Meet U4: Long Range Electric Commuter Bike with Superior Value

Meet U4: Long Range Electric Commuter Bike with Superior Value

We're excited to announce the arrival of our newest member, the Honbike U4, our first belt-driven electric bike with ultra-long battery life.


The U4 provides maximum comfort and is packed with premium features. After several deliberations, the production team has finally decided to introduce the product to commuters. The frame design is unique, and riders now have the opportunity to cover more terrains and more extended ranges. You may wonder, why is U4 special than other bikes? Let's delve further to find more information about the fantastic e-bike model.



The New Frame Design

Many commuters desire to ride in their community with a new design different from the general and outdated models. Contrary to the sharp edges, the frames are rounded, contributing to the bike's aesthetic value. 


The bike's frame is designed with aluminium material, meeting the minimalist demand of many commuters today. Hence, U4 is an excellent shock-absorber you should consider. This makes the best e-bike that ensures riders' safety. Since shock levels can be minimized, unexpected incidents will affect the riders less.


The new frame design is more cost-effective and durable. It is strong, increasing the longevity of your e-bike. Electric bikes generally are long-lasting and even more efficient when coupled with a premium bike design. U4 is a sign that the automotive industry is improving and supplying consumers with more innovative results. 


Up to 90KM+ E-bike Range

In past years, some riders have been discouraged about e-bikes due to the inability to cover a large distance. Meanwhile, it is vital for both developing and developed residents to commute with an e-bike. It is a form of contribution to the green environment. Also, it reduces the congestion rate experienced in society, especially in the top cities. Working individuals can commute to their workplaces without being stuck in traffic. The U4 e-bike is a perfect transportation mode for this overwhelming commuting task, with the maximum range of up to 90km.


Besides, Honbike has always insisted on producing bikes that comply with road regulations. According to electric bike laws, we have equipped the Honbike U4 with a 250w motor, while the US edition comes with 350w motor.


Improved Safety for City Riders

There seems to be a huge concern for riders' safety in certain countries. These concerns result from the high-speed rate generated by the pedal-assist feature. Hence, many people have considered e-bikes to be unsafe. Contrary to this belief, an e-bike is one of the safest transportation modes. Riders can easily control their speed rate and the power level they want to ride on. On the other hand, Honbike has improved its safety features in its e-bike production.


The U4 product design includes a dropout bushing at the front fork region. This keeps the bike's wheel intact, increasing the rider's safety. Hence, a rider will sustain minimal injury if any accident surfaces. Also, you will spend less on repair fees if the wheel remains intact after experiencing any casualty. Meanwhile, losses can be avoided if you follow your state's safety rules. For instance, there are specific lanes you can ride on and certain speeds to follow. Neglecting these rules poses a danger to an individual and attracts legal fees.


Simplicity is the New Innovation

Contrary to popular belief, U4 is not some complex e-bike innovation. The beauty of every tech product lies in its simplicity. Simplicity is a value that must be imbibed in every innovative stage. U4 operates the same way as regular bikes or other models of e-bikes. It just provides a more straightforward approach to riders. Users who have not ridden e-bikes should not be scared of starting with this new model. If not anything, you need a model with simple and smart features that will help you to learn the riding mechanism faster.


The bike also responds to riding capacity and support based on terrains. The terrain you are riding on determines the level of power assistance you get from the e-bike. This e-bike is built with three modes, which allows you to adjust the pedal-assist level based on the ride's situation.


The End-Goal: To Improve Riders Performance and Experience

The end goal of the Honbike production is to help riders have a more effortless and smarter performance. Hence, it is a smart technology that features the LCD. The display is built into the bike, so you do not need to worry about connecting with your phone. Honbike technicians carefully selected the raw materials to give detailed end-product, such as the rounded edges.


Riders enjoy peace of mind without worrying about wearing out the bike's belt. The production cost was reduced to increase the affordability chances among many commuters. Hence, the end goal of every step taken during U4 production is for the benefit of its customers.


The Role of E-bike Technology in Post-Lockdown Commuting

Going back to previous lifestyles seems impossible for many people. However, e-bikes have given people another chance to connect with friends. It is flexible and easy to move around. With the high economic rate, people need to minimize their expenses as much as possible. Fortunately, e-bike technology contributes to this finance management. Since riders do not need fossil fuels before an operation, they are good to go with fully charged batteries.


Mobility is now made easier in urban areas or cities. People are migrating to top cities, and the population seems more competitive than ever. This also led to the rise of the congestion rate in these cities. Hence, electric bicycles help to manage overpopulation in many of these countries. The global crisis made transportation agencies realize the need for private transport modes. If every individual keeps using public vehicles, it endangers the lives of the residents. Every individual can own an e-bike and maintain social distancing. The post-lockdown period needs this deliberate act to curb the widespread of more diseases.


E-bike manufacturers realize the increased demand for e-bikes and produce more flexible and portable features. This includes the foldable e-bike model, which is easy to move around. E-bike portability encourages more people to own an electrically powered transport mode than ever. It is good to see millennials and GenZ are extensively adopting e-bikes, especially in European cities.




The ability to ride freely and willingly is a massive demand among many commuters. Vehicles are somewhat restrictive, and commuters want to reach their workplaces without barriers. As long as your e-bike is fully charged, you will experience little or no issues while riding. The long battery life of the U4 brings peace of mind to urban riding, while the minimalist design makes every rider a sight on the city streets.

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