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What is the Future of Electric Bikes? Porsche and Tesla May Have Foreseen


E-bikes are trending with high rate of demand in the transportation industry. The innovations are an expansion of mobility opportunities and diverse transportation modes. Compared to the enormous costs of electric cars, electric bike prices are much more acceptable.

In recent years, top vehicle companies with huge investments in the transport system such as Porsche and Tesla are investing millions of dollars in developing battery-powered transportation modes.

Tesla & Electric Bike

Back in 2018, Elon Musk responded to concerns about his company and his vision for America. He turned the subject to scooters and bikes, when e-bikes were just an idea.

Elon first said scooters were not on his radar, then he pointed to the potential of e-bikes. In December 2020, there was increased online enthusiasm as a futuristic shape for a Tesla electric bike -- the Model B was disclosed.

The internet is full of speculation about a revolutionary Tesla electric bike design that will appear in late 2020, with a futuristic shape, electronic steering, self-driving technology and an innovative suspension system.

Although this model is defined as a moped by netizens because there is no pedal, it undoubtedly shows that the leader of the electric vehicle industry is optimistic about the electric bike market.

Porsche Acquires Fazua

Porsche was also aware of expanding its eBike expertise. In June, the Stuttgart-based sports car manufacturer takes over Fazua, a manufacturer of particularly light and compact drive systems for eBikes.


What Makes E-bike Stand Out?



E-bike Benefits in Building a Healthy Lifestyle

Electric bikes are built for different age groups including seniors. It helps to keep fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle. E-bikes also allow users to ride fast and travel uphill. Some manufacturers build e-bikes that are sustainable to various weather conditions. Hence, users are less worried about regular maintenance.

Also, riding bikes enhances the body metabolism. The muscle bones are strengthened, improving the physical body fitness. Young people can achieve a healthy lifestyle beyond a sedentary work routine. It also improves blood circulation reducing the risk of experiencing body strain or fatigue. 

Electric Bicycles Offers an Easier & Clean Travel for Citizens 

There is a large number of cyclists riding e-bikes in the cities. It helps bond cyclists as they ride to picnic or event centres. E-bikes are also commonly found among older people, especially to form relationships with people of the same age group. This has helped promote mental health records and reduce depression cases.

Besides, the nature view allows riders to experience peace of mind. If a lesser number of noiseless transportation modes can be in cities, it will enhance minds stability. 

Great alternative to a Car

Electric bikes are great for commuting miles away for work. In many cities you can ride on sidewalks and bike paths and through parks. Not only does this save your time as well as money, it also has a positive effect on the urban environment. By this means of getting to your destination, your commute may be faster than a car stuck in a traffic jam. When people ride e-bikes instead of driving, they reduce gasoline and pollution, helping to improve air quality and the environment.

E-bike Provides Good Workout

Electric bikes seem to make it easier for people who aren't keen to exercise -- more specifically, to ride a bike. Traditional bicycle riding will make you difficult to climb or ride long distances, but the help of pedal assist allows the cyclist to experience the fun and ease of riding. Plus, new riders have the confidence to ride with a more experienced partner because they can keep up. And, of course, commuting, which provides exercise while also reducing overall CO2 emissions. 

E-bikes Always Go with Emerging Techology


The emergence of electric bicycles is to provide new solutions for people's daily travel. We have experienced the anxiety of heavy traffic jams in the city and the fact that oil prices are constantly rising. In addition, for cyclists, they will also face various e-bike problems, such as the falling off of the connecting line, the broken chain, etc., which are undoubtedly painful and unwilling to face.

However, more and more e-bike companies are aware of these problems, at Honbike, we have adopted a chainless design, our engineers have created a patented Monotork drive shaft to support our HF01's operation, at the same time, this foldable electric bike comes with only 57 parts, which avoids a lot of tangled cables and connectors on bike.

Factors that Contribute to E-bike Growth

In recent years, there have been more concerns from government and regulatory bodies concerning carbon emissions from vehicles. This poses a threat to a green and sustainable environment. Engineers are creating lasting solutions to the rising need for environmental stability. When people realize the impact of e-bikes on society, they are quick to adopt them.

It is no coincidence that e-bikes are popular in European countries. The government put measures in place that encourage the use of e-bikes among citizens. Some of these measures include less strict e-bike legal regulations and creating charging centers across the cities. Hence, the e-bike industry will experience exponential growth in more years.

Another external factor contributing to the high success rate of introducing more e-bike models into society is health-related benefits. Many lives were affected due to the pandemic outbreak. Hence, it has become more challenging for people to return to their lifestyles. Amidst this, there seems to be an increase in the overweight population in the society. Since physical fitness has become essential to many people, they would employ every possible means to attain it.


Electric bikes are the solution to many transportation problems in the world today. It is safe to say, the transportation sector will experience an exponential growth from e-bike in the nearest future. They are easy to move around, and reduces congestion rate in the society, it is right time to own one now.

Major Misconceptions about Foldable Electric Bikes


Folding e-bikes is an electrically powered bike model launched into the modern system. It is highly flexible and aids users' mobility. However, some misconceptions surround foldable electric bikes, leaving potential users in utter confusion. This article highlights the significant misconceptions and states the right information about foldable electric bike.

They are Time-Consuming and Difficult to Maintain

There are wrong misconceptions surrounding folding e-bike maintenance. Meanwhile, they are easy to clean and maintain for a long time. You will implement the exact cleaning procedure as in a regular bike. The only exception will be for chain e-bikes. However, it is not as intensive as many people assume it to be. Foldable e-bike maintenance also depends on its usage level. The extra maintenance you will include in an e-bike is caring for the battery. Since traditional bikes lack batteries, you will not need to worry about it. However, your e-bike brand manufacturer will include a guide or care sheet that allows you to care for your e-bike's battery easily. At Honbike, you can get the best foldable e-bike with no chains, you will get rid of bike chain problem, also we offer every rider with 40000 KM+ maintenance free service, allowing users to ride with no fuss.


