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Honbike HF01: Ride the Future with Chainless E-bike


Bikes with no chains are the trending model in the latest electric bike cycle, they also exist as the new generation drive system.

The production of chainless e-bikes puts the technical innovation of manufacturers to the test, while Honbike HF01 has proven to be one of the best. This article further describes the main features of this award-winning chainless e-bike.



Patented Shaft Drive System

Taking inspiration from the automotive world, Honbike rejected conventional exposed mechanisms and invented a durable single-arm gear transmission. Two sets of bevel gears mesh precisely, transferring energy from the shaft drive to power the rear wheel. Sealed within an aluminium shell, it is untroubled by dirt, dust, and the elements.

Unlike chain and sprocket propulsion, there is no slipping or loosening. Honbike’s smooth and highly efficient pedal power transmission is precise and consistent. Riders don’t have to worry about snags or chain grease ruining their outfits either.

Based on industry maintenance and replacement cycle recommendations, riders will make lifetime maintenance savings of at least £1,500 versus conventional chain-drive systems.

Smart Drive

HF01 intelligently detects and adjusts to different terrains. When its gyroscopes detect a slope, its CPU applies more power. Always in tune with the rider, there are no jolts, just effortless smooth riding.

Besides, the same responsive gyroscope and sensor technology reacts to acute cornering angles, cutting power if the bike tilts too much (+30°), giving the rider full control.

HF01’s flush handlebar houses a reflective strip to complement the integrated front and rear LED lights. Its wheels and tyres have reflectors too for visibility and safety, while the ergonomic brake levers hinge at each end of the handlebars. This prevents annoying snagging or more serious gouging in a collision.

Control Panels and Pedal Sensor Set

The control panels designed by Honbike are user-friendly and easy to operate. The control panel is where riders monitor the electric bike's input. It is also a feature where users power on/off the electric bike, control the speed and identify the remaining current level. The pedal sensor set consists of a sensor and a disk. The pedal sensor is responsible for sending a signal to the control panel, connecting the two features. The disk also moves whenever the bike is in motion or a cycling position.


E-bike Side Stand

Honbike built a side stand that supports the weight of an electric bike. It allows you to park your e-bike with little or no difficulty. Many of these side stands have DIY attributes that users can employ themselves. When your electric bike is loaded with a heavy lithium battery, you need the side stand as support. However, most modern e-bikes are built with lead-acid batteries. They are more efficient and light-weighted. A side stand is a plus feature with the strong wheels designed in shaft drive e-bikes. Nevertheless, it is an essential feature of an e-bike.

Built-in Gyroscope

The primary purpose of the gyroscope is to ensure an electric bike is well balanced while riding. It provides a power assistance level that eases a turning process. A shaft drive e-bike tends to be subject to the forces of gravity and weigh down the rider. Fortunately, this situation is prevented as the bike adjusts itself to the rider's comfort. Hence, every operation in the Honbike shaft drive is electrically induced. A user needs no manual input to keep the features in order or process.

Quick Folding Capability

HF01 can be folded simply in less than 15 seconds. One hinge at the handle stem and one hinge on the frame. The seat easily adjusts up and down with the twist of our Butterfly Lock©. And the pedals fold too. When it’s curled up, it fits neatly in car boots, cupboards or RV’s and Honbike easily travels by train too.

Besides, some countries have regulations guiding where and how to ride your electric bike. For instance, there are speeds you must not go beyond and terrains you cannot ride on. In this case, a foldable e-bike makes it easy to comply with the rules. You can fold it up where you know cycling is not allowed, like a walkway. Within 15 seconds, riders can pack their foldable e-bikes. You can check your user's manual for a guide on achieving a perfect folded e-bike.

Removable Battery Design

The battery design of this shaft drive bicycle increases charging flexibility. You can easily remove it and locate a charging port center in your area. Since many of these bikes have dual batteries, you will less likely run out of power. The batteries are also light, as you can put them in your backpack while moving on with your daily routine. However, it is always best to put your battery in ideal environmental conditions. For instance, store your battery in a warm place and install charging ports in your garage. This will improve your battery's durability and prevent you from overspending on e-bike repair.

Unique Battery Keyhole

Lastly, as a winner of 4 unique design awards, it’s no surprise the team at Honbike extended this attention to include the battery keyhole. There is an automatic sealing sheet inside the battery keyhole. After the key is pulled out, the battery seals itself thanks to the expert engineering put into this component. 


Honbike is committed to creating e-bikes that fit into your everyday life and reduce stress levels. Although HF01 is equipped with many technological innovations, it always runs through the concept of bringing users safe and easy riding. As e-bikes become more popular in cities, the simplicity and ease of use of e-bikes guarantees a mentality after a long day at work. As a chainless electric bike that requires little care and maintenance, it may be the best choice for urban commuting in the future. 

Honbike Tech | What Is A Shaft Drive System?


What Is A Shaft Drive System?

  • The driveshaft is a spinning tube with connectors called yolks, that transmits power from an engine to the wheels of a vehicle.
  • Driveshafts are widely used in the automotive industry due to the ability to consistently transfer large amounts of spinning power (torque) from an engine to the wheels which allows the vehicle to move. Without the power (torque) transfer between the separate components, you cannot move forward.
  • To propel a bicycle, the engine is replaced with a crankshaft powered by human pedal power; the torque or power is transferred through the driveshaft to the wheel propelling the bike forward. Combined with an electric motor, you get a shaft drive ebike.

Why Use A Shaft Drive on An Ebike?

