Top 10 European Cities for E-bike Commuting

Top 10 European Cities for E-bike Commuting

Even though electric bikes offer several benefits to users, it's unfortunate that not every country adopts this mode of transportation. This is mainly due to restrictions set by government policies or a need to understand the environmental benefits of electric bikes. Fortunately, developed cities, especially in Europe, understand the impact of electric bikes on sustaining their environment. As a result, the government also encourage citizens to adopt electric bike as their mode of transportation. You may look forward to incentives, such as loans or grants, that will minimize your capital investment.

Exploring Your Ride in European Cities

To maximize the fun of riding an electric bike, you must consider eco-friendly cities. This article emphasizes top cities that may interest you. These cities are also known to mandate safety regulations, guaranteeing cyclists a peaceful ride. It will also help you prepare ahead while researching any law governing e-bike commuting in these cities.

1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

According to research, the number of electric bikes in Amsterdam has recently increased by 40%. This is mainly because many tourists visit the beautiful city in the heart of the Netherlands. To reduce tourism expenses, travelers endeavor to cut transportation costs as much as possible. Thus, the rapid adoption of electric bike usage in Amsterdam proves its importance in affordable transportation.

People visiting Amsterdam can also cover a long distance or hilly areas without feeling too tired. It is a better alternative to vehicles and public transportation. It also allows you to enjoy the beauty of Amsterdam without being held back by transport issues or slow speed. Reaching your destination is more fun and relaxing than the overcrowded public transport system.

2. Copenhagen, Denmark

Bike sharing has become a trend in the city of Copenhagen. Many residents commute to work or school using the electrically powered mode of transportation. Thus, the government keeps improving bike lanes to solve the climate crisis. Moore so scientists make it known that global warming is a significant threat to the Baltic Sea port. Copenhagen also exhibits a great interest in being a carbon-neutral capital city. Even though this goal is targeted towards 2025, improving biking infrastructure is a big step that will yield a massive result in the next few years.

With an electric bike, the range is becoming less of a problem when riding through Copenhagen. People can easily beat rush hours by cycling with a portable mode of transportation. It would be best to consider getting a flexible, lightweight electric bike. For instance, products from brands like Honbike will make it easy to maneuver the busy streets of Copenhagen.

3. Berlin, Germany

The electric mobility market skyrocketed in 2020, almost immediately after the pandemic outbreak ended. Thus, observers predict that the lockdown and social restriction caused people to realize the importance of a safe and fast mode of transportation. Berlin is also known to be a traffic-dense urban area. People are provided an effective and stress-free mode of transportation to boost work or employee productivity.

Before visiting Berlin, it is expedient to understand the updated laws surrounding electric bike usage in Germany. Germany is strict on law maintenance, which also applies to electric bicycles. Even though it is not mandatory to have a license, you must be 14 years and above. The minimum and maximum ride speeds are between 6 km/h and 20 km/h. You should check with the local authorities if there is any necessary documentation.

4. Paris, France

In 2019, the French capital, Paris, experienced a bloom in electric bike adoption. This resulted from the launched electric bike-sharing program and the regional government's subsidy. However, you should confirm the eligibility requirement to know where you stand.

Manufacturing brands keep implementing designs and functions that meet riders' needs. A perfect example is the introduction of LCD in modern electric bikes like Honbike Uni4. This display is perfect for millennials, GenZ, and older generations that want to partake of the technological advantage. It helps you to identify your current speed, covered mileage, and battery gauge. This is particularly important if you are riding through the extensive Paris city and must be sure your battery can cover the such distance.

5. Madrid, Spain

There is a rich and established culture of e-bike riding in Europe. Fortunately, Spain is on the top e-bike adoption list across Europe. Several reasons may be responsible for this wide adoption. However, research studies have shown that many people choose to switch to electric bikes for three common reasons. Some want to reduce transportation costs, others love to protect the green environment, and others love being fit. Regardless of the reasons, everyone directly or indirectly protects the ecosystem.

6. Vienna, Austria

Commuting with electric bikes is much easier in Vienna due to the high rate of accessibility. The government also invests in bike infrastructures, such as installing charging stations and creating dedicated bike lanes. These bike lanes are created to ensure riders' and pedestrians' safety. Finding ride buddies in Vienna is much easier while you plan outings and fun events together. However, if you happen to ride alone in Vienna, make sure to follow the night safety procedures.

Most general European rules also apply in Vienna. For instance, riders are mandated to wear a helmet, which minimizes the chance of head collisions. You should also follow the road signs, which control road users' movement. It is also expedient to use a well-functioning light or lamp. It helps you see ahead and signal other road users of your presence.

7. Brussels, Belgium

The electric bike market in Belgium is entirely a high rate. This is because more people had to work from home after the pandemic outbreak was over. Thus, public attraction becomes more discouraging, while people use electric bikes to have the fun they have missed. However, Brussels residents often prefer to cycle under ideal weather conditions. This is why there are more cyclists in summer than during the winter season.

8. Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm city bikes existed from 2006 to 2018 until shared bicycles were introduced for sidewalks and street lanes. The bike share program was much adopted by the citizens, especially for reducing the cost of transportation during summer. This bike-sharing innovation also boosts the rate of e-commerce activities across Sweden.

According to research, the Swedish electric bike market will hit $307.74 million in value by 2027. However, the high upfront cost of purchasing an electric bike hinders its popularity among citizens. In response, the Swedish government set a tax rebate of EUR 1000. This is to increase electric bike affordability and encourage more people to buy.

9. Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich is known to have several steep hills that may be difficult to climb with a traditional bike. Thus, riding an electric bike makes the hill appear seamless. Before you buy an electric bike in Zurich, you must prioritize the riding lane. You must decide if you need an electric bike for regular commuting/touring or visiting the mountain regions.

Electric bikes in Zurich are categorized as slow bikes and fast bikes. The slow e-bikes have a maximum speed of 25kph, while the fast e-bikes can reach a speed of 45kph. The city follows European riding rules, except the legal age for this one is 16 years. You must also obtain a license and plate number if riding the fast electric bike. This ensures the rider has the right skill or training to ride at high speed.

10. Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is a center of attraction in Portugal, especially for investors interested in real estate. As a result, they are often involved in a high mobility rate while finding the most suitable property worth their investment. An electric bike allows investors to explore striking buildings and try new foods. Riding an electric bike in Lisbon is also an excellent way to relieve mental stress. You get to clear your mind and also boost your creativity level.

If you are new to Lisbon, you may start renting electric bikes. Several services provide rental offers at an affordable prices. However, you may invest by buying an electric bike with a longer cost benefit. You get to enjoy your investment better when you buy an electric bike of a high-quality model. This article recommends you patronize manufacturing brands with access to delivery or supplying electric bikes to European countries. A perfect example is the Honbike manufacturing brand, whose primary target audience is European countries, having met the regulations guiding European bike production or specifications.


You can never get tired of riding an electric bike in Europe. You can meet other bike enthusiasts who love to commute with this electrically powered transportation. However, make sure to always plan your route before commuting. Consider using extra accessories that contribute to a fun and smooth riding experience.

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