Foldable E-bikes are not Easy to Move Around

The foldable e-bike is a result of innovative engineering in the transportation sector. It is one of the leading solutions to heavy modes of transportation. An e-bike has more weight than regular bikes due to the motor and battery components. However, this does not entirely apply to fordable e-bikes. Engineers designed it so well for users to clamp the parts together. Foldable e-bikes are much more flexible if you buy the Honbike product, with only 57 parts, it reduces the e-bike's usual weight to about 30%. Generally, an e-bike's weight is not much of a deal to riders, especially when climbing uphill.


Folding E-bikes Break Easily

Some potential users believe there is a high tendency to break e-bikes while folding them. Meanwhile, e-bikes are built with solid components that are highly durable. Although the hinge and joints are the weakest part of an e-bike, the proficiency of your e-bike manufacturer would also determine its durability. Hence, judging a bike's shelf life based on hearsay is not enough. You need to understand that other factors contribute to an e-bike's durability.

Contrary to popular opinion, folding e-bikes improve durability more than regular e-bikes. Since there is no extra weight on the hinge and joint regions, there is less burden on the electric bike. Based on this, foldable e-bikes have much more strength than regular e-bikes on the road. Another factor that may contribute to your e-bike's durability is price. If you pay for your e-bike at a low cost, you may not enjoy the bike as much as you should, although nothing lasts forever. As for Honbike HF01, we use Monotork clean shaft drive system on this folding electric bicycle.


Folding E-bikes are not Fast

Another misconception about folding e-bikes is that they are slow due to their heavy weight. In terms of speed, electric bikes have greater measures than regular bikes. However, a bike with the perfect gear can ride up to 25 km/h. Products from Honbike can ride at this speed, which is also the limited range for most countries. If you are experiencing any lag with the e-bike speed, you can fix this from the engine. Also, you may need some time to adjust to your electric motor to ride at a reasonable pace.

Foldable E-bikes are Expensive

This notion cannot be discarded compared to other misconceptions. Foldable e-bikes are fancy designs with technicality invested into their production. However, foldable e-bikes are not as expensive as many luxury cars. Nevertheless, you do not need to freak out while purchasing an e-bike. Make sure to compare the available market prices, as you will still select an e-bike that meets your needs. A brand like Honbike has several e-bike models with different price tags. This allows people with various financial capacities to own an e-bike. You can even choose to rent an e-bike from your local supplier. There is a higher rate of e-bike renting than vehicle renting, so investing in e-bikes is always worth it.

Foldable E-bikes are Illegal

This is a wrong notion about electric bikes. The government and transportation agencies are promoting the use of e-bikes among residents. One of the measures put in place is the establishment of charging centers. This allows users to recharge their batteries without staying in long queues. Although not every country has adopted e-bikes, China, the UK, Canada, and many other European countries have a high record of e-bike users. However, the countries that legalize e-bikes have specific regulations users must obey. These regulations are implemented to minimize accident rates and increase safety. Meanwhile, Honbike products are built according to European rules, which also apply to many other countries. A foldable e-bike is highly legal, and even a top recommended e-bike model, among many others.

Foldable E-bikes Cannot be Ridden Under the Rain

You are at a greater advantage if you ride a waterproof e-bike. It may not be safe to put your e-bike under harsh weather, but it adapts better than most traditional bikes. However, it would help if you were extra careful with a chain e-bike. It could cause much splashing on the rider's body. Also, a chain e-bike exposed to wetness is at a higher risk of wearing out. You can substitute a chain e-bike with a shaft-drive foldable model from Honbike.


Understanding the misconceptions about foldable e-bikes will help you make the best buying decision. You have facts about the electrically powered bike and can decide if it is the best choice for you. However, foldable e-bikes are highly recommended for commuting daily. They are fast, easy to maintain and promote weight loss. If you have the right mindset, you will realize the vast benefits e-bikes have to offer.


Why City Commuters Are Turning to An Electric Bike?

Why City Commuters Are Turning to An Electric Bike?

It is no news that electric bikes have grown in popularity recently. Its contribution to a sustainable environment and rider's commute lifestyle has drawn a massive acknowledgment.  Most countries and regions keep recording a high number of users daily for this electric device, it is expected that the desire to own an e-bike will surface among people, especially with the trending topics surrounding it. Nevertheless, a curious person wants to ascertain the importance of owning an e-bike.

You may ask, why should I substitute my public transport mode with an electrically powered machine? Some people familiar with traditional bikes also wonder if an e-bike is worth the financial investment. Research has proven that e-bikes give some critical benefits beyond their wide publicity. This article provides clear reasons why you should conside an electric bike for commuting.



E-bikes are Faster with Longer Duration Capacity

If you are often late to work, it is high time you switched your transportation mode. Owning an e-bike allows users to reach a farther destination than traditional bikes. E-bikes such as Honbike HF01 can cover up to 40 km distance, which is a reasonable range for many cyclists. Hence, it comes with Monotork shaft drive system, realizing the chainfree and foldable design, making this bike durable and easy to use.

If you have a pedal-assist e-bike, you will even ride faster pace. This category of e-bikes adds an extra push to riders' strength. Hence, riders have more power to push their e-bikes along the slope. This also helps to ride on mountain roads, which would have been difficult with the regular bikes. Although some modern motors have up to 50 times extra speed than e-bikes, they are only considered for competitions. Hence, a regular rider will perform well with an electrically powered bike. Even cyclists compete with e-bikes, so modern motor is not necessary for their race.

E-bikes will Keep you Physically and Mentally Fit

The role an e-bike plays in an individual's health is physical and mental. Exposing the mind to nature's beauty and society's bond reduces the chances of depression. Hence, people who live sedentarily are encouraged to own an e-bike. With technological advancement, more people keep falling into the sedentary category. Remote jobs are gradually taking over physical offices. Besides, it may eventually drain the mental capacity when the interaction with the outside world is lacking. The brain needs to undergo more engagements with humans and nature. Hence, owning an e-bike allows you to create relationships beyond your work circle.

E-bikes also boost physical fitness, especially the muscles situated in the lower body regions. When you pedal, your leg muscles are stretched, which helps it to be stronger and more fit. Also, it reduces stress levels and enhances blood circulation across the body. Hence, people who work in physical offices should also own an e-bike. It can be tiring jumping from one train station to another. One good way to reduce this stress level is with an e-bike. You also have better use of your weekend, for instance, having a mild cycling competition with friends.


