Major Misconceptions about Foldable Electric Bikes

Major Misconceptions about Foldable Electric Bikes

Folding e-bikes is an electrically powered bike model launched into the modern system. It is highly flexible and aids users' mobility. However, some misconceptions surround foldable electric bikes, leaving potential users in utter confusion. This article highlights the significant misconceptions and states the right information about foldable electric bike.

They are Time-Consuming and Difficult to Maintain

There are wrong misconceptions surrounding folding e-bike maintenance. Meanwhile, they are easy to clean and maintain for a long time. You will implement the exact cleaning procedure as in a regular bike. The only exception will be for chain e-bikes. However, it is not as intensive as many people assume it to be. Foldable e-bike maintenance also depends on its usage level. The extra maintenance you will include in an e-bike is caring for the battery. Since traditional bikes lack batteries, you will not need to worry about it. However, your e-bike brand manufacturer will include a guide or care sheet that allows you to care for your e-bike's battery easily. At Honbike, you can get the best foldable e-bike with no chains, you will get rid of bike chain problem, also we offer every rider with 40000 KM+ maintenance free service, allowing users to ride with no fuss.


Foldable E-bikes are not Easy to Move Around

The foldable e-bike is a result of innovative engineering in the transportation sector. It is one of the leading solutions to heavy modes of transportation. An e-bike has more weight than regular bikes due to the motor and battery components. However, this does not entirely apply to fordable e-bikes. Engineers designed it so well for users to clamp the parts together. Foldable e-bikes are much more flexible if you buy the Honbike product, with only 57 parts, it reduces the e-bike's usual weight to about 30%. Generally, an e-bike's weight is not much of a deal to riders, especially when climbing uphill.


Folding E-bikes Break Easily

Some potential users believe there is a high tendency to break electric bikes while folding them. Meanwhile, e-bikes are built with solid components that are highly durable. Although the hinge and joints are the weakest part of an e-bike, the proficiency of your e-bike manufacturer would also determine its durability. Hence, judging a bike's shelf life based on hearsay is not enough. You need to understand that other factors contribute to an e-bike's durability.

Contrary to popular opinion, folding e-bikes improve durability more than regular ones. Since there is no extra weight on the hinge and joint regions, there is less burden on the electric bicycle. Based on this, foldable e-bikes have much more strength than regular e-bikes on the road. Another factor that may contribute to your e-bike's durability is price. If you pay for your e-bike at a low cost, you may not enjoy the bike as much as you should, although nothing lasts forever. As for Honbike HF01, we use Monotork clean shaft drive system on this folding electric bicycle.


Folding E-bikes are not Fast

Another misconception about folding e-bikes is that they are slow due to their heavy weight. In terms of speed, electric bikes have greater measures than regular bikes. However, a bike with the perfect gear can ride up to 25 km/h. Products from Honbike can ride at this speed, which is also the limited range for most countries. If you are experiencing any lag with the e-bike speed, you can fix this from the engine. Also, you may need some time to adjust to your electric motor to ride at a reasonable pace.

Foldable E-bikes are Expensive

This notion cannot be discarded compared to other misconceptions. Foldable e-bikes are fancy designs with technicality invested into their production. However, foldable e-bikes are not as expensive as many luxury cars. Nevertheless, you do not need to freak out while purchasing an e-bike. Make sure to compare the available market prices, as you will still select an e-bike that meets your needs. A brand like Honbike has several e-bike models with different price tags. This allows people with various financial capacities to own an e-bike. You can even choose to rent an e-bike from your local supplier. There is a higher rate of e-bike renting than vehicle renting, so investing in e-bikes is always worth it.

Foldable E-bikes are Illegal

This is a wrong notion about electric bikes. The government and transportation agencies are promoting the use of electric bicycles among residents. One of the measures put in place is the establishment of charging centers. This allows users to recharge their batteries without staying in long queues. Although not every country has adopted e-bikes, China, the UK, Canada, and many other European countries have a high record of e-bike users. However, the countries that legalize e-bikes have specific regulations users must obey. These regulations are implemented to minimize accident rates and increase safety. Meanwhile, Honbike products are built according to European rules, which also apply to many other countries. A foldable e-bike is highly legal, and even a top recommended e-bike model, among many others.

Foldable E-bikes Cannot be Ridden Under the Rain

You are at a greater advantage if you ride a waterproof e-bike. It may not be safe to put your e-bike under harsh weather, but it adapts better than most traditional bikes. However, it would help if you were extra careful with a chain e-bike. It could cause much splashing on the rider's body. Also, a chain e-bike exposed to wetness is at a higher risk of wearing out. You can substitute a chain e-bike with a shaft-drive foldable model from Honbike.


Understanding the misconceptions about foldable e-bikes will help you make the best buying decision. You have facts about the electrically powered bike and can decide if it is the best choice for you. However, foldable e-bikes are highly recommended for commuting daily. They are fast, easy to maintain and promote weight loss. If you have the right mindset, you will realize the vast benefits e-bikes have to offer.


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