How to Develop Your Abs by Riding Electric Bikes?

How to Develop Your Abs by Riding Electric Bikes?

There are many exercises individuals can engage in to develop the lower abdomen. One such is through cycling. Whether outdoor or indoors on a stationary bike, cycling is a great cardiovascular workout that improves your lungs, heart, lower body, and major muscles. Cycling is an excellent way to burn lots of calories and develop arms and leg muscles, and that is why most bicycle riders substitute visiting the gym with cycling.

To effectively utilize a bike for developing your abs, you need to ride with the proper posture and manner. Riding an e-bike to exercise, to the office, to travel, or to the grocery store, can significantly build physique and build muscle if done correctly.

Cycling can give you the abs you want while doing some stomach work on the bike. In this instruction, we decided to explain some basic ways to build abs on a bike. So, read on to achieve six pack abs.

Best Ways to Ride Your E-bike Towards a Better Abs


Increasing your speed when riding uphill may be difficult for many riders. However, it is one important activity you can engage in to build your stomach muscles. Although it may take a while before you begin to see improvements, biking will do wonders in toning your stomach muscles with continuity. In addition, the different body postures you make when riding also give you the desired result. For instance, standing upright and leaning towards the handlebars constricts the muscles in the lower core, placing more pressure and providing shape to your abs.

Another hint is to keep your ribs steady and pull your legs towards your ribs as you pedal. This also tightens your rib cage and tones your stomach muscles. There are other ways you can ride your electric bike to develop better abs. The below tips will help boost your chances of achieving six-packs.

Sit Up Straight

Keeping a good posture when riding your bike will develop your abs and other muscle groups in your body. The best body posture when biking to build your abs is sitting up straight and trying to keep your stomach in. It would be best if you avoided a slouching position to maximize every moment spent to improve your cardiovascular muscles effectively. It does not help in contracting the core muscles in your stomach.

Most electric bicycles have a saddle adjustment feature that enables users to adjust the saddle to perfectly fit their height and ride comfortably. Once the saddle is adjusted to the right proportion, you should be able to sit straight with your bike.

Tighten Your Abs

There are many advantages in tightening your abdominal muscles when biking. This activity is similar to engaging in sit-ups or crunches. All you have to do when riding is sit on the saddle and ensure you tighten the muscles in your stomach to tone your midsection properly. You must note that it takes considerable time to change. However, within a few days of carrying out this exercise, you will begin to feel contractions in your abdomen, which is an improvement sign. Therefore, we recommend you contract your abdominal muscles constantly when pedaling your bike.

Bike Up and Down the Saddle

Moving up and down your bike can help increase the vigor when riding your E-bike. This is a simple trick that both professional and regular bike enthusiasts occasionally do, but most riders are not aware of the benefit of this fun activity. Lifting your bottom off your seat and pedaling, then sitting back down while resuming pedaling, can greatly enhance abs development.

This method is referred to as the stand-up technique by fitness experts, and it is believed to help sustain contraction in your stomach muscles. However, applying this technique for a lengthy period introduces strain to your lower core and helps develop your abs.

Go One-Handed

Changing the pressure in your lower body through stress and instability can help develop your stomach muscles. Your abdominal muscles will have twice the workload as you apply more focus to them by riding in an unbalanced motion. As a result, the muscles in your stomach will be forced to tighten the more while improving abs formation.

You can do this by simply going one-handed when riding your electric bike. It grants you the avenue to add weight and pressure to a particular side of your body. To perfect this exercise, you can lift one arm off the handlebar and place it behind you, then for a few minutes, switch to the other arm and repeat the same process. With this position, much contraction will be earned on your stomach and abs muscles.

E-bikes such as Honbike HF01 are designed with a Tri-sensor amenity that auto balances your riding experience. So, for example, you don’t have to worry about losing your balance while going one-handed on your E-bike.

Perform Crunches on Your E-Bike

Crunches are not only limited to using an abdominal crunch mattress found in fitness centers or when performed on the floor. Crunches can also be done when riding your electric bike. You can perform and complete different crunches by pedaling and repeatedly contracting your abs inwards while sitting in your bike saddle. With this easy exercise, you can tone your stomach muscles and develop your abs in no time.

Choose the Best Time of the Day

Selecting the best time to go on an abs exercise on your bike can help maximize your biking experience. The best time to develop the muscles in your lower abdomen is in the morning when you have an empty stomach. To get the best use of your energy, ensure you do not eat anything before setting out on your bike. When you have blood sugar, your body uses the energy reserves in the fatty tissues, which hinders the quick development of your abs. Cycling on an empty stomach helps your body burn more fats and tone your stomach muscles.


Biking is an excellent way to build your lower abdominal muscles, but cycling alone cannot entirely develop your abs. You need to include other fitness exercises to achieve your desired body shape. However, e-bikes are the perfect alternative to regular exercise bikes, you can get similar exercise effect with less tiredness.

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