Easy Commuting with No Sweat

Hot, sweaty and breathless work is one of the main reasons people stay away from commuting by traditional bikes. Adjustable pedal assist of an e-bike allows riders to go with extra power, even Honbike HF01 can recongnize driving gradients and offer you right pedal assist level. You can easily get to work on an electric bike with just enough energy to get to work energized without breaking a sweat. There's nothing worse than being out of breath and sweating for a meeting and having trouble speaking normally.

E-bikes Fit into Diverse Body Weight

Honbike engineers build their products to fit into several body sizes and ages. Hence, there are e-bikes for particular age groups. Overweight individuals can get an e-bike with a firm seat to accommodate their lower body size. This is not possible with a regular bike because they are built of almost the same size. However, you may want to check with a professional or your provider's consultation team on the most suitable e-bike for you. If you realize your weight is bigger than the available e-bikes, you may need to exercise for a while. You may also continue to combat your weight loss routine with an e-bike.


Explore the City and Avoid Pandemic

If your lifestyle has changed due to the pandemic outbreak, you can restore your usual way of living. It will help improve your mental state by exploring different places with fascinating nature views. You can also form a societal bond with other riders while exploring places together.

Even when you explore long distances, e-bikes are easy to maintain. This is particularly true for chainless e-bikes. It is easier to maintain an e-bike than regular bikes because they do not wear out quickly. Hence, you can explore as much as possible without limitations.

Foldable Design Reduces the Possibility of Theft

Although e-bikes are portable, they are not easy to steal. You can easily carry it around with you. You do not always need a parking lot, primarily if you use the foldable electric bike. Also, most electric bicycle models are built with traceable devices. While commuting in your daily activities, you would not need to worry about losing your bikes. Also, it is not easy to loosen e-bike components. Hence, thieves will need extra time to take it away.

Undoubtedly, e-bikes are fancy and attractive to steal away, but only a few succeed in the attempt. You need to install a device that enables you to access quick solutions if any theft case arises. Meanwhile, the battery is often the target, which is quite heavy.

Save Your Money

If you choose to cycle to work, you will no longer have to spend a lot on your commute. If you drive yourself to work, you will no longer have to pay for higher gas price to get your destination, nor the regular adjustments that come with your daily car commute.

Riding an e-bike instead of driving to get off work also means you'll have fewer miles on your car, reducing the amount of maintenance you have to do, and potentially increasing its sales value in the future. Additionally, many insurance providers now offer plans and policies based on the mileage you drive. Not driving to and from get off work and signing up for one of these plans can save you extra money.

E-bikes are a Great Commuting Option

You can commute with any transportation mode, but e-bikes are the best among others. Riders are not caught between overpacked vehicles and trains. Also, you do not need to go through the stress of license renewal. Once your e-bike is registered under the appropriate body, there is less legal action to be taken.

If you ride in congested cities, commuting with an e-bike is a great choice. It could be overwhelming being stuck on the road, with loud noise from industries. Although some countries safely regulate noise pollution, less developed areas still struggle with it. Since you are not stuck in traffic, you would not get to work all sweaty. Hence, e-bikes help you avoid this by riding faster; you will get to your workplace in a peaceful state. Thereby, your work productivity is enhanced.


E-bikes are helpful to every urban ridings, they are also fun to ride. Your commuting gets better as you invest in this mode of transportation, you will not packed into public transportation, stuck in traffic or sweating as you pedal into a headwind. 

If you'd like to explore more about e-bike, why not join our test ride?

Riding An Electric Bike For The First Time? What Should You Pay Attention to?


Riding an electric bike provides riders with fresh excitement. It can also be exhilarating, offering a unique experience, which is different from that of a regular bike. 

Electric bikes like the Honbike HF01 are excellent for getting around town, commuting to your workplace, and engaging in mild exercises. Despite the many similarities thay have with traditional bicycles, there are also tremendous differences that can influence your experience when you are purchasing an electric bicycle for the first time, and you might be looking forward to the benefits embedded in owning one of these two-wheelers and also how to ride them. Read through these few tips on riding an electric bike as a first-timer before embarking on your fun-filled trip.

Safety First

There are some important safety tips to keep in mind rolling out your electric bike. Just as it is second nature for car owners to put on their seat belts, it is crucial to wear your helmet before heading off. E-bikes usually travel at speeds in excess of 20 km/h, so a helmet is one of the necessary precautions to protect yourself from injury.

Furthermore, ensure you dress comfortably and avoid loose clothing that could get cling to the wheels or other moving parts of your electric bike. Of course, you almost don't have to worry about this trouble if you own a Honbike HF01, as the best chainless electric bike on the market, this portable bike comes with Monotork clean shaft drive system, thus the rider doesn't have to worry about any chains troubles and security risks.

Check The Tire Pressure And Become Familiar With The Brake

Before setting off, ensure your e-bike tires are appropriately inflated. If they are slightly deflated, you will experience a slower speed rate, which could blow out or result in an accident. 

Another thing to observe is the kind of brake your electric bike has. The brake is an important element to consider before buying and using the bike. Your brake needs to possess a stopping power that aligns with your motor.

Take time to understand if the brake settings fit your style. Try them on a flat surface to ensure you get accustomed to their effect. There’s a connection between the force used in pulling the lever. The harder the force, the stronger the brake grip. However, the rear brake should be used first when braking. 

Ensure Your Electric Bike Gives You The Right Balance

Your e-bike should have a suitable weight for your body size to have a good balance. If your weight is not aligned with your electric bike, it will cause discomfort when riding. So, you must spend considering time climbing on and off your electric bike. You can also start and stop at intervals to effectively get a good grip.

You can adjust the seat height if necessary. Expert riders may only require their toes on the ground when seated, but first-timers may want their feet flat on the ground to feel more comfortable. Also, riders worldwide prefer lightweight bikes, mainly because they are easy to lift, park, and store, especially the foldable electric bikes. They are suitable for young adults, city commuters and older people cycly to schools, mart, or the office.

Check Your Battery Range and Power

When you want to ride you electric bike, you need to consider the battery performance. It could be challenging to ascertain how much battery life is remaining especially when you are not familiar with its location on the display.

