How Gross is Your Commute to Work? The Solution is...

How Gross is Your Commute to Work? The Solution is...

Unfortunately, people dread their commute to work and would rather sit at home. However, this does not have to be the case anymore. Do you know you can change the narrative while you look forward to work? With an electric bike, you do not need to worry about commuting through rough terrains or reaching work sweaty and dirty. An electric bike not only eradicates gross commute but also boosts the rider's mental and physical health. There are several other benefits of commuting with an e-bike, which you shall discover in this article.


Why Electric Bike is the Best Solution for Commutes

If you ride through a gross path to work, you can turn to electric bikes.It is the best solution whether you are commuting a long or short distance. An electric bike is portable and flexible, so you can easily avoid rough areas with patches or maneuver through traffic areas. Here are other reasons to choose an electric bike for a gross work commute.

Electric Bikes Are Easy to Use

It will be a disaster while riding through rough terrain and struggling to propel yourself forward. With an electric bike, you will need minimal effort to ride fast. Electric bikes are built with a pedaled motor that provides riders with assistance. It boosts your ride, and you will feel energized after reaching your workplace. Thus, you can ride in your pretty work cloth without being overwhelmed or worn out.

Electric Bike Saves Time

Since electric bikes are fast and provide assistance, they save time. You can be sure to reach your workplace early. Research also reveals that employees are more productive when their commute is not stressful. Thus, your commute mode can affect the time it takes to perform your daily task or duty.

Electric Bikes Are Innovative

Electric bikes can easily be recharged if you have a power source. You can charge them the same way you power your smartphones, eradicating the need to queue for fuel or gasoline. It also has a technology feature that allows riders to monitor their speed rate. You can set your speed to "eco," "sport," or "normal" mode. This is also present in the Honbike latest model, Uni4. Thus, riders can adjust their speed mode to suit the terrain they are riding on, especially uneven surfaces.

Electric Bikes are Comfortable

Riders' comfort is paramount when riding an electric bike. Most modern designs are lightweight and water-resistant. Thus, you can enjoy enhanced comfort, even though the road is gross and unhealthy. However, it would be best to consider other measures that will most likely influence your comfort level.

Tips for Commuting with Electric Bicycles

Although an electric bicycle is considered the best for the gross work commute, a rider can still contribute to ensuring a smooth ride. The essential measures are further discussed below.

Keeping Your Electric Bike Clean

Regularly cleaning your electric bike can help to reduce the gross substances you take to your workplace. However, you need also to consider an electric bike that is easy to clean. In this case, the driven electric bike is highly recommended. Unlike chain bikes, shaft drive bikes do not harbor dirt or debris. The drive suspension system does not also require regular lubrication or grease application.



Ensure you use the right cleaning agents or materials for your electric bike. You should avoid chemicals or any other substance that may cause further damage. You may also read your manufacturer's guide for applying the appropriate cleaning tips. Your maintenance routine should also include your tires and brake. Keep the tires inflated, and confirm the brake is properly working. If these components are not in good condition, they may cause a road accident while commuting to work.

Invest in a Good Quality Electric Bike

Electric bikes are designed to serve specific purposes or terrain. Some electric bikes are suitable for off-road rides, while others are not. Thus, confirm an electric bike can meet your needs before purchasing it. It would be best if you also got an electric bike from a reputable brand. Make sure to check reviews online and what other people are saying about the manufacturing brand's services.

Wear a Mask

A mask will protect against pollution, especially in a busy area. You want to prevent the fumes from vehicles or traditional bikes from entering through your nostril. You should also prepare ahead of possible head collisions by wearing a helmet. A gross work commute is susceptible to several hazards, so you must avoid them as much as possible.

Consider Using a Rack

It is vital not to overload your bike and stick to the manufacturer's recommendation. Meanwhile, this information is usually available on the manufacturer's website or user manual. For instance, Honbike has stated its maximum load capacity to be 120 kg. Even at 120 kg, make sure the weight is well circulated. Instead of packing excessive items in your backpack, use a rear rack. It will also prevent dragging while on the road and helps riders to reach their destination faster.

Planning Your Route

Sometimes, you may need to change your work route if the usual path is extremely gross. You should look for bike lanes or designated bike paths with less traffic. You should also understand the traffic laws on that particular route. This will eliminate any legal charges or fees you may face.

You may also use the right technology, such as Google Maps, to find the most suitable route. Always endeavor to explore new areas, but first, confirm they are safe. These new areas will help cool your mind whenever you need to get away from work. It also helps you build meaningful connections that influence your career or business.

Wear the Right Clothing

Some riders feel their work commute is gross and feel highly uncomfortable wearing the wrong cloth. You should dress appropriately for the weather and wear a waterproof, breathable jacket. This should also extend to your pants, socks, and gloves. Also, make sure your cloth is visible and reflective. This particularly applies if you work late into the night and want to ride back home. You need bright colors that will help alert other road users of your presence.

You should also pack extra clothes that allow you to change at work. Toiletries, towels, and pannier are essential items that keep you sane after riding through a gross path. If you need to pack cloth for work, use quality racks that keep your material wrinkle-free and dry. If your workplace allows employees to shower, you should pack bathing items.

Securing Your Electric Bike

Make sure to keep your electric bike safe while at work. Use a lock or GPS tracker to enable you to identify your e-bike when stolen. Since electric bikes are lightweight, they are quite prone to theft. However, a technology device can alert you whenever the electric bike is tampered with. Also, ensure the electric bike is not packed at a distance far away from you.


You can solve a gross work commute by choosing to transport with an electric bike. Meanwhile, having a folding electric bike is a plus because it allows riders to break their commute system. You can easily fold the electric bike while using public transport and unfold it to continue your journey. The convenience and comfort of riding an electric bike cannot be overemphasized. If you still need help with your gross work commute, you should get an electric bike today.

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