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One Week, No Car: Explore the Joy of Electric Bike


E-bikes are becoming popular as more people are willing to spend time outside and boost health and fitness conditions. From the moment they appeared on the market as an upgraded version of the traditional bike, the electric bikes are enjoying such a demand that everyone wants to own one. And that is quite understandable. The electric bicycle is different than the traditional bike in a few ways, making it even more interesting for those who are willing to give it a try.


E-bikes have lots of options to choose from. However, the one thing that everyone is acknowledging is great for this type of bike are the modes. No matter if you have a folding e-bike, a cruiser, or any other models, each comes in two modes: pedal-assisted mode and motor-assisted mode. And switching through them is quite interesting and beneficial to the rider.



Owning an electric bicycle as part of the lifestyle carries a lot of benefits to the rider. Starting just as a transportation option, the E-bike is a much more convenient solution than the car. Not only that you will save money, but you will do something good for yourself. You will be moving more, spending time outdoors, and getting to the place you want faster.


To support and encourage people to make this necessary change in their life and lifestyle, Honbike has offered test ride activity for all e-bike lovers. It is one of a kind approach that will inspire and motivate all of you to get moving and to see the benefits of riding an e-bike instead of being stuck in a car. And all of that happening in a week. If you were wondering what is there to do with an E-bike for the entire week, here are some suggestions that might set your mind straight on all the benefits of riding an electric bike.


Things to do with your e-bike for a week

Go to and back from work

Unless you are working from home, you certainly commute daily to and from work. If you were doing that by car, now is the right time to switch to the E-bike. As mentioned above, riding electric bikes has a lot more benefitsthan being stuck in a car. Not only you will get faster to work, but you will also avoid traffic jams. Enjoying some time outside, and feeling the breeze on your face cannot compare to being in the car. You will become more relaxed and you will have a better mood. Look at the daily commute as time for yourself. If you do not have time to exercise, cycling is a great way to change that. Doing that while going to and back from work has great health benefits. Once you see all the good sides to it, you will never want to get back in the car.


Run errands

If you thought that running errands are only possible with your car, you have got it wrong. Being on the electric bike is a much more convenient solution than doing that with the car. For example, the city centers are crowded with cars and there are not so many parking options there. Finding a free space is a truly challenging thing. However, that is not the case with the E-bike. You can park it almost everywhere and not worry whether you will get a parking ticket. Whether you have to stop by the bank or the market, it always makes all of that easier for you. Also, if you have weekly fitness sessions, or you are learning a new language in the afternoon, riding the electric bike instead of the car is just what you need.


Explore the beauties of your city

Driving a car requires using the same roads and having the same scenery for quite a long time. But when you are riding an electric bicycle, it is a completely different story. The E-bike offers a new perspective of the city or town you live in or work in. Also, you do not have to follow the same road to get to the desired destination. On the contrary, it opens lots of more different options and possibilities. The change of scenery greatly affects the overall mood and well-being. Also, touring the city with an E-bike is much more convenient than with a car. So, if you want to feel like a tourist in your city or town, get on your E-bike and explore some places you might have never seen.


Organize a group E-biking with your friends

Instead of doing the same old coffee routine and going to the same cafe with your friends, try something different. Organize your friends for a group cycling activity. Go to some park or explore some biking trails that you have never done before. While there, do a picnic or have lunch at a spot that you never knew existed. Being out in nature has great benefits to the health. Support and inspire the others to do that and suggest that becomes your weekend or at least monthly routine. You will bond on an entirely new level and feel absolutely great.

Join Our Test Ride

These are just some of the suggestions that you can do in a week if you swap your car with an E-bike. If you are ready to explore the joys of electric bikes, then be sure to check out and apply for the Honbike test ride activity. You will get the chance to experience the beauty with our newly launched HF01 chainless e-bike. Head to the link here and fill out the quick form.