If you cover a 15-25km daily, you can utilize a smaller battery range. However, a 400-watt-hour battery capacity or more is best for longer distances. 250-watt battery power is the best fit for downhill or city terrains, while 500-watt battery power is essential for uphill or rough terrains. 

You must keep your electric bike battery fully charged for your first trip. It is a good habit to ensure it is always charged in case of unforeseen contingencies. You can buy an extra ebike battery for your HF01 to double your mileage, it only weights 1.26kg, lockable and removable with keys. Moreover, it can be fully charged with only 3-4 hours.

Pedal Assist And Throttle

There are pedal-assist or throttle electric bikes. You must get familiar with the assisted model of your bike, how it works and the right occasion to use it. Pedal assist helps you ride on various terrains without much effort, while throttles can go directly.

You may need to pedal your electric bike on flat terrains without utilizing the pedal assist. This is to get comfortable with how your electric bike feels when riding. Then you can begin with the lowest pedal assist level and increase it as you progress on your trip to see how it helps with your speed. 

Depending on your purchase, you may select from the classes of e-bikes available: class 1, class 2, and class 3. Class 1 electric bike has a pedal-assist feature but doesn’t have a throttle, and they don’t go above 20 mph. They are widely accepted on city streets, trails, and bike paths.

Class 2 electric bikes have pedal assistance and throttle, are restricted to cars and vehicle terrains, and go up to 20 mph. The class 3 electric bike has only pedal assistance and a max speed of 28 mph. They are similar to the class 1 e-bikes but have a more speed range. You will have to abide by your region's speed limit and electric bike rules. For example, the UK's maximum speed of an electric bicycle is 25 km/h.


After returning from each trip on your electric bike, you must carry out a few simple checks before storing it—this help to keep your e-bike in good condition. Also, do not forget to charge up your battery and ensure you utilize the correct charger. An incompatible charger could burn or limit the battery life of your electric bike.

As minute as it may, ensure you clean off any debris, dirt, or grime from your electric bike. This will keep your e-bike looking new and clean and prevent tears and rust. Moreso, secure your electric bike in a safe place where it can’t be stolen. Bikes like the HF01 comes with a foldable design that compresses it in four simple steps and stores it in your home, under your office desk, and car trunk.

Finally, ensure you carefully read your electric bike's user manual and warranty service. Your manufacturer will provide you with the best guarantee to enhance your experience.


We know you can’t wait to have your first experience riding an electric bike. At Honbike, our priority is to provide riders with unique designs compatible with their preference and style. We hope that we have set the stage for you to begin your journey as a first-time electric bike user. 

Electric Bike: The Unique and Best Gift for Your Dad This Year

Electric Bike: The Unique and Best Gift for Your Dad This Year

If you are looking for the best gift for the upcoming Father’s Day, why not consider an electric bike?  With the rise of gas price and incubation of the epidemic, it is the best gift for your dads, as he can have sweet memories with friends while riding together. Other reasons you should consider ebikes are further discussed in this article.


Why is Electric Bike Unique for Fathers?

Electric bikes are best gifts for almost every adults. Many fathers made sacrifices to cope with the harsh economy during covid-19 period, including selling their car. The best way to appreciate this sacrifice is to buy a better alternative for your father. Even when your father has retired from work, there will be times he needs to get something from the grocery store. Your father can achieve his daily tasks without being in a pool of his sweat.

Another good and unique thing about electric bcycle is specification. Many trendy gifts are almost the same, making it difficult to specify the preferred design. When you know your father’s favorite color and style, you can specify it in your order. Gifting a loved one is more appreciated when it is thoughtful. Beyond the giving, you are communicating a value. Help your father to feel himself in his younger age as he enjoys his ride. 

E-bikes are Technologically Advanced Gifts

Despite your Dad’s old age, it is best to communicate that technology can never be outdated to an individual. You can get a bike from Honbike that he will easily adapt to. It could also be a bike that will provide some level of assistance while pedaling. Despite choosing a fancy electric bike, your father can still adapt to it. For instance, you may choose an electric bike, and set it's speed at the barest minimum.

Eliminates Expensive Gas Fee

Buying an electric bike for your Dad saves him from the expensive gas fee. High economy is one of the reasons many people are using public transport, since they would not pay gas fee. However, public transports can be highly uncomfortable. Many Americans face the high gas fee challenges, especially towards summer season. The road is usually packed with travellers at this point. Your father can avoid this by using a transportation mode that basically requires charging ports. Dads will be grateful for the opportunity to save more cash and spend less.


Provides More Fit and Fun Avenue for your Father

Gifting your Dad an electric bike helps him to have fun even at old age. Meanwhile, your father is not only having fun, but also getting fit. In most cases, doctors recommend a passive means of exercising for older adults. Meanwhile, one of the ways to passive exercise is by riding on electric bike. Also, your Dad can control his workout schedule with electric bikes. It is much flexible than the group exercise schedules allocated in gyms.

Electric bikes allow fathers to live a healthy lifestyle more, as the participate in outdoor activities. People who have relented in outdoor activities can gain this area of their lives back. More so, electric bikes have helped many people to burn calories. Although the exercise may not be intense as gym activities, results will surface after consistent rides. Riders also get to expose themselves to reasonable amount of vitamin D while riding in the sun. You may need to guide your Daddy through the most preferable time for riding. For instance, exposing the body to scorching sun could be dangerous.

The Best Gift for Dads Who Live Ecological Life

Buying an electric bike is a show of support to the environmental sustainability. It causes less pollution in the atmosphere, since it does not release smog. This helps your Dad to worry less about polluting the atmosphere, especially if he is a lover of the green nature. The toxic fumes from cars could harm both plants and animals on the planet.

If your Dad has difficulty with showing his support for the green environment, he will be the happiest riding an electric bike. It is high time you replaced his old car with an eco-friendly electric bike. It does not release fossil fuel, making it the best option for fathers who understand the implications of toxic release. Due to financial constraints, some fathers have not had the privilege to opt for electric bike. Hence, it is a great opportunity to change this narrative in the coming Fathers Day.


A Coping Mechanism for the Lockdown Effect

Not every older adults have gained back their lives since the pandemic ended. It took a toll of effect on some people’s mental health, and are finding it hard to gain balance. Some fathers have resulted to stay at home, losing their social relevance. Since more people are transitioning into remote jobs, socializing has become a bigger needs. You can help your father regain his former self again by gifting an electric bike. This will help him to easily commute while reaching out to old friends, and catching up on events. Gifts should serve a purpose in the receiver’s life, and electric bikes fill in this aspect accurately.


