How E-bikes will Solve the Problem of Climatic Changes

How E-bikes will Solve the Problem of Climatic Changes

The planet was overwhelmed by overpopulation and the massive release of toxic substances into the atmosphere. It is not surprising that developed countries are more prone to environmental toxicity. Overpopulated areas, such as cities, have large numbers of car users. As a result, they are more prone to adverse climate change.

The birth and popularity of e-bikes has been an innovative solution to modern environmental problems. Commuting is essential in human daily life. Many people drive about 40 kilometers a day. Compared with cars that produce a lot of exhaust gas, electric bicycles are undoubtedly a more environmentally friendly means of transportation.

The Current Climatic Situation


Climate change occurs in different seasons across the world. This explains the earth's temperature, which results from the heat or cold being exerted by the earth. According to experts, the earth will likely rise by 4.5°C in the next forty years. This implies that the rate of climatic change is influenced by what every individual chooses to do. A high temperature could lead to drought, famine, extreme weather, rising ocean levels, and several other disasters. As threatening as these effects seem, they can be altered by human engagement.

Among several other causes of climate change, a study shows that about 20% of carbon emissions come from vehicles, what's worse is that the current international oil price is still on the upward trend, and the energy crisis is also something people have to face fact.

The massive use of electric bicycles will solve the climate crisis by reducing the toxic substances released by the vehicles. Governments are also implementing initiatives such as grants to encourage more citizens to own e-bikes.

Environmental Benefits of E-bikes to Riders: A Support to Climatic Change


When compared to automobiles, electric bikes have more environmental impacts than others. Firstly, e-bike portability reduces the chances of huge traffics on the road. When cities experience a high traffic rate, the vehicles keep releasing smoke, which increases the possibility of larger carbon in the atmosphere. Other ways e-bikes solve the problem of climatic change are further explained below. You will also deduce how electric bikes are beneficial to riders.

Zero Emission

Electric bikes operate differently than other types of powered transportation. Cars, trucks and motorcycles typically run on gasoline and diesel, which emit carbon into the atmosphere, while e-bikes do not. Instead, they are considered zero-emission vehicles using clean energy.

Reduces Air Pollution

When carbon is released into the atmosphere, it pollutes the air. Meanwhile, the air supports plants and animals' breathing mechanisms. Air pollution threatens human lives when it is inhaled. The air particles also contaminate the food and drinks that humans take in. These are unsuitable for the digestive system and may shorten victims' lifespans. Meanwhile, one of the top challenges of climatic change is bacteria invasion. Impure air carries a significant number of bacteria that are unhealthy and destructive.

Long Lasting Batteries

Batteries are harmless compared to the fossil fuels used in vehicles. E-bikes only need to charge before riding on a journey. Some e-bikes also have features that allow users to insert an extra battery whenever the current one runs down. However, batteries require proper maintenance to improve their durability. You may check your user manual or guide for more information on maintaining and cleaning e-bike batteries.

E-bike batteries can cover a reasonable mileage, which varies with brands or product types. The Honbike U4 is built to cover up to 100km on a single charge, which can undoutbly meets the daily use of commuters.

Improves Energy Efficiency

The rate of energy harnessed during transportation also influences climatic change. Transport modes like vehicles or lorries may appear heavy but only require about 30% of the internal energy while in motion. Meanwhile, e-bikes can harness up to 80% of their internal energy. This also implies that riders exert less power when riding with e-bikes. All of these describe the high rate of electric bikes' energy efficiency.

Causes Lesser Damage to the Road

Production companies also create climate change problems, including the construction industry. When there is a lot of traffic on the roads, it could lead to ruined streets. The larger the damage, the higher the demand for repair. Meanwhile, ongoing activities from road constructions also release some amount of carbon substances. Thus, it is expedient to have fewer cars on the road.

The Extent to Which E-bikes Reduce Carbon Emission

Studies have shown that e-bikes can reduce environmental footprints by about 750kg yearly. Although manufacturers are producing electrically powered cars, such as the Tesla model, it is insufficient to solve public needs. Electric vehicles are mainly in the luxury category and unaffordable for most people. To achieve the decarbonization goals, it is expedient that transport strategies are implemented on a larger scale.

When people have trouble with challenging terrains, they can use the pedal feature in ebikes to propel forward. More so, e-bikes have grown more interested in people's hearts than ever. It contributes to good health and fitness — the hallmark of healthy living. 

In densely populated urban areas, e-bikes play an important role in reducing carbon emissions. Serious urban traffic congestion is a worry for every commuter, and a large amount of exhaust gas emitted by cars also leads to further deterioration of the environment. However, commuting by electric bikes can not only save you time and allow you to get through the headache rush hour, but also improve your life happiness and work efficiency. When more and more urban residents use electric bicycles to commute, there is no doubt that carbon emissions in the atmosphere will be greatly reduced.


There is no planet B, only cherishing and protecting it is the mission that human beings should fulfill. If the human race keeps releasing toxic substances into the environment, it could cause great hazards. It is not too late to contribute to climate solutions by upgrading your transportation mode. Riding with electrically powered bikes has environmental benefits and is more cost-effective than vehicles. 

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