Germany Electric Bike Laws 2022 | All You Need to Know

Germany Electric Bike Laws 2022 | All You Need to Know

Cycling is one of the most popular modes of commuting in Germany, as in most other European countries. Not only is it a healthier way to travel, it's faster. Cycling saves money and time, and it's also great for your health. Best of all, it's an eco-friendly option for traveling and getting around.

European Union Legislation

Legislation within the EU results in a fairly uniform approach to handling PEV and E-Bike laws within most countries in Europe. EU directive 2002/24/EC exempts certain bicycle or electric bike models from type approval. This is provided they are equipped with pedal assistance and an auxiliary electric motor, maintaining a continuous rated power of 0.25 kW/250W. Once the vehicle reaches 25 km/h (15.5 mph), or the cyclist stops pedaling, this output will gradually drop and eventually cut off.

Germany is a bike-friendly country. It pays special attention to the roads and conditions of all cyclists, providing them with the best possible way to get from one place to another safely. German citizens have almost completely changed their way of life when it comes to commuting to and from get off work. Using a car is almost a last resort. Bicycles and e-bikes have become more popular during the pandemic, leading to a surge in sales and demand. All of this has sparked a need for regulation of German bicycle law.

Tourists in Germany often want to get on their bikes, electric bikes or folding bikes and get into traffic. However, certain laws apply to bicycles and e-bikes in Germany that all current and future cyclists need to know about. Many laws also apply to e-bikes, as some e-bike types may fall into the bicycle category.



German Laws for Cycling 

Germany is a strict country when it comes to maintaining laws and regulations, and the same applies to bicycles and e-bikes.

1. General bicycle requirements

Here are some general bike requirements:
- Every bicycle or e-bike must have a non-flashing white or amber headlight;
- The weight does not exceed 55 kg;
- The minimum/maximum speed should be 6 to 20 km/h;
- Every bicycle or e-bike must have headlights/side reflectors and bells;
- Each bicycle or e-bike must have two separate breaks.

All of these items are essential and need to function so that cyclists can enter German traffic. If not, there are corresponding fees, such as:
- No or non-working bell or brake: 15e;
- Bicycle light damaged or missing: 20e;
- Riding without lights at night, poor visibility, shading or dirty lights: 20e;

2. Bicycle license

Riders in Germany do not need a driver's license to operate a bicycle or e-bike. They only need to be over 14 years old.

3. One person per bike/e-bike only

German law only allows one person per bicycle/e-bike. Cycling with children under the age of 7 is only permitted if a car seat or special trailer is installed on the bicycle.

4. Put your hands on the handlebars

Cycling in Germany requires cyclists to keep their hands on the handlebars. Otherwise, risk your security and be fined.

5. Parking

Germany allows bicycles to be parked anywhere. However, it should not hinder or endanger anyone. It is best to park your bike/e-bike where most bikes are parked. However, causing a blockage will result in a traffic fine of 70e.

6. Helmet method

There is no official legal requirement to wear a helmet while riding a bicycle or e-bike. It's up to the cyclist to decide for himself. However, wearing a helmet while riding is strongly recommended. This is for personal safety and will reduce the chance of serious brain or head injury in the event of an accident.

7. Headphone method

There is no law against wearing headphones while cycling. You can adjust the volume yourself to stay alert and pay attention to the traffic around you while riding.

8. Insurance

If you cycle regularly, one of the most important German insurances you will need is personal liability insurance. First is health insurance, and second is what matters. Having such coverage is very important if you cause personal injury or damage to someone else's personal property. For cycling, it covers everything from hitting a pedestrian while walking on a bike path, to a parked bike falling over and damaging some car or other property.

Bike road rules for cycling in Germany

The German bike laws also apply to the bike road rules. That means that the cyclist must be compliant with them, the same as if you were driving a car. Here are some more specific bike rules that apply to cycling in Germany:

1.Don’t drink and cycle

This is considered the most important bike cycling rule in Germany. Cycling under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or medication is strictly forbidden. If stopped by the police and checked, the cyclist can face criminal charges.

2.No phone in the hands while cycling

An important rule that applies to the bike road rules is not to hold your phone while cycling. This is a serious offense that results in a fine if stopped by the police.