  • Shaft drives operate at a consistent rate of efficiency and performance without regular adjustments or maintenance required. An enclosed drive system provides several benefits:
    Safety: No danger of clothing or fingers being trapped in the enclosed gears.
    Cleanliness: Gears cannot get grease on hands or clothing.
    Longevity: Gears deliver stable performance for long periods of time.
    Reduced maintenance and repair: Gears are less susceptible to damage and require less adjustment or cleaning.

The Traditional Bike Shaft Drive System

While traditional drive shafts have been used on bicycles since the late 1800’s, the application to bicycles hasn't been easy and has proven unsuccessful and unsustainable due to two main defects that Honbike has eliminated with its patented shaft drive technology.

1. The gears of the traditional shaft drive system are exposed outside the shell and are not fully sealed. Water, dirt, sand, and other debris can easily enter the transmission system, destroying the lubrication and damaging the gears, requiring frequent maintenance, cleaning and repair.

2. The traditional two-sided support shaft drive system lacks stability.The connection between the traditional shaft drive and the rear hub gear is fixed by screws which constantly need to be adjusted to ensure the precision of the gear meshing (ie; aligning the two gear faces to fit into each other at perfect angles, suggest that maybe we can have an image showing the correct gear meshing and wrong gear meshing. Also, it will be useful to show what the two sides of a shaft drive of a bicycle are)

After riding for a certain period of time, the gears on the hub will move forward and backward, which causes the transmission to loose its precision, the gap between the gears will increase or decrease, abnormal noises can be heard as the gears mesh together and in severe cases, dislocation or jamming of the gears may occur.

If this happens, the rider will be “stepping on air” like when you step off a curb that you misjudged the distance of (We’ve all been there) or the gears become stuck - this increases risk of injury.

Honbike Shaft Drive System

  • The driveshaft shell, initially designed to seal out the elements, is integrated as part of the bikes frame. This specially designed shell and frame integration takes the mechanical pressures (compression, shear and torsion) off the wheel leaving only the internal gears to bear the torque of the spinning shaft. Unlike traditional shaft-driven gears, HONBIKE’s gears only need to withstand the rotational torque. This makes the gears less prone to deformation over a long period of operation, which affects the transmission efficiency and makes them more durable with greater accuracy and reliability.
  • Just like many electric vehicles are getting rid of traditional gearboxes and clutches, we introduce our shaft drive technology into electric bicycles, using an electric motor and various sensors to enable intelligent speed and torque management.

Everything You Need to Know About Shaft Drive E-Bike


A shaft-driven bicycle is a bike that uses a drive shaft instead of a chain to transmit power from the pedals to the wheel. Shaft drives were introduced over a century ago, but were mostly supplanted by chain-driven bicycles due to the gear ranges possible with sprockets and derailleurs. While shaft driven bikes may appear uncommon, the Honbike design is a product of innovation, aiming to provide a stress-free riding experience. Discover more about shaft drive bikes.



What is a Shaft Drive Bike?

Shaft drives are commonly found in the automotive industry and industrial applications. Trucks were the typical host until it was applied to electric bikes. The shaft drive system uses an aluminum case that houses a shaft with bevel gears on each end, The power from the pedals is transferred through the shaft and gears to then turn the wheel of the ebike. As it is sealed from the elements it features a longer lifespan for improved durability, no skipping gears or broken chains.

Traditional Drive Shaft VS Honbike Shaft Drive

Dating back to the 1800s, the traditional drive shaft was widely used, but with gears exposed outside the shell and not fully sealed; Water, dirt, sand, and other debris can easily enter the transmission system, damaging the gears, requiring frequent maintenance, cleaning and repair. This, along with gears needing realignment made the shaft drive less popular.


The Honbike drive shaft shell, designed to seal out the elements, also integrates into the bikes frame. This specially designed integration takes the mechanical pressures (compression, shear and torsion) off the wheel and drive shaft gears, leaving the gears to only bear the torque of the spinning shaft. The gears are now less prone to deformation over time, which affects transmission efficiency and makes a shaft drive more durable with greater accuracy and reliability than traditional systems.

Just like many electric vehicles are getting rid of traditional gearboxes and clutches, we introduce our shaft drive technology into electric bicycles, using an electric motor and various sensors to enable intelligent speed and torque management.

Why You Should Consider a Honbike Shaft Drive Bike

Shaft drive bikes are known for their durability, longevity, and cleanliness. Because the shaft is self-contained, it rarely ever needs maintenance itself. The shaft system adds rigidity the to the swing arm on the rear frame, providing increased handling and stability, while the absence of contaminants means the system runs cleaner than chain driven models that pick up grit and grime.

Shaft drive bikes produce little or no noise compared with counterparts because the machined parts are manufactured with great precision. Also, this reduces any shift in gear position that may occur while riding.

Although shaft drive e-bikes seem more expensive, you could end up spending more on-chain driven bike maintenance in the long run.  

The Specialty of the Shaft Drive Bike

As technology keeps improving, so do shaft drive features. Today, many electric bikes do not have a shaft drive, making it a big deal to find one. However, chainless e-bikes are forever special, serving distinct purposes. The shaft drive works with bevel gears instead of  regular cog gears.


This guide is incomplete without acknowledging the negative comments that have been tagged with shaft drive e-bikes. However, the value a user gets from Honbike products, including the chainless e-bikes, is compared to none. Reputable e-bike manufacturing companies work tirelessly to produce high-power & long-range electric bicycles, while Honbike focuses on the safety and comfort of riding, with foldable design & maintenance free service, Honbike shaft-drive e-bike, easy to ride, easy to live with.