a car or a truck that transfers power to the wheels from the engine, in our case the power input from the pedals combined with electric assistance from the front electric motor.
      • How reliable is Honbike Shaft Drive system? Does it require regular maintenance?
        Unlike conventional shaft drives – or traditional chain mechanisms – Honbike’s system is fully encased in an aluminum shell, delivering 50,000+ kilometers of grime-free, maintenance-free propulsion.
      • Is Honbike HF01 certified and legal in the EU & UK ?
        We follow the EU & UK laws.
        Honbike HF01 conforms to the requirements of: Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC), the EMC Directive (2014/30/EU), and the Radio Equipment Directive (2014/53/EU), and DIN EN 15194:2017, and the ChainFree One battery complies with UN 38.3 lithium-ion battery testing standards.
      • Is the battery removable?
        Yes, you can remove and charge the battery as needed.
      • What’s the top speed of Honbike Honbike HF01?
        When it comes to speed, we follow the European laws for pedal-assisted eBikes which require the motor to cut out once you hit 25km/h (15.5mph).
        Honbike HF01 is a pedal-assist electric bicycle, it activates the motor by pedaling instead of using a throttle. It is designed to make riding an e-bike mimic the natural motion you are used to feeling when riding a bicycle. The motor will power up automatically when you pedal.
      • What’s the top range of Honbike Honbike HF01?
        HONBIKE PRO supports a maximum range of 40km* (24.8miles*) on a single charge.
        But you can double your range with an additional battery, which can double your range to approximately 80km*(49.7miles). --Buy here.
        * Test Conditions: Pedal Assist Level: 1; Wind conditions: Light breeze; Terrain: Mostly flat; Rider’s; Weight: 75kg; Temperature: 25 degrees, Tyre Pressure: Maximum.
      • What’s the maximum payload of Honbike Honbike HF01?
        The maximum weight limit for Honbike PRO is up to 100kg(220lbs) including luggage.
      • What’s the waterproof rating of Honbike HF01?
        None of the electric bikes are 100% waterproof, they can withstand rainy conditions to some degree.
        HONBIKE Pro can withstand light rain and small splashes, and its mechanics and electronics are protected from the elements, meeting the IP4X and IP65 ingress standards.
      • What’s the weight of the Honbike HF01?
        The bike weighs 20.8 kg (45.9 lbs) including battery.
      • Where do we ship to?
        Please check here for more information.
      • How to install the front basket of HF01?
        Snap the frame bracket over the head tube, and attach the front basket. Align the two holes on the bracket with the two holes on the front basket. Use hex key #4 to tighten the two M5 bolts.
      Front Light
      LED front Light, 300m visible distance
      Blue angel eye, 15 Lux
      Patented Shaft Drive System
      50,000km free maintenance proven & tested driven system.
      100% fully sealed aluminum alloy shell protection.
      Golf Seat
      Noseless design for all genders.
      Removable battery
      Charged on or off the e-bike, alternative options.
      36V/6Ah, 3-4 hour fully charged
      Front motor
      14:1 integrated high ratio transition system.
      Lightest & smallest 250w hub motor
      Flush LCD display
      Everything you need to catch at a glance.
      Speed, pedal assist level, battery power, light, mileage, etc..
      Rear Reflector light
      220 viewing angle,5600 light intensity.
      Germany K standard complied mudguard light
      Robust design, hide right beneath the shaft tube, never get your clothes dirty or scratched.
      Foldable Pedals
      Quick fold to fit most carry scenarios.
      Easy fold for a more space efficient storage.
      Folding Stand
      Quick release to safeguard a well-balance while folded.
      Easy fold for a more space efficient storage.
      Bike Brake & Bell
      Ergonomic design brake & easy to press bell.
      One Size for All
      Adjustable seat height for all sizes.
      Easy to adjust for everyone at any time.
      Carry Grip
      Grab and go anytime, anywhere.
      Make the Differences
      Single-sided Fork Design
      • Within 2 minutes, directly replace the tire or inner tube.
      • Easier to maintain and repair without removing the wheel.
      Unibody Magnesium Wheel
      • Unibody magnesium wheel design ensures the wheel is strong,durable.
      • Always runs true with no need to make regular tension adjustment to the spokes.
      Golf Seat
      • Unisex design, one saddle for all genders.
      • Ergonomic construction, next level supportive & comfortable.
      Chainless--Shaft Drive
      • 100% enclosed & sealed shaft tube, unaffected by the weather.
      • Concrete hard connection, no chain off, no belt loos, no need to clean
      Brake Lever
      • Cool and durable design for a better brake interaction.
      • Maximum finger control for perfect push fit and feel.

      Minimalist & Easy to Use

      Comparing with normal e-bikes of > 250 parts, Honbike has only 57 parts, easy to assembly, easy to replace , and saved a lot of energy from production to transportation.

      Foldable & Easy to Carry

      Fold up within 15s in 4 steps which makes it easy to store anywhere or travel with. One fold.

      Foldable Pedals

      Quick fold to fit most space & carry scenarios.

      Foldable Kickstand

      Well-balanced & quick release for a better safeguard.

      At Your Fingertips
      Detachable Battery
      • Easy swapping offers a different charging option.
      • Extra battery possibility on the go to double your mileage.
      • Automatically closed sealing sheet inside the battery keyhole to prevent water/dust from blocking.
      One Size for All
      • Adjustable seat height for all size.
      • Patented Butterfly Lock , user-friendly.
      Brake Lever
      • Cool and durable design for a better brake interaction.
      • Maximum finger control for perfect push fit and feel.
      Foldable Pedals
      • Quick fold to fit most carry scenarios.
      • Easy fold for a more space efficient storage.
      Stabilized Kickstand
      • Corrosion-resistant, quick release and lightweight.
      • Standby to safeguard a well-balance while folded.
      Front & Rear Lights
      • Rear road light to ensure you're seen by other road users.
      • Front road light to see clearly what's ahead of you.
      Eliminate all unnecessary decorations to ensure a light weight and an overall frame aesthetic and strength.Compared with normal E-bike of 250 parts, Honbike has only 57 parts, just pay for the most needed functions, making the bike your assistant but not your burden.


      • 1.Total length: 154.5cm2.Handlebar Height: 106cm
      • 3.Wheelbase: 101.5cm4.Minimum Seat Height: 73cm
      • 5.Maximun Seat Height: 82.5cm6.Shaft Drive Length: 41cm
      • 7.Standover Height: 51cm8.Wheel Diameter: 50cm
      • 9.Top Tube Length: 45cm10.Stem Height: 30.6cm
      • 11.Handlebar Length: 59cm12.Length: 99cm
      • 13.Height: 84cm14.Width: 45.5cm


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