One Week, No Car: Explore the Joy of Electric Bike

One Week, No Car: Explore the Joy of Electric Bike

E-bikes are becoming popular as more people are willing to spend time outside and boost health and fitness conditions. From the moment they appeared on the market as an upgraded version of the traditional bike, the electric bikes are enjoying such a demand that everyone wants to own one. And that is quite understandable. The electric bicycle is different than the traditional bike in a few ways, making it even more interesting for those who are willing to give it a try.


E-bikes have lots of options to choose from. However, the one thing that everyone is acknowledging is great for this type of bike are the modes. No matter if you have a folding e-bike, a cruiser, or any other models, each comes in two modes: pedal-assisted mode and motor-assisted mode. And switching through them is quite interesting and beneficial to the rider.



Owning an electric bicycle as part of the lifestyle carries a lot of benefits to the rider. Starting just as a transportation option, the E-bike is a much more convenient solution than the car. Not only that you will save money, but you will do something good for yourself. You will be moving more, spending time outdoors, and getting to the place you want faster.


To support and encourage people to make this necessary change in their life and lifestyle, Honbike has offered test ride activity for all e-bike lovers. It is one of a kind approach that will inspire and motivate all of you to get moving and to see the benefits of riding an e-bike instead of being stuck in a car. And all of that happening in a week. If you were wondering what is there to do with an E-bike for the entire week, here are some suggestions that might set your mind straight on all the benefits of riding an electric bike.


Things to do with your e-bike for a week

Go to and back from work

Unless you are working from home, you certainly commute daily to and from work. If you were doing that by car, now is the right time to switch to the E-bike. As mentioned above, riding electric bikes has a lot more benefitsthan being stuck in a car. Not only you will get faster to work, but you will also avoid traffic jams. Enjoying some time outside, and feeling the breeze on your face cannot compare to being in the car. You will become more relaxed and you will have a better mood. Look at the daily commute as time for yourself. If you do not have time to exercise, cycling is a great way to change that. Doing that while going to and back from work has great health benefits. Once you see all the good sides to it, you will never want to get back in the car.


Run errands

If you thought that running errands are only possible with your car, you have got it wrong. Being on the electric bike is a much more convenient solution than doing that with the car. For example, the city centers are crowded with cars and there are not so many parking options there. Finding a free space is a truly challenging thing. However, that is not the case with the E-bike. You can park it almost everywhere and not worry whether you will get a parking ticket. Whether you have to stop by the bank or the market, it always makes all of that easier for you. Also, if you have weekly fitness sessions, or you are learning a new language in the afternoon, riding the electric bike instead of the car is just what you need.


Explore the beauties of your city

Driving a car requires using the same roads and having the same scenery for quite a long time. But when you are riding an electric bicycle, it is a completely different story. The E-bike offers a new perspective of the city or town you live in or work in. Also, you do not have to follow the same road to get to the desired destination. On the contrary, it opens lots of more different options and possibilities. The change of scenery greatly affects the overall mood and well-being. Also, touring the city with an E-bike is much more convenient than with a car. So, if you want to feel like a tourist in your city or town, get on your E-bike and explore some places you might have never seen.


Organize a group E-biking with your friends

Instead of doing the same old coffee routine and going to the same cafe with your friends, try something different. Organize your friends for a group cycling activity. Go to some park or explore some biking trails that you have never done before. While there, do a picnic or have lunch at a spot that you never knew existed. Being out in nature has great benefits to the health. Support and inspire the others to do that and suggest that becomes your weekend or at least monthly routine. You will bond on an entirely new level and feel absolutely great.

Join Our Test Ride

These are just some of the suggestions that you can do in a week if you swap your car with an E-bike. If you are ready to explore the joys of electric bikes, then be sure to check out and apply for the Honbike test ride activity. You will get the chance to experience the beauty with our newly launched HF01 chainless e-bike. Head to the link here and fill out the quick form.

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