Your Commute Needs a Honbike. Here’s Why

Your Commute Needs a Honbike. Here’s Why

Sitting in traffic can be very frustrating. It’s unproductive, uncomfortable, and often causes you to be late for work, meetings, and social engagements. If that were the only downside, it would be bad enough! But even worse is the time wasted that you can never get back. And the stress it causes on your mental health, not to mention the drain on your physical energy. 


We’ve all been there. Wishing for a better way to get where we need to go. Thankfully, the solution is now available in the form of micro-mobility. Micro-mobility refers to the different lightweight options for getting around, such as e-scooters, e-bikes, and electric skateboards. But for the purposes of a commute, a scooter is often not powerful enough, and a skateboard can be difficult to balance on. That’s why we’re interested in the best micro-mobility option for any commute – an electric bike. Here’s why:


It’s Fast and Fun

It’s hard to describe how much fun it is to zip along in the bike lane or on a legal sidewalk aided by the assistance of an electric motor and battery. The quiet confidence you will exude is exhilarating as folks sit stuck in traffic inside their cars. Safely weaving around traffic jams, light posts, and other riders to get to where you need to go on time is a joy. 

Saves You Money

Having fun and making good time on your ride is important, but saving money can be equally important at a time when gasoline is at record highs, and the price of cars has skyrocketed. With no gas to buy, no insurance to keep, no registration needed, and no expensive maintenance at the mechanic’s shop, an e-bike can be an absolutely financially freeing experience. E-bikes with a belt drive system, like the Honbike U4, require even less maintenance due to no chain to grease or derailleur to worry about. 


Even if you aren’t comfortable riding your e-bike in the rain or snow, using it for a few of the nice seasons each year can also save you plenty of money. Consider that every commute that you can use an e-bike for saves you gasoline, lowers the miles you put on your car, reduces parking fees, and lowers your chance of getting into a costly car accident. Over time, this good habit will allow you to save plenty of extra dollars for you to use on whatever you want, add to your emergency fund, or invest in your retirement account. The choice is yours!


Exercise at the Same Time

Not only are e-bikes fun and cost-effective, but they allow you to exercise at the same time as you accomplish the chore of commuting. How often do you get home after a long day of work and decide to skip the gym because you’re just too mentally exhausted? It’s a common occurrence for all of us. Thankfully, if you use your e-bike to commute to work, the exercise is already done.


Commuter electric bikes like the Honbike U4 rely on you setting a level of “pedal-assist” from 0 to 5. As the name implies, while you pedal, the bike assists you. Set the level to 5, and you will have maximum assistance from the bike’s motor and battery. Set the level to 1, and you will have only minor assistance. In this way, you have complete control over the level of exercise you perform that day. 


It's Good for the Environment

The benefits add up quickly when you sit down and consider using an e-bike for your commute. But one benefit that is hard to see personally, but is very much real, is the benefit you are providing to the planet. By using a low-energy and lightweight mode of transportation like an ebike instead of a gas-guzzling car, you are voting for the environment, the animals we share it with, and all the future generations that will rely on it. This selfless deed will not only contribute to others’ happiness, but it will also provide you with a feel-good boost of energy, too.


Honbikes are Super Convenient

The engineers at Honbike knew that one of the main problems to solve in the e-bike industry was the size of the bike. Commuters in urban settings don’t need giant fat tire e-bikes with lots of treads and a heavy frame. They need a lightweight option meant for city streets and pavement. They also need a convenient way to store the e-bike when it’s not being used. Not everyone wants to leave their bike outside where it risks theft or damage.


All of these factors led the Honbike team to design one of the best foldable e-bikes on the market, the Honbike HF01. At just 20.8kg (about 45 pounds), the HF01 folds up in 15 seconds, allowing you to stow it in your apartment, garage, or under your desk at work. If you don’t have a desk, many companies and schools will allow you to place it inside a hall closet or just inside the loading dock if you ask permission. If you don’t mind chaining it up outside with a bike lock, conveniently remove the battery and take it with you. You can charge it using the power at work, and you won’t even need to pay the minor electric bill associated with recharging it. The battery charges to full in under 4.5 hours, the perfect amount of time for almost every shift. 


Reduce Your Stress

Stress reduction is a hot topic in these crazy times. Escape from the doom and gloom of news headlines, social media “doomscrolling,” and negative attitudes by enjoying the fresh air and natural endorphins that come with exercise outdoors. Science has proven that riding electric bikes can benefit your mood and improve your mental health. 


Improve Your Community

A local community can be improved by e-bikes in much the same way that all areas of life can be improved through social connections. Strike up conversations with strangers riding other e-bikes or with people at work as you fold up your bike each day. People will be pleasantly surprised to learn you have an e-bike that can reduce noise pollution and improve the air quality in your town. 


These seven reasons to commute with a Honbike are just the tip of the spear, but they should help you on your way to achieving your financial goals, health goals, and social goals all at the same time. Have fun riding with our convenient designs, improve your local community, and save the planet one e-bike at a time


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