Exploring the Nature and City

Most fathers are often stuck with work, and may slowly go into depression. Meanwhile, the beauty of mother nature is capable to fill the loneliness gap. Your father can explore new places, feeding his eyes with exciting plants on the planet. Also, your father can rely on e-bikes to get to work faster, with the hope of retiring back into the house early. At this stage, the body needs a higher form of rest, and transportation mode is an aspect you really want to take care of.

Your Dad will have a good time being away from his comfort zone. Isolation poses a threat to the soul, and riding an electric bike is an opportunity to explore his mind. When your father gets an electric bike of high-performance from Honbike, the ride is more fun and exciting. This also relates with the e-bike seat comfort and stability. With the adjustable seat from Honbike, your father can adjust the seat to the most preferred position. However, electric bike models are built with different seat designs, with certain positions and height level.


Electric Bikes are Reliable 

Compare to random gifts, electric bikes have longer durability. Electric bikes barely develop faults, while e-bike companies like Honbike provides a warranty of two years. This means your Dad would not need to spend money on faults due to technical errors. Your Dad can fully depend on electric bikes to commute his daily activities.


How to Buy an Electric Bike for your Father

If you have decided to gift your Dad an electric bike for fathers day, the next step will be to make a purchase. Fortunately, electric bikes are becoming cheaper than in past years. Hence, you can get your pocket budget in the Honbike price catalogue. Since government have realized the usefulness of electric bikes in the environment, manufacturers are implementing cheaper production techniques. However, you can choose to contribute money with your siblings and friends, to put a smile on him on fathers day. It will be more interesting when the gift is presented with a surprise package.

If you are buying electric bike for your father, you can search online for the vendor in your location. To place an order online, make sure there will be no delivery barrier to your country. Also, you want to consider your country’s regulations before bringing in the electric bike. Most countries regulations involve the use of certain e-bike accessories, such as helmet. This is to ensure the rider’s safety. Hence, you will need to consider ordering an helmet as you purchase an electric bike. It is essential to research on further information concerning electric bike usage, especially in your province.



If you want to create more lasting memories with your father, you should buy an electric bike for him. You and your father can stroll in the evenings while you gist and capture Interesting moments you spend together. It also allows you to plan for more fun moments during the summer season. Hence, your father’s electric bike will remain useful behind fathers day. Hopefully, you are convinced your father deserves a beautiful e-bike from Honbike for fathers day. Put a smile on your father's face today, celebrating him for his love and support.

How to Choose the Right Electric Commuter Bike? | Buying Guide


It is a good cause to want to own an electric bike instead of a traditional bicycle. Electric bikes are more effective and help you achieve your commuting goals. You can reach your destination without too much sweat dripping down your body. However, electric bikes are grouped into categories, including folding and hybrid e-bikes. Since there are several options available for you at Honbike, you need to understand some basic concepts. These concepts will help to make the best decision and choose the e-bike that best suits you.

What are Electric Commuter Bikes?

Electric commuter bikes are ideal for daily activities, such as visiting the grocery store, religion center, or workplace. Since commuter bikes can be used for several functions, they have broad subdivisions, including hybrid electric bikes. Most commuter bikes are lightweight because they have no suspension. An example is the Honbike Japanese design with 20kg weight, about 30% lighter than the regular bikes. Meanwhile, an electric bike's weight should be significantly considered. You can quickly move a lightweight bike around while beating the city's traffic.

This electric bike is ideal if you just want to cycle for an evening road walk. You can ride without necessarily having a pedal assist or an electric push from the bike. If you have the suitable frame and motor type, you can pedal with ease and as much as you want. The hybrid versions have wide tires, making them appropriate for multi terrains.


Choosing the Right Classes of Electric Bikes

Electric bikes are generally grouped into three classes which are class one, class two, and class three. You need to check with your state or province regulations if it allows users to ride all the classes of electric bikes. Also, these classes vary with the level of motor assistance attached to each.

The Class One Electric Bike

Class one is often recommended for beginners because it has the pedal-assist function. The maximum speed for this class of e-bike is 20 mph. Class one electric bikes are more flexible than the remaining classes and accepted by most countries. It is also easy to use and adaptable to many terrains.

The Class Two Electric Bike

If you commute to many places daily, you may consider the class two electric bike. These bikes are built with both pedal-assist and throttle function. This means riders can switch between the two parts based on their expertise level. However, some enthusiasts will categorize class two as the same level as class one. This is because they both have the same maximum speed.

The Class Three Electric Bikes

Class three electric bikes have the highest speed of all, 28 mph. The only similarity with class one is that they both have the pedal-assist function only. Although class three is pretty expensive than others, they are highly effective. Hence, it is the best choice for riders who are traveling on a long-distance.

Please remember that picking the best electric bike based on classes is determined by several other factors. For instance, some states allow particular age groups to ride a specific class of e-bike. Many of these rules and regulations are set to ensure safety in top cities.

Things you Need in an Electric Commuter Bike

In terms of picking the best electric commuter bike, you need to understand the factors that will help contribute to your riding effectiveness. Hence, comfort and safety are two key things. More so, you should bear in mind the purpose of getting a commuter bike. For instance, cyclists will require a different e-bike than those commuting a short distance. Beyond your personal needs, you also need to consider some characteristics of commuter e-bikes.

The Electric Bike Range, Motor, and Battery

Batteries and motors are vital components of an electric bike. Your electric bike range often determines the maximum speed you can cover. Hence, it would help to choose between riding uphill or on a smooth road surface. It would help if you chose an electric bike with an extensive battery range. It determines the watt capacity of your e-bike per riding hour. You can also use it to predict how far your electric bike can go before the battery switches off. In this case, you will need to find a battery for replacement, which could be dangerous on an isolated road.

A standard battery capacity of 216 wh is ideal for many riders or cyclists. While selecting your battery, make sure it does not take long to fully charge, especially for residents with a low power supply. Hence, a good battery should be fully charged in about five hours.

