10 E-bike Buying Tips You Should Note

10 E-bike Buying Tips You Should Note

Buying your first e-bike can be a big and not cheap decision because the market is flooded with options. While it is true that electric bicycles do give you a lot of benefits: less traffic jams, a lower carbon footprint, and good workout.

With the ups and downs of the COVID-19 and the rise in international gas prices, causing a lager demand for healthy travel as well as the sales boom of electric vehicles. 

This article will guide you about the right choices of your first e-bike.



How to Choose Your First Electric Bike

1.Clarify your Needs

It is essential you bear in mind your needs so that it will hasten your search process. For instance, ask yourself first if you are riding an e-bike just for grocery shopping, or for commuting or outdoor cycling? If you mainly ride on flat urban roads, then city e-bikes and electric commuter bikes are good choices. If your main purpose is for sport and fitness and long distance riding, then electric mountain bikes are more suitable as the terrain outdoors is generally rough and uneven.

2.Safety First

There are a few things to keep in mind to keep yourself safe on an electric bike. Your brakes need to have stopping power that matches your motor. Also check the suspension on the fork and seat, as well as the integrated lights and reflectors. Besides, a few e-bike also equipe with smart drive technology, such as Honbike HF01, a shaft drive e-bike comes with hill-start technology, it is able to detect slops automatically and help you smooth out starts on hills, besides, its angle alert sensor will cut off motor power when your e-bike tilt angle surpasses 30°, which will prevent riders from falling when making a turn.

3.Ideal Weight 

The weight of your electric bicycle should be suitable for your body size. If both weights do not align, it causes discomfort while riding. However, lightweight electric bikes are generally preferred by most riders. This is because you can easily park and store your e-bike, especially the foldable designs. It makes commuting easy while riding to your workplace.

4.Easy to Assembly

This is a point that many people may ignore. Some of your new electric bikes are almost completely assembled (such as folding e-bikes); In most cases, you need to complete the assembly yourself. You can either do it yourself or others as many e-bike companies provide step-by-step instructions on their YouTube channel, but if the steps are complex, you may not be able to do it; Then you need to go to the bike store for assembly, which costs money, so it is included in the cost of your electric bicycle. It may not decide or undermine your purchase decision, but you need to be aware of this.

5.The Assist Type

An electric bike can either be a pedal-assist or a throttle e-bike. A pedal-assist e-bike assists a rider in propelling uphill, while a throttle e-bike requires some power level from the rider. However, your provider may present to you three classes of e-bikes, which are class 1, class 2, and class 3. Meanwhile, the legalized class accepted in your country will also influence your decisions. The maximum level to which class 1 e-bikes can provide pedal assist is 20 mph.

Meanwhile, the class 2 category has both pedal-assist and throttle functions. The class 3 category only had a pedal-assist function, with a maximum speed of 28 mph. Therefore, the bike’s speed limit  and elctric bike rules in your region will also determine your option. Such as UK, the max speed of electric bicycle should be limited in 25 km/h.


6.Your Preferred Type of Motor

The two common types of motors are hub motor and mid-drive. However, most wholesalers and retailers supply more hub motors than mid-drive, and they are present at the rear wheel. Hub motors increase a bike's acceleration by propelling the pedal further. However, they are not as efficient as mid-drive, even though they are popular due to their affordability. Even though both motors have similar battery sizes, they run at different ranges. This is why mid-drive motors are better for riding uphill.

7.Waterproof Capacity

The best electric bikes are the ones that can withstand the rain. Undoubtedly, every riders feel like their LCD, battery and motor to be splash-proof so you don't have to worry about riding in the rain or leaving your bike outdoors, after all these bad weather are unavoidable.

8.Expected Price

Usually you'll need at least $1,500 or more to buy an e-bike, though you may come across cheaper prices, but please beware. Similar to buying a car, the configuration and performance of e-bikes are an important factor in determining the price, and of course their appearance is also important. Take Honbike ChainFree One as an example, with shaft drive system and smart drive technology, attracting a number of favors worldwide. Also, your riding area will affect your e-bike expenditures. For instance, you need either a single-speed or three-speed e-bike design if you are engaging in gentle riding. However, you should try investing highly in e-bikes with wide gear ranges for climbing hilly areas.

9.Battery Range and Power

The battery performance of an electric bicycle is also something you need to consider. A daily commute of 15-25km means you can use a smaller battery. A 400 watt-hour or more battery is best if you're riding long distances a lot.

As a first time buyer, you should also consider your e-bikes’ power. You will need a 250 watt to ride downhill, and a 500 watt to ride uphill or on rough terrain. However, the downside of higher power could be less range or a heavier, more costly battery. 

10.Service and Maintenance

Failure and repair may be inevitable with all electronic equipment, which means choosing a motor that can be repaired is another key decision. Shop mechanics are sometimes unable to repair no-name brands because they lack parts or diagnostic tools.

In addition, it is also necessary to carefully read the warranty service and effective commitment of the brand. Only the company can obtain the favor and trust of consumers by providing the greatest benefit guarantee for the customer.


With the rise in technology, electric bike manufacturers constantly launch new models of electric bicycles every day. There are so many models with different functions, configurations and prices, making the most correct purchase decision does require some deliberate analysis. 

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