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Uni4 | Sleek & Minimalist Design


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  • Gates Carbon Belt Drive
    (10,000 KM Maintenance-Free)

  • 100 KM Max Long Range

  • IPX6 Highly Water-resistant

  • Uphill Assist with Gyroscope

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  • We Don't Bury Our E-Bikes Behind Countless Gadgets and confusing numbers. We make the most of every detail so you can make the most of every ride.
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How Our Riders Feel


" Going to cafes with this folding and lightweight e-bike is something I look forward to most every day. "

Cecil Smith

" My little dear and I both have our own beloved bike. My one is light, easy to ride, and the important thing is there are no chains, I really need such a design. "


" I know I'm cool enough, but this nice-look and easy-ride bike makes it more. "

Evol Enord

" This no-chain e-bike is as amazing as nature, the minimalist design was the deciding factor for my purchase, but you have to admit that it performs just as well. "


" What an unique electric bike for commuting or quick trips around the city. In fact, the shaft drive works pretty well, and I really recommend you give it a try. "

Robert G.

" This is definitely the best looking e-bike I've ever bought, while you won't believe how smooth when you ride, it's totally beyond my expectations. "

Heriberto Orengo

" I'm not just obsessed with the beautiful looks of this bike, it really made me fall in love with riding to work as well. "


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