E-bike Frame Design: 6,000 Series VS 7000 Series Aluminum

E-bike Frame Design: 6,000 Series VS 7000 Series Aluminum

Frame design may be the most overlooked factor for  cyclists when buying an electric bike. The most common frame material on the market is 6000 series aluminum alloy, while a small number of brands choose 7000 series. What is the difference between these two types of frame materials? Read this article to learn more.


Why Aluminum Frame Bikes are the Best

Even though the most widely used aluminum frame bikes are the 6000 and 7000 series, they have their differences. More so, they are better than the steel alternatives. There are more poor-quality steels in the market than premium aluminum materials. On the other hand, the aluminum series have good properties, and they are highly available. They are ahead of other frame materials, including scandium. Most scandium frames sometimes have a large percentage of an aluminum component in them.

Aluminum frames may not be the strongest material, but they are light and rigid. They are not prone to corrosion like steel materials, with a thinner frame.

6000 Series 

The 6000 series is a series of aluminum alloys containing magnesium and silicon as the main alloying components. Notable properties of 6000 alloys are their extrudability, excellent strength and high corrosion resistance. 6000 series alloys can also be heat treated to improve their strength properties.

7000 Series

The 7000 series aluminum alloys use zinc as the primary alloying element, and when combined with small amounts of magnesium, can be made into very high strength heat treatable alloys. These 7000 series aluminum alloys are commonly used in high performance applications such as aircraft, aerospace and competitive sports equipment.

Varieties of 6000 and 7000 Series Aluminum 

The 6061 and 7005 series types are the most common in bike production. Even though the 6066 and 6069 seem to be becoming more popular, they are not on a global scale yet. The 7075 is also another strong model of the 7000 series.

The 6061 version consists of magnesium, aluminum, and silicone, while the 7005 consists only of zinc and aluminum. Even though some manufacturers agree that the former is superior, the latter has a higher resistance level. However, the resistance level also varies, with some critical factors interfering at the production stage. The tube shaping and welding quality can influence the series resistivity.

Why We Use 7000 Series on Honbike U4?


The 7000 series aluminum used in Honbike U4 possesses excellent strength, with the tensile strength usually reaching 10000 - 106000 psi. Compared to 6000 series Aluminum, it helped achieve a minimalist and sturdy design on U4. The bike edges are also round, compared to the regular sharp edges, which improves the rider's safety. This is a top characteristic of premium e-bike designs.


The 6000 series aluminum is more common in e-bikes than the 7000 series, especially in frame productions. This is because they are easy to weld, increasing the number of frames to be produced per time. However, the 6000 series aluminum has lesser tensile strength than the 7000 series. Both series are ideal for electric bikes; they have different grades or quality levels. The latter is also designed with Zinc, which is more defined and contributes to the handlebar aesthetics. 


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    Hi .. Are there any plans in the design stage to introduce a shaft drive system in the Honbike Uni4? I understand that this will increase costs. However, I think the cycling profession would pay for this option – if it was readily availably. Perhaps your R & D team might like to consider this option. I have bought the Uni4 and think it is excellent in terms of design and functionality. Good luck in the future.

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