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Electric Bike Rules 2022 in the UK

Electric Bike Rules 2022 in the UK

E-bikes have become extremely popular nowadays. The practicality and the convenience they provide for the city commute as well as the health benefits have put electric...

Electric Bike Rules 2022 in the UK

Electric Bike Rules 2022 in the UK

E-bikes have become extremely popular nowadays. The practicality and the convenience they provide for the city commute as well as the health benefits have put electric bicycles the most demanded vehicle. Moreover, with the appearance of the pandemic and the restrictions that required social distancing, many people saw the this device as a wonderful opportunity to make some significant changes in the way they used to travel to work. The health and the physical activity came first, and the e-bike was all about that – providing convenience and a much healthier option for all different age groups.

Riding an electric bike is truly a fantastic and unique experience. Generally speaking, an e-bike is a bit different from a regular bike because of the modes it has. The rider can enjoy the ride as a regular bike, by physically moving the pedals. The other great thing is the motor-assisted mode, which means that the e-bike is powered by a motor and battery while you pedalling. This is especially convenient when it comes to climbing a hill or if some rough terrain requires some physical strength.

However, riding an e-bike does require a few rules and regulations. Electric bikes are part of transportation and should be ridden in the lanes provided by bikes. Riders must wear helmets, and there are many other things that need to be followed to ensure the safety of riders and other traffic participants. In the UK, there are laws and regulations that apply to e-bikes.


Is it legal to ride an E-bike in the UK?

Most E-bikes (known also as EAPCs – electrically assisted pedal bikes) are legal for use in the UK. They are also treated as ordinary push bikes. However, there are some regulations and stipulations that must be followed such as:

  • The rider of the E-bike in the UK must be over the age of 14;
  • The electric bike in question must have pedals;
  • The motor of the electric bicycle must not exceed 250W;
  • The e-bike itself must not go faster than 15.5mph which is equal to 25km per hour.

What about E-bikes that are not EAPCs?

According to the UK government, any e-bike that does not meet the above specifications and exceeds 25 km/h (15.5 mph) is classified as a moped or motorcycle. That means that it must be registered, insured, taxed and the rider must carry a driving license. Additionally, riders are legally obligated to wear helmets when driving on public roads.

In cases when the motor of the electric bike can be activated without pedaling, then it also fails to meet the EAPC standards. For example, an electric scooter is classified as Personal Light Electric Vehicles (PLEV). As such, it is illegal to use it on public highways and pavements in the UK.

Who can ride an E-bike?

Here are more details on who is allowed to ride an E-bike in the UK:

  • Those who live in Scotland, England, or Wales, must be over 14 years old to ride an e-bike;
  • These same countries do not require taxation, registration, or insurance of the electric bike;
  • The same countries do not require a license to ride an E-bike.
  • Those who live in Northern Ireland must have a moped license to ride an ebike;
  • Those who live in Northern Ireland must have their E-bike registered, taxed, and insured.

General regulations

So, if the bike and the E-bike riders meet this criterion, then, they fall and can be held accountable for the same rules that apply to the traditional bike. The following regulations that apply are:

  • Cycling at night must be done with a working front white light and a rear red light. The bike should also have reflectors fitted to the e-bike;
  • Both the brakes (front and the rear) must be working and in good condition;
  • E-bikes must not be ridden under the influence of drugs or alcohol;
  • The e-bike must be ridden carefully and safely, taking into consideration all the other road users;
  • The electric bikes should be ridden on the designated cycling path/road, followed by the regular road rules as well as traffic lights;
  • No passengers are allowed on an electric bicycle unless the e-bike has been adapted for it;
  • Holding onto a moving motor vehicle or trailer with your e-bike is forbidden.

Are throttles on E-bike Legal?

The "twist and go" throttle is not considered legal in the UK. It is a part that allows the bike to go more than the walking pace (4mph) without pedal assistance. In such cases, the vehicle is classified as a motorbike and must be registered with the DVLA, and be taxed and insured like the other vehicles.

Starting from January 1, 2016, the only throttles that have been legal within the UK’s EAPC legislation are the ones that assist the rider without pedaling up to a speed of 6 km/h which equals 3.7 mph. If the rider here is rolling, and not pedaling, but going over 6 km/h, the throttle cuts off. If the rider pedals at the same time, the throttle can assist up to 25 km/h or 15.5 mph.

The bikes sold before January 1, 2016, are still considered to be EAPC certified. That means that they do not require registration or taxation.

What about Honbike UK?

Honbike has always been actively expanding the global market, the company has incorporated the legality of electric bicycles into product design from the beginning of its entry into the European market. Therefore, ChainFree One is not equipped with high-power motors and throttles, while you will enjoy an easy and safe riding experience with the brand's patented shaft drive and smart drive technology. In addition, Honbike ChainFree One comes with only 57 parts and features foldable design, which is easy to carry and easy to assembly.