Electric bike motors can also either be mid-drive or hub-drive. These two types vary with their location on the electric bike. A mid-drive motor provides extra comfort and balance to riders since it is located at the bottom bracket region. On the other hand, hub motors are located at the rear wheel or front wheel region. It provides extra push as your ride, making it more suitable for an experienced rider. It may be difficult to control how the electric bike rides at a fast pace if you are inexperienced. However, fixing a hub motor is also pretty complicated. Unless you are an expert or highly skilled engineer, you may find it challenging to maintain an electric bike on your own.

The Controller

Many people are not quick to identify the controller of an e-bike, but it is one of the essential hardware. The controller is responsible for converting Direct Current into Alternating Current, allowing the motor to spin into movement. Hence, the controller can reduce an electric bike voltage, reducing the speed. In most cases, the controller recognizes a 48V battery as 24V. This implies it will not perform at the same rate as expected—however, the electric bike current increases as the motor and voltage decrease. Most manufacturers build an electric bike with a maximum controller level. It means a limited number of voltages a controller can deduce from the battery pack. Hence, you must understand that an electric bike with a large ampere and a small motor can cause overheating. Make sure these factors match the intended goals of riding an electric bike.

An Ebrake Sensor

Most people prefer an electric bike with an ebrake sensor because it enhances their safety. The primary importance of having an ebrake sensor is so the motor can respond appropriately to the brake lever. Hence, every commuter needs to install this in their electric bike. If you use a hub motor system, you also need the ebrake sensor to regenerate the power required for operation. You can provide a smooth braking force on your electric brake when the brake sensor is in its proper position. Meanwhile, you can choose between the hydraulic and mechanical brake lever systems.

The After-sale Service

Obviously, you don't want any problems with your e-bike, but it's probably unavoidable. On the one hand, users want to pick enough high-quality products, and on the other hand, e-bike companies also need to provide customers with guaranteed after-sales service. In Honbike, with the support of the Monotork clean shaft drive system, you do not need to worry about the problem of chain breakage, and we also provide 40,000 kilometers of maintenance-free services, aiming to reduce the worry of maintenance costs for customers.

Electric Bike Prices

Electric bike prices are another critical factor when selecting a commute e-bike. Prices vary with quality, e-bike type, feature, and the brand's rate. In some cases, high prices do not guarantee a quality electric bike, so you may want to look beyond it. However, you cannot deny that your budget plays a role in your choices.

The components of the bicycle will determine its prices. For instance, foldable e-bikes are often built with the latest and updated features. This makes them quite more expensive than the other types of electric bikes. Generally, Honbike offers its foldable electric bikes for €1,999. However, you may be lucky to get €150 off for one bike and even €400 off for two e-bikes now. This proves you need to carry out proper research before paying a supplier. Price comparison and checking out for incentives will save you the extra cash.

Other Things You Should Consider When Selecting an Electric Bike

The list is quite long, but certain factors precede the others. Apart from the features discussed earlier, consider the other factors below.

  • Confirm if you are more comfortable with the pedal-assist feature or not. Note that this feature allows you to drive at a faster pace. Hence, you will need to consider your daily activities.
  • Choose an electric bike built with a proper lighting component so that you can ride during the dark. Haidong has a light status indicator that will not leave a rider in the dark.
  • Ensure the electric bike has the LCD from Haidong, which monitors the speed and battery level. This is usually installed on the handlebar and is most visible.
  • You should be able to connect wirelessly to your smartphone device. This will help you to trace locations and road tracks.
  • Use an electric bike with a rack component to enable you to move objects quickly.



Choosing the best commuter e-bike will contribute significantly to your ride success. Hence, you must make the proper selection for effective performance. You can check out Honbike for various available options of e-bikes with innovative models.

Why Commuters Should Consider a Chainless E-bike


Electric bikes are built with different designs and models. Engineers keep manufacturing structures to satisfy diverse needs and preferences. Folding electric bikes are one of the latest designs gaining popularity in this modern age. Since these innovations are ongoing, e-bikes with no chain appear to be more popular. A combination of foldable and minimalist design from Honbike is the best chainless e-bike for every commuters. In this article, you will find more benefits of chainfree electric bikes.

Chainless E-bikes Create No Mess

Unlike their counterparts, chainless electric bikes are usually less messy. Users do not necessarily need to apply grease to any of its components often. It is also more hygienic since you won't have to worry about dirtying your finger with dark and messy substances. Chainfree e-bikes are also free of unnecessary drama caused by the machine gears. Your electric bike is in better shape since it is cleaner and with an improved appearance. Chain bikes are messier if you have to deal with loopholes regularly. Some chains loosen up, and you may struggle with fixing them back to the proper position.

They are Faster and Safer

E-bikes with no chains have a lesser risk of endangering road accidents. The chainless Honbike can travel at a speed of 25 km/h, it is also much faster than many traditional bikes out there and the speed is legal in UK and the EU regions. Although people assume them to be dangerous, it requires calculative risks. Chainless electric bikes are even safer if you implement the necessary precautions. Since riders can travel faster, beating the traffic congestion, e-bikes are supposedly safer.

E-bike with no Chains Offers a Cleaning Riding

Since several grease applications are needed to use chain electric bikes, it stains the hand. This leaves dirty marks on the body after a long ride. The grease can be annoyingly slimy and slippery. However, chain electric bikes stain the body when a rider is careless with usage. You can avoid the extra care and unnecessary acts when using a chainless e-bike instead. Also, a chainless electric bike allows you to wear any cloth you are comfortable in, including shorts. This is because you are less bothered about staining yourself.



They Can Improve Physical Wellbeing

Many doctors often recommend their older patients engage in passive exercise with electric bikes since it does not involve using heavy equipment at the gym. Riding electric bike influences the mental state, causing a relaxed body system. Even though it requires little human effort to ride an electric bike, it remains a form of exercise. It also helps strengthen the cardiovascular muscle, ensuring it's in the best position.

Easy to Maintain

If you have a busy schedule but will love riding your e-bike regardless, you should consider the chainless electric bikes. It is easy to maintain and more cost-effective. You do not need to spend excess money on maintenance tools or time to clean up a messy e-bike. It is even better to ride the triple sensor pedal assist from Honbike. It was built with simple components which are easy to disassemble and clean.

