What Is A Shaft Drive Bicycle? Should You Buy One?

What Is A Shaft Drive Bicycle? Should You Buy One?

Have you ever wondered what a shaft drive bicycle is? Or how it differs from a traditional bicycle? Well, wonder no more! Today we will be discussing the history of the shaft drive bicycle, how a shaft drive bicycle works and why you should choose a shaft drive bike. Soon after reading this article, if we’ve done our job correctly, you will be an expert in shaft drive bicycles.  


Consider a traditional bicycle for a moment. Most people imagine a typical design complete with a frame, handlebars, and two wheels connected by a chain and propelled forward by two pedals. These bikes require a rider to simultaneously pedal with both feet and perform some light balancing while seated on the bicycle. By pedaling on a traditional chain bike, the rider will transfer energy and power from their pedals through the chain and sprocket all the way back to the rear wheel, moving the rider forward in the process.  


This popular bicycle design dates back to the early 19th century when it was first used in Germany as an alternative to the horse. However, many improvements have been made to traditional bicycles over the last two hundred years. Have you ever asked yourself why most people continue to use bike technology invented over two centuries ago? Perhaps they have not heard of shaft drive bikes.    


How Does a Shaft Drive Bicycle Work?

A shaft drive bike differs from a traditional bicycle in that it does not use a chain and sprocket to deliver power from the rider’s pedal to the rear wheel. Instead, a shaft drive bike uses a main shaft that looks like a long tube. The shaft is then connected to two sets of beveled gears (one on each end) to convert power from the pedals to the back wheel of the bike, moving the rider forward. 


This gear and shaft system is then enclosed in a casing that keeps the parts protected and in place. By using an electric motor and battery, these bicycles can be converted into e-bikes, sometimes referred to as pedelecs. This simple yet elegant system helps ensure your parts stay clean and perform well for many rides.  


This design is very common to another mode of transportation you might be familiar with – the car. That’s right. Driveshafts are popular in automobiles and other industrial applications. Now, due to technological advancements, the shaft drive bike is fast beginning to represent a forward-thinking and innovative design in the bicycle market, too. 


Bikes like the Honbike HF01 take advantage of this established performance and expertise from the automotive industry and apply it to our bike system with a proprietary shaft drive bike solution. 


Why Choose a Shaft Drive Bicycle?

Let’s discuss why someone would choose a shaft drive bicycle over a traditional bike with a chain.

No Chain Means No Fuss

First, shaft drive bicycles do not have any exposed moving parts. No longer worry about catching your pant leg in the chain of your bike. Never again get concerned about a broken chain with a shaft drive bike either. You won’t need to clear any debris or mud from the chain and derailleur like you would with a regular bicycle chain system.  

Less Maintenance

In fact, maintenance is almost non-existent for shaft drive bikes, so you won’t need to mess with greasy lubricants or metal parts either. Finally, you won’t get irritated due to skipping gears when you find yourself riding uphill or over rough terrain. Travel vast distances with confidence knowing you won’t need to stop for maintenance or mishaps due to the complicated number of parts found in a traditional bike system.

This unique system will allow you to ride for long periods of time at a constant rate of efficiency, among the numerous other benefits it provides. 


The Honbike Shaft Drive System

Constructed and tested with high-quality tolerances and superior engineering acumen, the Honbike Monotork Shaft Drive System is a perfect example of this innovative chain-free system done properly. Thanks to the patented shaft drive system used in our e-bikes, we’ve been able to achieve 50,000+ kilometers of proven maintenance-free riding for our clients. 


Twenty engineers and a three-year-long research and development project have yielded one of the most advanced shaft drive systems on the market today. This dedication to precision and high quality allowed us to trim all the unnecessary fat from our bike. With only 57 parts, compared to traditional bicycles which have more than 250, assembling and replacing parts in our bikes is a breeze if it’s even needed at all.


Our shaft is enclosed in a sealed shaft tube so you can’t even see the parts moving. Not only is this aesthetically pleasing, but it keeps out dirt and debris or dust from accumulating. This distinct look is durable, too, thanks to the aluminum alloy material it’s made from. 


Our focus on minimalist design and integral die-casting technology during production makes our bike an attractive way to fight global warming. The Honbike HF01 is lighter than a traditional bike as well, so we are able to save energy while storing and transporting them, too. Combined with electric power and intelligent speed management, we’ve been able to create the world’s leading shaft drive e-bike. 



Now you know where the traditional bicycle got its start and how it works. We also discussed how a shaft drive bike differs from those traditional models. Finally, exploring the many benefits of chainless shaft drive bikes helped inform you of the reasons a rider may opt for a shaft drive bike. 

These topics all converge into our safe and reliable foldable e-bike, the ChainFree One which provides a seamless and joyous experience for today’s urban rider looking for a unique answer to their mobility needs. For more information, be sure to check out our companion piece. No Chain, No Fuss. Honbike


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