In general, the UK does not have strict rules when it comes to riding an e-bike. It is treated similarly to the regular bike. In those terms, getting an electric bicycle is one of the best investments that you can do for yourself. If you are looking for a high-quality electric bikes, look no further than Honbike. The brand offers quality chainless & folding e-bikes, all produced in strict accordance with the European power and speed which is in full regulation with the European requirements in this area.

Get your E-bike today, and get out on the streets of the UK! Drive safely and enjoy the ride with Honbike!

All You Need to Know About Chainless E-bike


As technology advances, there is a greater possibility for a bright future with cycling. Electric bikes are modifying the transportation modes in society. They are upgrading people’s mobility, providing the right solution to the high congestion rate in cities. Governments have also shown support for the usage of electric bikes. This is evident from the establishment of charging ports in many commercial areas. The Honbike HF01 is an excellent model that addresses the setbacks in traditional e-bike drives, with the company’s patented shaft drive system, it is safe to say that a chain-free electric bike is part of the smart future humans anticipated.



What is a Chainless Electric Bike?

The motor drive system is categorized as either belt, chain, or shaft drive. Meanwhile, shaft and belts drives are mostly chain free because the machine uses a chain alternative to drive the rear wheel. The chainless system usually has cogs that connect the components. It is gradually becoming a standard technology in electric bicycles. Honbike, an updated company on innovations, has several models built in the chainless system. The professional manufacturers work closely with researchers to identify the current needs in society. Apart from the chainless drive innovations, folding e-bike’s have also come to stay. It has become much easier for workers to take their e-bikes to the office.

The Principles of a Chainless E-bike

Since the chainless version of the e-bike is growing among many users today, it is expected you are curious about its mode of operation. The original concept of the chainless e-bike is to boost the structure of a traditional bicycle. The traditional bicycles have cranks at the bicycle’s axle and front wheel. Through these cranks, the machine converts kinetic energy into electrical energy. Traditional bikes also have saddles at the arm region, while chain-free has their harness at the upper oblique area. This reduces the center of gravity and ensures a smooth riding experience.

The chainless e-bike has an electric control unit, shortened as the ECU. This unit cooperates with the bike’s sensors to ensure a rider is convenient on rough terrain. Hence, a chainfree e-bike is compatible with rough roads, which is uncommon with traditional e-bikes. The energy output is consistent with the electric bike through the automatic gear changer. Meanwhile, lithium battery serves as storage for the electric energy utilized during the ride. Also, the motor converts the rear wheel to electric power during the ride.

Conventional E-bike Vs. Chainfree E-bike

A typical electric bicycle consists of wheels, pedals, handlebars, frames, and chains. However, a chain is gradually becoming a traditional component. Only a few companies have sustained a chain-free drive, including Honbike. The company has proved that e-bike provides a stress-free and reliable riding experience to their owners. More so, chain-free e-bike’s have lubrication oil that reduces wear and tear during movement. This also increases longevity and low maintenance requirements.

The new chain-free system is similar to the conventional arrangement. However, it does not have a toothed disc connecting a chain to the rear wheel. Since there are no chains, how does the drive activate the bike’s wheel? The drive generator is equipped with quality components capable of generating adequate electric current while pedaling.

Benefits of a Chainless Bike

A chainless e-bike provides a lot of advantages to the commuting system. Firstly, riders will spend lesser time and money on the repair since the system does not wear out quickly. Meanwhile, repairing a chain system requires hard work from most workshops. The repair process of a chain system is quite messy, with the grease staining several parts of the e-bike.

Chain Free Bikes are Mechanically Simple

A chainless e-bike is easier to modify and configure into new shapes or designs in production and innovations. Over the years, Honbike has successfully created several models or products of the chain-free electric bicycle. More so, this allows manufacturers to develop more e-bikes with multiple wheels. Pedaling is also much easier with a chainless e-bike, as you also get to charge your battery while in motion.

Chain bikes have complex components, especially while aligning the drive system with the rear gear. There is no need to construct moving parts in chain-free bikes or try to ascertain rolls and stretches. Although it requires professionalism and hard work, the production method is done in one loop. On the other hand, chain-free bikes get more complex when internal gear hubs are added to the drive system. These traits are relieved in the quality products manufactured by the Honbike company.

Lesser Fuss

Chainless bikes are not prone to constant wear and tear like chain bikes. If the bike has a belt drive, you can be sure the cog and chainring will have the same durability as the belt. Since the cogs are in good condition, the bike will function appropriately, except there is a need for repair. It is rare to repair a belt-drive, which only implies a lower loss efficiency over a long period.