Easy to Ride

People often complain about body pains while riding a traditional bike, but this does not surface with an electric bike. Today, most electric bike designs are built with more minor complex features. Many have pedal-assist, which provides support while riding. Hence, the body joints feel less strain as you go on a smooth ride. It also helps people ride for a long time without experiencing body pains or aches.

They are Better Alternatives to Vehicles

It is high time you consider electric bikes if you have always been stuck with vehicles. Vehicles are less flexible, unlike chainless e-bikes. If your electric bike is chainless and foldable, you can create a mini space for it at your workplace. Since it is cheaper, chainless electric bikes allow riders to divide their routes. You can cover the initial distance with a vehicle, placing your chainless e-bike inside it. After some time, finish the journey with your electric bike. They are also quick for running errands, such as visiting a grocery store or a mini picnic gathering. It is more comfortable to achieve these tasks with a portable transportation mode.

Chainless Electric Bikes are Highly Reliable

Riders can trust chainless electric bikes to cover a distance with little or no difficulty. Once you pedal the rear wheel, you only start the power needed to continue the journey. Most chainless bikes are built with carbon fiber, protecting them from absorbing dirt and moisture. Hence, you are less worried about cracks forming on the electric bike. You will spend more money replacing components when you ride chain electric bikes.

Chainless E-bikes are Noiseless

It could be annoying when electric bikes produce sound as you ride on the road. The sound is usually more intense when riding on rough terrain. Although the sound from chain e-bikes is not as pronounced as that from a vehicle, it could still be disturbing. Hence, the best option is to opt for the chainless electric bike, which produces little or no sound.

Highly Effective

Generally, electric bikes operate at a higher speed than conventional bikes. They help a rider reach a destination faster while beating the high rate of traffic in cities. Meanwhile, the chainless e-bike built by Honbike can operate at a maximum speed of 25 km per hour. This is a safe speed that many riders can cover without posing threats to their safety.

Stylish and Minimalist Design

Electric bike design is a great deal to the millennials and GenZ. Besides its alternative to fossil fuel, electric bike designs should be sleek. One of the technology languages people understand at this age is beauty. Hence, many people would opt for the sleek designs on Honbike products before considering its features. Meanwhile, most chainless bikes are usually stylish and trendy. Also, a minimal chainless bike design makes it easy to assemble each part or component.


Foldable electric bikes are the answers to transportation portability and ease. When this version of the e-bike without chains, it mainly adds to its value. Combining both features gives users added benefits, enabling them to navigate faster and with ease. Also, chainless features make folding and unfolding your electric bike easier. There is no point when you must be concerned about stains while folding your e-bike. With about 25-50% weight reduction from Honbike, compared to most foldable e-bikes, you are at the greatest advantage. Users can quickly hustle between tight traffic or congestion while commuting through their daily activities.

How to Prevent Injuries While Cycling


Cycling is one of the physical activities that are beneficial to the body. Cycling keeps you fit and healthy and it is an excellent way to be active. However, it also exposes the bike cycler to various injuries that might not be their fault. Some of these injuries include pain in the lower back, numb toes, hand injuries, knee injuries, and sometimes even shoulder pain. While you think that you might be doing everything as you are supposed to do, the pain and the injuries still occur. Well, whether you have one or more such injuries, the good thing is that you can easily prevent them all with the right approach. It all starts with a good body posture, wearing the right type and size of cycling shoes, having padded gloves, the right protective equipment, and many other things.

Cycling today is more than just a physical activity. It is the first and the only way of transportation for many people. It is a healthier and more affordable option than driving a car. In terms of health and the lasting pandemic, it is a great way to keep social distance and still get to the place you need to. It is a highly suggested alternative to all other types of transport for daily commute. And not only that, but it also improves the overall health, and greatly benefits the mind and well-being.

With all of the above mentioned, it is important to take care of the body of any physical injuries that might occur and that might prevent safe and healthy cycling.



What types of injuries can occur while cycling and how to prevent them?

As mentioned above, the injuries while cycling with an electric bike can appear even without them being your fault. So, to start, the experts suggest that the right body posture is the basis and the most essential thing when cycling. Cycling on an e-bike with bad body posture is the number one cause of cycling-related injuries.

That is why it is essential to learn more about the injuries when cycling and how to prevent them.

Lower back pain

Lower back pain is one of the most common cycling injuries. It has most definitely appeared to any cyclist, at least once in their cycling lifetime. This type of injury can appear to those who have a weak upper torso. That is because it fails to resist the force that is generated from the legs when cycling. That applies additional pressure on the lower back to work harder than it should. The first signs of such injury can present through fatigue in that particular body area.

To prevent this type of injury can easily be prevented by exercises that will strengthen the upper torso. Such exercises include cat stretches, pelvic tilts, bridges, etc. Also, it is important to mention that you should always keep your back straight when cycling on your folding E-bike. It will reduce the chances of lower back pain appearing.

Shoulder pain

Long-distance cycling and time spend on your E-bike in a certain position can result in pain in the shoulders. This type of pain occurs because of the stress that the shoulders experience, which is normal for such activity. The shoulder pain can be prevented by having a right body posture and flexing the elbows when cycling.

Numb toes

The proper and suitable gear goes a long way into having successful physical activity and enjoying it the most, without any pain. This refers to cycling too. Having comfortable shoes is essential to having an enjoyable ride, especially if you are doing long distances. Numb toes are a common physical injury that happens from long cycling and wearing inadequate cycling shoes. Most commonly, the numb toes come from tight cycling shoes. To prevent that from happening, the straps and the cleats on the cycling shoes need to be properly adjusted, and not too tight. Also, keeping the feet straight when on the pedal is a way to prevent numb toes injury.

Hand injuries

Like the lower back pain and the numb toes, hand injuries are also very common and frequent occurrences among cyclists. This type of injury can occur as numb fingers and palms. It might not be a severe injury, which makes its prevention pretty easy. To prevent such injuries, it is essential to ensure that holding the handlebars is proper. It should be done in a firm but relaxed way so that the palms do not carry and feel a lot of pressure. Another suggestion to prevent such injuries is to frequently change the position of the hands and make sure that the wrist is in a straight position.

