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Das Uni4 versucht, wie schon der Name andeutet, ein Bike für jede und jeden zu sein. Durch das abfallende Oberrohr ordne ich das E-Bike irgendwo zwischen einem klassischen Diamantrahmen und einem Trapezrahmen ein. Das E-Bike ist mit 27,5″ Bereifung und einer standardisierten Rahmengröße auf den universellen Einsatz ausgelegt.

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Smooth-riding, light on maintenance and very nice to look at, the Uni4. gets you a touch of the unusual.

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Vanguardista, cómoda y sencilla: así es la Uni4. que hemos probado durante las últimas semanas.

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The Uni4 is for anyone looking for a stylish, minimalist, low-maintenance urban E-bike with a high fun factor at a decent price.

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The Uni4. | Long Range Belt Drive Electric Commuter Bike is unique both in design and just how it looks. Its use of a belt instead of a chain is a first for me, but I must say that the ride is very smooth and if the belt holds up I might actually prefer it to a chain.

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Uni4. have gone above and beyond when it comes to maintaining the minimalist design of the Uni4. Not only is it chainless thanks to its Gates Carbon Belt Drive, but Uni4. have hidden several features to optimise the look of the bike.

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The multiple award-winning Honbike is just about as steep of a departure from typical electric bicycles as I can find. Having tested hundreds of different e-bikes, the Uni4. is unique in so many different ways that it marks a refreshing new entry to the market. 

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The new UNI4. 20″ folding commuter e-bike looks a bit like a concept bike. It has no externally visible drivetrain, motor or battery, plus sleek integrated lighting, a flush integrated computer display, and one-sided rear swingarm and matching fork.



UNI4.’s new award-winning electric folding bike, the UNI4. E-BIKE, solves several of these problems in one go: its lightweight frame is easy to ride or carry, and the bike is powered by a rechargeable 250W motor. 

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The Uni4. is built around an eye-catching minimalist frame comprising just three 7,000-series aluminum tubes angled for mid-step accessibility to riders between 5.25 and 6.2 ft (1.6 - 1.9 m) in height – who adopt a comfortable upright riding stance. 

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Every detail counts on the Uni4. and the e-Bike specialists have applied through exel design on the front fork, which removes the risk of a wheel falling out, combined with one-piece TRU magnesium wheel design ensures solid shock-absorption performance, even on trails.

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We Tried It

The Uni4. HF01 eBike is an interesting bike. It’s lightweight, has a super unique design, and is even foldable. But it gets even more unique as you examine it closer: it doesn’t have a traditional bike chain. 

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Electric Ride LAB

You can’t get it wrong with Uni4. ebikes. They are affordable, powerful, lightweight, and easy to use. Plus, Uni4. electric bikes are super easy to carry around. This is because their tubes are not as bulky as other electric bikes.  

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Honest Brand Reviews

For this brand, it's all about the journey and making it as stress-free as possible. That means equipping its e-bikes with everything you need and nothing you don't. 

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Discerning Cyclist

In terms of design, the Uni4. might well be the ultimate commuter e-bike. It has a sleek minimalist design, tonnes of handy features, weights just 20kg (44lb) and have a mammoth range of up to 100km (62 miles)

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Im Praxistest macht das Uni4. auf Anhieb einen soliden Eindruck. Es beschleunigt angenehm und verzichtet bei jeglichem Umschalten zwischen den Unterstützungsstufen auf sprunghafte Schübe durch seinen Hinterradnabenmotor.

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Das Uni4. U4 gehört definitiv zu den E-Bikes, die man so nicht an jeder Ecke findet. Das Design ist puristisch-elegant, ohne jedoch effekthascherisch zu sein.

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