Chainless bikes have a straight driveline than chain electric bikes. You can identify this line in the space between your rear cog and front chainring. The driveline remains straight because no movement occurs in the cogs while riding. All shifts or motions take place in a gearbox. Contrary to a chain drive, chain-free does not cause excess energy loss.

Easy to Store and Lower Noise

There is so much convenience with chain-free e-bikes, especially foldable ones. A chainless e-bike usually has less weighty than electric bikes with chains. Since this version of the e-bike has longer durability, its lightweight is a plus for every user. You can quickly move it around for as long as you ride a chainless e-bike.

There is beauty in riding your e-bike without causing noise in the environment. Bike chains make a rattle noise while riding along the road. This can be disturbing and unpleasant to society. A chainless bike also gives a user some sense of privacy. Although a chain bike does not produce as awful noise as parties, the difference is still evident in chainless bikes. If you want a quiet cycling experience, even on sandy ground, choose a chainless e-bike.

Easy Maintenance

It is clear that removing an element that requires a lot of maintenance from a traditional bicycle means that there is one less thing to worry about. While Honbike HF01 is made of die cast manufacturing, which enhances the strength and is more commonly found in automotive, aviation, and high-speed electric motor manufacturing. Moreover, the brand offers a 40,000 KM maintenance-free service, realizing the real sense of “ No Chain, No Fuss”.


The combination of foldable, electric and chainless makes HF01 unlike anything else you've ever seen - it's the best e-bike with all of these features. If you are interested, explore more information here.

Everything You Need to Know About Shaft Drive E-Bike


A shaft-driven bicycle is a bike that uses a drive shaft instead of a chain to transmit power from the pedals to the wheel. Shaft drives were introduced over a century ago, but were mostly supplanted by chain-driven bicycles due to the gear ranges possible with sprockets and derailleurs. While shaft driven bikes may appear uncommon, the Honbike design is a product of innovation, aiming to provide a stress-free riding experience. Discover more about shaft drive bikes.



What is a Shaft Drive Bike?

Shaft drives are commonly found in the automotive industry and industrial applications. Trucks were the typical host until it was applied to electric bikes. The shaft drive system uses an aluminum case that houses a shaft with bevel gears on each end, The power from the pedals is transferred through the shaft and gears to then turn the wheel of the ebike. As it is sealed from the elements it features a longer lifespan for improved durability, no skipping gears or broken chains.

Traditional Drive Shaft VS Honbike Shaft Drive

Dating back to the 1800s, the traditional drive shaft was widely used, but with gears exposed outside the shell and not fully sealed; Water, dirt, sand, and other debris can easily enter the transmission system, damaging the gears, requiring frequent maintenance, cleaning and repair. This, along with gears needing realignment made the shaft drive less popular.


The Honbike drive shaft shell, designed to seal out the elements, also integrates into the bikes frame. This specially designed integration takes the mechanical pressures (compression, shear and torsion) off the wheel and drive shaft gears, leaving the gears to only bear the torque of the spinning shaft. The gears are now less prone to deformation over time, which affects transmission efficiency and makes a shaft drive more durable with greater accuracy and reliability than traditional systems.

Just like many electric vehicles are getting rid of traditional gearboxes and clutches, we introduce our shaft drive technology into electric bicycles, using an electric motor and various sensors to enable intelligent speed and torque management.

Why You Should Consider a Honbike Shaft Drive Bike

Shaft drive bikes are known for their durability, longevity, and cleanliness. Because the shaft is self-contained, it rarely ever needs maintenance itself. The shaft system adds rigidity the to the swing arm on the rear frame, providing increased handling and stability, while the absence of contaminants means the system runs cleaner than chain driven models that pick up grit and grime.

Shaft drive bikes produce little or no noise compared with counterparts because the machined parts are manufactured with great precision. Also, this reduces any shift in gear position that may occur while riding.

Although shaft drive e-bikes seem more expensive, you could end up spending more on-chain driven bike maintenance in the long run.  

The Specialty of the Shaft Drive Bike

As technology keeps improving, so do shaft drive features. Today, many electric bikes do not have a shaft drive, making it a big deal to find one. However, chainless e-bikes are forever special, serving distinct purposes. The shaft drive works with bevel gears instead of  regular cog gears.


This guide is incomplete without acknowledging the negative comments that have been tagged with shaft drive e-bikes. However, the value a user gets from Honbike products, including the chainless e-bikes, is compared to none. Reputable e-bike manufacturing companies work tirelessly to produce high-power & long-range electric bicycles, while Honbike focuses on the safety and comfort of riding, with foldable design & maintenance free service, Honbike shaft-drive e-bike, easy to ride, easy to live with.