What is the Future of Electric Bikes? Porsche and Tesla May Have Foreseen

What is the Future of Electric Bikes? Porsche and Tesla May Have Foreseen

E-bikes are trending with high rate of demand in the transportation industry. The innovations are an expansion of mobility opportunities and diverse transportation modes. Compared to the enormous costs of electric cars, electric bike prices are much more acceptable.

In recent years, top vehicle companies with huge investments in the transport system such as Porsche and Tesla are investing millions of dollars in developing battery-powered transportation modes.

Tesla & Electric Bike

Back in 2018, Elon Musk responded to concerns about his company and his vision for America. He turned the subject to scooters and bikes, when e-bikes were just an idea. 

Elon first said scooters were not on his radar, then he pointed to the potential of e-bikes. In December 2020, there was increased online enthusiasm as a futuristic shape for a Tesla electric bike -- the Model B was disclosed.

The internet is full of speculation about a revolutionary Tesla electric bike design that will appear in late 2020, with a futuristic shape, electronic steering, self-driving technology and an innovative suspension system.

Although this model is defined as a moped by netizens because there is no pedal, it undoubtedly shows that the leader of the electric vehicle industry is optimistic about the electric bike market.

Porsche Acquires Fazua

Porsche was also aware of expanding its eBike expertise. In June, the Stuttgart-based sports car manufacturer takes over Fazua, a manufacturer of particularly light and compact drive systems for eBikes.


What Makes E-bike Stand Out?



E-bike Benefits in Building a Healthy Lifestyle

Electric bikes are built for different age groups including seniors. It helps to keep fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle. E-bikes also allow users to ride fast and travel uphill. Some manufacturers build e-bikes that are sustainable to various weather conditions. Hence, users are less worried about regular maintenance.

Also, riding bikes enhances the body metabolism. The muscle bones are strengthened, improving the physical body fitness. Young people can achieve a healthy lifestyle beyond a sedentary work routine. It also improves blood circulation reducing the risk of experiencing body strain or fatigue. 

Electric Bicycles Offers an Easier & Clean Travel for Citizens 

There is a large number of cyclists riding e-bikes in the cities. It helps bond cyclists as they ride to picnic or event centres. E-bikes are also commonly found among older people, especially to form relationships with people of the same age group. This has helped promote mental health records and reduce depression cases.

Besides, the nature view allows riders to experience peace of mind. If a lesser number of noiseless transportation modes can be in cities, it will enhance minds stability. 

Great alternative to a Car

Electric bikes are great for commuting miles away for work. In many cities you can ride on sidewalks and bike paths and through parks. Not only does this save your time as well as money, it also has a positive effect on the urban environment. By this means of getting to your destination, your commute may be faster than a car stuck in a traffic jam. When people ride e-bikes instead of driving, they reduce gasoline and pollution, helping to improve air quality and the environment.

E-bike Provides Good Workout

Electric bikes seem to make it easier for people who aren't keen to exercise -- more specifically, to ride a bike. Traditional bicycle riding will make you difficult to climb or ride long distances, but the help of pedal assist allows the cyclist to experience the fun and ease of riding. Plus, new riders have the confidence to ride with a more experienced partner because they can keep up. And, of course, commuting, which provides exercise while also reducing overall CO2 emissions. 

E-bikes Always Go with Emerging Techology


The emergence of electric bicycles is to provide new solutions for people's daily travel. We have experienced the anxiety of heavy traffic jams in the city and the fact that oil prices are constantly rising. In addition, for cyclists, they will also face various e-bike problems, such as the falling off of the connecting line, the broken chain, etc., which are undoubtedly painful and unwilling to face.

However, more and more e-bike companies are aware of these problems, at Honbike, we have adopted a chainless design, our engineers have created a patented Monotork drive shaft to support our HF01's operation, at the same time, this foldable electric bike comes with only 57 parts, which avoids a lot of tangled cables and connectors on bike.

Factors that Contribute to E-bike Growth

In recent years, there have been more concerns from government and regulatory bodies concerning carbon emissions from vehicles. This poses a threat to a green and sustainable environment. Engineers are creating lasting solutions to the rising need for environmental stability. When people realize the impact of e-bikes on society, they are quick to adopt them.

It is no coincidence that e-bikes are popular in European countries. The government put measures in place that encourage the use of e-bikes among citizens. Some of these measures include less strict e-bike legal regulations and creating charging centers across the cities. Hence, the e-bike industry will experience exponential growth in more years.

Another external factor contributing to the high success rate of introducing more e-bike models into society is health-related benefits. Many lives were affected due to the pandemic outbreak. Hence, it has become more challenging for people to return to their lifestyles. Amidst this, there seems to be an increase in the overweight population in the society. Since physical fitness has become essential to many people, they would employ every possible means to attain it.


Electric bikes are the solution to many transportation problems in the world today. It is safe to say, the transportation sector will experience an exponential growth from e-bike in the nearest future. They are easy to move around, and reduces congestion rate in the society, it is right time to own one now.

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