Ride Electric Bikes, Save on Gas

Ride Electric Bikes, Save on Gas

It's nearly impossible to ignore the rapid rise in gas costs in the past few months. This unfavorable economic situation reflects in most countries, especially European states. German is going through economic challenges due to an insufficient supply of natural gas. The crisis is rising, so citizens are running out of sufficient gas to keep them warm. Germany seems not to have enough time to get the help it needs, and Russia is not showing any sign of supplying natural gas.

Experts predicted that Germany would need to reduce its gas consumption by 20%, to survive the energy crisis this winter season. According to German's vice chancellor, Robert Habeck, the situation is massively affecting the country's economy, and consumers may need to buy gas at a huge price. Germany may need to also depend on other European countries and the United States for gas. This would affect businesses and manufacturing sectors that rely on gas for production. However, other European countries are not entirely safe either.

Europeans are cutting down their gas expenses since living costs are now expensive. The European gas prices hit a record high above €300 per megawatt hour. However, not only the Russia-Ukraine war is responsible for the high gas fee, but also the coronavirus pandemic. Research has also revealed that British consumers expect an 80% increase in energy costs by October. However, Europeans are clamoring for gas reduction because the cost consumes a large percentage of most household bills. In response, people are encouraged to ride with e-bikes to save on gas.



The Average Transportation Costs

Despite the high rise in gas fees, public activities and state affairs are still ongoing in Germany. Students commute to work, caregivers visit grocery stores, and workers still commute to their workplaces. Some students have access to the university bus ticket, which is at a subsidized price. However, it is insufficient to cover students' needs beyond the academic scope.

The fee for a taxi ride in Germany varies and is regulated by state authorities. The average cost of local public transport for a single ticket is about €2.00. However, there is a chance to purchase a monthly ticket, which only applies if you use the same route daily. Taxi also costs about €3.50 base fee in Berlin, while gasoline price is between €1.4 and €1.7 per liter.

Demand and supply stabilize the transportation market as people gravitate more towards electrically powered transport modes. The daily expenses on these transport costs, especially local public vehicles, may seem inexpensive, but you will calculate how much you can save with cumulative cost. For instance, the €3.50 cost of taxis will incur about €105.0 monthly and €1,280 annually. In the long run, you would have saved €1,280 for yourself for the year. This will also relieve the German economy, as the state would not depend much on other countries.

The Average Cost of an E-bike

Many people preach in favor of e-bikes today because of cost minimization. Since European citizens need to cut down on daily travel expenses, commuting with a cheap mode of transportation seems to be a reliable measure. E-bikes have an affordable upfront cost and require little or no maintenance. If riding the Honbike U4, you can enjoy a 10,000km maintenance-free ride. This helps riders cover reasonable mileage without worrying about maintenance expenses.

Compared to cars, e-bikes are relatively cheap, with Honbike selling U4 and HF01 for €1.699,00 and €2,199,00, respectively. Riding with electric bikes eradicates the need for gas because it operates with batteries. It is more cost-effective, considering the annual gas bill for most households and individuals. It also costs more to fill your vehicle tank than to charge your e-bike. E-bikes are also energy efficient, so it consumes less power while increasing their watt ratio.

In addition, compared with regular bikes, electric bicycles come with e-motors. With the help of thrrottle or pedal assist, you can ride faster, more easily and save more time.

Save Your Time & Money

If you are working towards building a financial plan, an e-bike is an effective strategy you should implement. Since you are not commuting by vehicle, you can save money on transportation expenses. Here are ways e-bikes can increase your savings.

  • Commuting: You can save up to $6 daily by commuting with e-bikes. You can even save better than commuting by public transport. It helps you to save and allocate part of your income to other expenses.
  • Maintenance: If you are riding the chain-free version of an e-bike, you will not need to worry about the grease application. You may get a chainfree electric bike from Honbike, which does not cause frequent wear and tear. The operating cost of a vehicle is quite high, which is relatively minor in e-bikes. The frequent friction from chain bikes often results in substantial repair costs. Thus, this will affect the chances of saving a massive amount from e-bikes.
  • Route planning: Riders should also endeavor to plan their route ahead of the day. It helps you to save time and also be more productive. Meanwhile, productivity generates larger income in companies and organizations. This is even more particular to business owners who largely depend on daily earnings.
  • Parking fee: Since ebikes are portable and flexible, you are less worried about struggling for parking space. You can park it in your workspace, provided you are not breaking the rules. Thus, you will not need to pay for the enormous prices charged in parking lots.
  • Carinsurance: Most European states do not mandate e-bike riders to have insurance. Thus, this saves you from related expenses like car loans. However, some countries may request specific authentication proof, but it is not as strict as the car insurance process.
  • Recreationsavings: People remain interested in recreational activities despite the high gas fee in Germany and many other European countries. This saves the possible charges incurred from recreational centers. It allows people to explore places while having fun with plugged-in music.
  • Gym membership: You can easily save yourself from paying enormous gym subscriptions. Fitness has become necessary in society, so engage your body muscles while riding an e-bike. E-bikes help to keep the body in shape and reduce the risk of developing obesity and type-2 diabetes.
  • Health expenses: Electric bikes provide several health benefits, thus reducing the need for medical expenses. Riding frequently will help to boost cardiovascular activities and promote mental health. People who pay for massive therapy sessions can also try riding e-bikes, even if it's only for the evening. With the rise in gas fees, you want to stay away from the vehicle, which is not even a healthy mode of transportation.


With the ongoing geopolitical issues, spending a huge part of your income on gas fees is unwise. The demand for gas will keep increasing, but unfortunately, there may not be sufficient supply to meet these needs. It is an expedient measure for human beings to embrace e-bikes. In addition to saving natural gas, it can help you save time and cost. The good news is that there are a number of quality and nice-looking electric bikes for sale, just choose one that suits you.


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