Knee injuries

Another common injury that appears from cycling is the one that affects the knees. Some more serious knee injuries can include knee fractures that come as a result of stress on the knees. This is a situation for cyclists that ride fast and regularly. To prevent such injuries from happening, it is best to cycle on lower gears. That will reduce the stress put on the knees. Exercising the knees regularly will build some additional strength in that area and will allow the knee joints to become stronger.

Head injuries

Head injuries are the most dangerous type of injuries that a cyclist can experience while riding their E-bike. This can happen with a fall from a bike, or being hit by a moving vehicle. The best way to avoid such injuries is to cycle your folding E-bike away from the public roads, or at the lanes that are designated for cyclists. Additionally, wearing a protective helmet is a must that will prevent head injuries.

Take extra injury precautions

So now that you've seen some of the most common injuries and prevention steps, you've probably noticed a theme. Proper bike fit, stretching and training can help you prevent most of these injuries! We will explain each one in detail.

Bicycle Accessories

Buying an electric bike that fits your body can help reduce injuries. Once you've purchased the right size bike, you'll want to check components like handlebar height, seat height, and cleat positioning. This is something you can research and do yourself, but talking to an expert at your local bike shop who is already familiar with your bike's specs may be better for you than doing it yourself.

Suitable Train

Cycling requires repetitive, powerful movements. Each leg pushes independently of the other, putting a lot of pressure and pressure on each leg by picking them out individually! You must also have the proper balance and stability to support yourself on the bike. Your training routine should focus on the full range of motion of your hips, knees, and ankles. You should also focus on your core and shoulders, as they help support you and stabilize your body. Research different training programs! Many are cyclists and will accentuate these parts of your body.


Many joints reach their extreme ranges while cycling, and getting some range of motion in these areas can help you maintain proper tracking and form. Yoga, BJJ flexibility programs, and other flexibility exercises can help keep your range of motion open. CyclingTips has an article on mobility exercises to improve cycling performance that walks you through knee extension, knee flexion, hip extension, hip flexion, hip abduction, hip adduction, and side bend exercises .

Last Thought

Overall, any physical activity can be a reason for an injury. The same goes for cycling on an electric bicycle. Especially when you are in the pedal-assisted mode. But, with the proper knowledge as well as body posture, you will be able to easily prevent them. Careful cycling plays a big part in preventing injuries from happening too.

The Difference Between Chain, Belt and Shaft Drive of Electric Bikes?


In addition to chain drive and belt drive, shaft drive is also a drive system for electric bicycles. But which is the better choice?

For the uninitiated, this can be a tough choice!

In this article, we compare the unique properties of three different drive systems, and you can try to figure out which one is better for your e-bike based on their characteristics.

Chain drive

Chain drives are the most trusted and oldest drivetrains. It consists of a simple chain of links. They connect the sprockets. As a system, it exists in most bicycles and motorcycles. The sprocket is connected to the transmission output shaft and is called the driving sprocket. Also on the rear wheel is what is called a driven sprocket. Both are connected by a chain. The chain is also available in a variety of designs.

As mentioned above, chain drives are most commonly used on sport bikes, dirt bikes, cruisers and touring bikes. A chain drive is the most efficient way to transfer power from the engine to the rear wheels. During this transition, only 3% of power is lost. Chain drives are strong, which is why they are suitable for drag racing. They are also durable, which is why they are used almost exclusively on dirt-oriented motorcycles.

One of the biggest drawbacks of these chains is that they are expensive to maintain. Proper maintenance requires regular use and cleaning of the chain with lubricating oil. When you replace the chain, you also need to replace the sprocket. This increases the expense and labor involved. Chain drives are not as smooth or quiet as belts or shafts. Also, you need to align the rear wheel carefully so that the chain rolls straight on the rear sprocket.

Belt drive

Belt drives are not as common as chain drive systems. The drive includes a drive pulley towards the gearbox output shaft. The other part is the driven pulley at the wheel. The two pulleys are connected by a belt. It has teeth or grooves. The belt itself is made of a rubber-like material, making it durable. Modern belt drives are reinforced with internal drums and external Kevlar coating.

Belt drives work similarly to chains. This is the most common choice among cruisers. That's because they're quiet, smooth, and low-maintenance. Lubrication is also not required. However, the chain needs lube every few hundred miles. That way, the belt can last 15,000 to 20,000 miles, or maybe longer with an expensive Kevlar belt. Their power loss is about 11%, and it's not just a chain. Still, it's not bad.

Belt drives last longer than chains. But despite this advantage, belts are more prone to damage than chains. Pebbles stuck in the sprockets can wear down the belt and cause it to fail. This is something that never happens to a chain. It might be possible to temporarily rejoin the broken chain on the side of the road, but not with a belt. Replacing a belt is much more expensive than a chain. 


Shaft Drive 

The chainless shaft drive system is the most expensive of all other drive systems while they are also the most robust, very smooth, and require almost no type of maintenance. The shaft drive consists of a shaft connected to the gearbox output through a universal joint, which is essentially a coupling that helps to transmit rotational power at any selected angle. At the other end, the shaft is connected to the rear wheel hub by spiral bevel gears. The bevel gear rotates the direction of rotation of the shaft by 90 degrees, causing the wheels to rotate. The entire drive system is lubricated in oil and sealed to protect it from any external elements, thereby reducing maintenance. 

With the latest advancements and technological developments, shaft drives are now also available as part of e-bikes. In these respects it differs from the other two types of chains as it is 2kg heavier than the other two. This weight is necessary because it provides better power at the start of the bike. Another thing worth mentioning is that the shaft-driven components are proprietary, which means it's impossible to switch to belt or chain drive if you need to.

Shaft-drive e-bike is not common in the market, while you can find the best one at Honbike. Shaft drives is a simple and suitable option whether you are a beginner or a professional. If you are using your e-bike for sport and adventure climbing, the shaft drive is very handy. It's also great for rough riding. As for other features, the shaft drive is very quiet and easy to operate. While the shaft drive may be more expensive, it is the best option for enjoying and having the best experience riding an e-bike. The technology has moved forward, bringing shaft-driven e-bikes into focus. While they may not be as common today, trends certainly suggest that shaft drives will dominate the rest, ensuring the convenience and simplicity of the e-bike riding experience.