Ride with Convenience | Top Benefits of Folding E-bikes You Should Know

Ride with Convenience | Top Benefits of Folding E-bikes You Should Know

If you’ve been out and about in any major city or park these days, you’ve likely seen someone riding a foldable e-bike and you didn’t even know it. Commuters, adventurers, tourists, and people of all ages are discovering the benefits of e-bikes. They are quiet, good for the environment, less expensive than a car, and more versatile than a scooter or motorcycle. But one downside to e-bikes is the amount of space they take up when storing or transporting them. That’s where folding e-bikes come in.

Riders are turning to some the best foldable electric bikes like the Honbike ChainFree One to realize all of these same e-bike benefits with one important additional feature – the space-saving miracle of a folding bike. Easily fold your bike and carry it into your apartment, office, or home while not in use. In addition to easy storage, there are other features you should know about when it comes to folding e-bikes. Today, we’ll cover the most important things you need to know to be an expert in this popular electric vehicle.


Convenient & Compact Design

This may seem obvious, but we must point out that folding e-bikes can indeed be folded in half. Each brand is different, but the one thing they all have in common is the ability to dismount your bike, release the safety mechanisms, and literally fold your e-bike up into a compact and easy-to-carry shape. At just 44lbs (20 kg), bikes like the Honbike ChainFree One collapse into an easy-to-carry or store design in just 15 seconds.


Never worry about your bike being stolen again. Keep it stored safely inside away from the elements. Most folding bikes are compact enough to be folded and stored under your desk at work, in the trunk of your car, or even on the seat next to you on the train. This opens up an entirely new world of possibilities for getting around on your terms. Skip the taxi or bus and bring your folding bike to get to your destination on time.


Suitable & Right Amount of Power

Many folding electric bikes require a specific range of power to achieve such a lightweight and foldable design. Typically, folding e-bikes come equipped with a 250-watt power motor to deliver the right amount of juice to the bike while still allowing for a lightweight and transportable design. The added benefit of using this size motor allows an e-bike to meet the European regulations for electric bikes.

This is because EU and UK electric bike rules usually define it as one with manual pedals and a motor with less than 250 watts of power. Many high-end bikes take advantage of a pedal-assist system to achieve the right balance of efficiency and a true bike feel. Our Honbike ChainFree One comes with 5 different pedal assist levels and tops out around 25 km/h, with plenty of speed and variation to ride to work or leisurely explore a beach town.


Due to their limited power, e-bikes with 250W of power are allowed on most paths except where prohibited locally. This reduces the chance you will be fined or run afoul of the law. Many more powerful, non-foldable e-bikes are simply not permitted in many urban settings; therefore, lower power is a good thing!


Provide Good Workout

Because e-bikes in the EU are required to have pedals, many brands opt to encourage manual pedaling in addition to the use of the motor. In this configuration, the e-bike only provides power when you are pedaling. The harder you pedal with this system, the faster the bike goes and the more power the bike puts out. This allows the rider to exercise as they would on a traditional e-bike, while still getting to and from their destination with ease and comfort.


Enjoy the weather and stay fit while you travel. By adding light pedaling to your ride, you might even be able to accomplish multiple goals at once. You can simultaneously be riding to work, getting your daily exercise, reducing your carbon footprint, and saving money. This multi-tasking is almost impossible to achieve in other areas of life. Folding bikes truly provide a distinctive experience unlike any other.


Folding E-bikes Are Affordable

As the price of gasoline rises around the world and stays elevated, it is more important than ever to seek alternative transportation methods that are affordable. A new car can be prohibitively expensive, not to mention you still need to fill it up with gas each week. Bus passes, subway tickets and private taxis like Uber and Lyft are similarly expensive over time.


In contrast, e-bikes represent an attractive price point due to their relatively low up-front cost and their low power costs. Charging the e-bike at home or the office can reduce your energy bills by a large amount. Over time, these savings can even pay for the entire cost of the bike itself. By opting for a folding e-bike with lower motor power, you are sure to find one within your budget. Lastly, some e-bikes also incorporate chainless engineering which reduces expensive maintenance and repairs over the life of the bike.


They Come in All Shapes and Styles

In order to revolutionize the mobility market, e-bikes need to come in multiple styles and shapes, just like traditional bikes. Not everyone is the same size and has the same preferences. This is why foldable bikes exist in the first place – more versatility and more options. On top of that, serious bike enthusiasts like high-quality designs, unique styles, and aesthetically pleasing colors.

As the winner of 4 unique design awards, no one takes the style of their folding e-bike more seriously than us here at Honbike. We seek to provide a unibody design with minimal parts to ensure your lightweight bike can be folded up within 4 easy steps. Folding e-bikes are pushing the limits of innovation and technology by rethinking what an e-bike looks and feels like. Many other foldable bikes differentiate themselves with different colors, options, and sizes so you are sure to find a style for you, no matter the brand.

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