Why City Commuters Are Turning to An Electric Bike?

Why City Commuters Are Turning to An Electric Bike?

It is no news that electric bikes have grown in popularity recently. Its contribution to a sustainable environment and rider's commute lifestyle has drawn a massive acknowledgment.  Most countries and regions keep recording a high number of users daily for this electric device, it is expected that the desire to own an e-bike will surface among people, especially with the trending topics surrounding it. Nevertheless, a curious person wants to ascertain the importance of owning an e-bike.

You may ask, why should I substitute my public transport mode with an electrically powered machine? Some people familiar with traditional bikes also wonder if an e-bike is worth the financial investment. Research has proven that e-bikes give some critical benefits beyond their wide publicity. This article provides clear reasons why you should conside an electric bike for commuting.



E-bikes are Faster with Longer Duration Capacity

If you are often late to work, it is high time you switched your transportation mode. Owning an e-bike allows users to reach a farther destination than traditional bikes. E-bikes such as Honbike HF01 can cover up to 40 km distance, which is a reasonable range for many cyclists. Hence, it comes with Monotork shaft drive system, realizing the chainfree and foldable design, making this bike durable and easy to use.

If you have a pedal-assist e-bike, you will even ride faster pace. This category of e-bikes adds an extra push to riders' strength. Hence, riders have more power to push their e-bikes along the slope. This also helps to ride on mountain roads, which would have been difficult with the regular bikes. Although some modern motors have up to 50 times extra speed than e-bikes, they are only considered for competitions. Hence, a regular rider will perform well with an electrically powered bike. Even cyclists compete with e-bikes, so modern motor is not necessary for their race.

E-bikes will Keep you Physically and Mentally Fit

The role an e-bike plays in an individual's health is physical and mental. Exposing the mind to nature's beauty and society's bond reduces the chances of depression. Hence, people who live sedentarily are encouraged to own an e-bike. With technological advancement, more people keep falling into the sedentary category. Remote jobs are gradually taking over physical offices. Besides, it may eventually drain the mental capacity when the interaction with the outside world is lacking. The brain needs to undergo more engagements with humans and nature. Hence, owning an e-bike allows you to create relationships beyond your work circle.

E-bikes also boost physical fitness, especially the muscles situated in the lower body regions. When you pedal, your leg muscles are stretched, which helps it to be stronger and more fit. Also, it reduces stress levels and enhances blood circulation across the body. Hence, people who work in physical offices should also own an e-bike. It can be tiring jumping from one train station to another. One good way to reduce this stress level is with an e-bike. You also have better use of your weekend, for instance, having a mild cycling competition with friends.


Easy Commuting with No Sweat

Hot, sweaty and breathless work is one of the main reasons people stay away from commuting by traditional bikes. Adjustable pedal assist of an e-bike allows riders to go with extra power, even Honbike HF01 can recongnize driving gradients and offer you right pedal assist level. You can easily get to work on an electric bike with just enough energy to get to work energized without breaking a sweat. There's nothing worse than being out of breath and sweating for a meeting and having trouble speaking normally.

E-bikes Fit into Diverse Body Weight

Honbike engineers build their products to fit into several body sizes and ages. Hence, there are e-bikes for particular age groups. Overweight individuals can get an e-bike with a firm seat to accommodate their lower body size. This is not possible with a regular bike because they are built of almost the same size. However, you may want to check with a professional or your provider's consultation team on the most suitable e-bike for you. If you realize your weight is bigger than the available e-bikes, you may need to exercise for a while. You may also continue to combat your weight loss routine with an e-bike.


Explore the City and Avoid Pandemic

If your lifestyle has changed due to the pandemic outbreak, you can restore your usual way of living. It will help improve your mental state by exploring different places with fascinating nature views. You can also form a societal bond with other riders while exploring places together.

Even when you explore long distances, e-bikes are easy to maintain. This is particularly true for chainless e-bikes. It is easier to maintain an e-bike than regular bikes because they do not wear out quickly. Hence, you can explore as much as possible without limitations.

Foldable Design Reduces the Possibility of Theft

Although e-bikes are portable, they are not easy to steal. You can easily carry it around with you. You do not always need a parking lot, primarily if you use the foldable electric bike. Also, most electric bicycle models are built with traceable devices. While commuting in your daily activities, you would not need to worry about losing your bikes. Also, it is not easy to loosen e-bike components. Hence, thieves will need extra time to take it away.

Undoubtedly, e-bikes are fancy and attractive to steal away, but only a few succeed in the attempt. You need to install a device that enables you to access quick solutions if any theft case arises. Meanwhile, the battery is often the target, which is quite heavy.

Save Your Money

If you choose to cycle to work, you will no longer have to spend a lot on your commute. If you drive yourself to work, you will no longer have to pay for higher gas price to get your destination, nor the regular adjustments that come with your daily car commute.

Riding an e-bike instead of driving to get off work also means you'll have fewer miles on your car, reducing the amount of maintenance you have to do, and potentially increasing its sales value in the future. Additionally, many insurance providers now offer plans and policies based on the mileage you drive. Not driving to and from get off work and signing up for one of these plans can save you extra money.

E-bikes are a Great Commuting Option

You can commute with any transportation mode, but e-bikes are the best among others. Riders are not caught between overpacked vehicles and trains. Also, you do not need to go through the stress of license renewal. Once your e-bike is registered under the appropriate body, there is less legal action to be taken.

If you ride in congested cities, commuting with an e-bike is a great choice. It could be overwhelming being stuck on the road, with loud noise from industries. Although some countries safely regulate noise pollution, less developed areas still struggle with it. Since you are not stuck in traffic, you would not get to work all sweaty. Hence, e-bikes help you avoid this by riding faster; you will get to your workplace in a peaceful state. Thereby, your work productivity is enhanced.


E-bikes are helpful to every urban ridings, they are also fun to ride. Your commuting gets better as you invest in this mode of transportation, you will not packed into public transportation, stuck in traffic or sweating as you pedal into a headwind. 

If you'd like to explore more about e-bike, why not join our test ride?

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