3.Cycle in the bicycle lane

When available, cycling in the bike lane is a must. It is safer for the cyclist, as well as for the other participants in the traffic too. Unless there is an obstruction, the cyclists must cycle in the designated lanes. Such lanes are usually separated by a curb from the road, have an extension of the pavement with a different color or pattern, or have markings with a painted bicycle diagram.

4.Never cycle on highways or motor roads

Since it is dangerous, it is strictly forbidden to ride a bike on highways or motor roads in Germany.

Honbike has been striving to expand the global market, and our products are in compliance with e-bike laws and regulations of various countries. So, if you are living or planning a trip to Germany, you can take our foldable HF01 and start a n easy and fun journey.

What Is A Shaft Drive Bicycle? Should You Buy One?

What Is A Shaft Drive Bicycle? Should You Buy One?

Have you ever wondered what a shaft drive bicycle is? Or how it differs from a traditional bicycle? Well, wonder no more! Today we will be discussing the history of the shaft drive bicycle, how a shaft drive bicycle works and why you should choose a shaft drive bike. Soon after reading this article, if we’ve done our job correctly, you will be an expert in shaft drive bicycles.  


Consider a traditional bicycle for a moment. Most people imagine a typical design complete with a frame, handlebars, and two wheels connected by a chain and propelled forward by two pedals. These bikes require a rider to simultaneously pedal with both feet and perform some light balancing while seated on the bicycle. By pedaling on a traditional chain bike, the rider will transfer energy and power from their pedals through the chain and sprocket all the way back to the rear wheel, moving the rider forward in the process.  


This popular bicycle design dates back to the early 19th century when it was first used in Germany as an alternative to the horse. However, many improvements have been made to traditional bicycles over the last two hundred years. Have you ever asked yourself why most people continue to use bike technology invented over two centuries ago? Perhaps they have not heard of shaft drive bikes.    


How Does a Shaft Drive Bicycle Work?

A shaft drive bike differs from a traditional bicycle in that it does not use a chain and sprocket to deliver power from the rider’s pedal to the rear wheel. Instead, a shaft drive bike uses a main shaft that looks like a long tube. The shaft is then connected to two sets of beveled gears (one on each end) to convert power from the pedals to the back wheel of the bike, moving the rider forward. 


This gear and shaft system is then enclosed in a casing that keeps the parts protected and in place. By using an electric motor and battery, these bicycles can be converted into e-bikes, sometimes referred to as pedelecs. This simple yet elegant system helps ensure your parts stay clean and perform well for many rides.  


This design is very common to another mode of transportation you might be familiar with – the car. That’s right. Driveshafts are popular in automobiles and other industrial applications. Now, due to technological advancements, the shaft drive bike is fast beginning to represent a forward-thinking and innovative design in the bicycle market, too. 


Bikes like the Honbike ChainFree One take advantage of this established performance and expertise from the automotive industry and apply it to our bike system with a proprietary shaft drive bike solution. 


Why Choose a Shaft Drive Bicycle?

Let’s discuss why someone would choose a shaft drive bicycle over a traditional bike with a chain.

No Chain Means No Fuss

First, shaft drive bicycles do not have any exposed moving parts. No longer worry about catching your pant leg in the chain of your bike. Never again get concerned about a broken chain with a shaft drive bike either. You won’t need to clear any debris or mud from the chain and derailleur like you would with a regular bicycle chain system.  

Less Maintenance

In fact, maintenance is almost non-existent for shaft drive bikes, so you won’t need to mess with greasy lubricants or metal parts either. Finally, you won’t get irritated due to skipping gears when you find yourself riding uphill or over rough terrain. Travel vast distances with confidence knowing you won’t need to stop for maintenance or mishaps due to the complicated number of parts found in a traditional bike system.

This unique system will allow you to ride for long periods of time at a constant rate of efficiency, among the numerous other benefits it provides. 


The Honbike Shaft Drive System

Constructed and tested with high-quality tolerances and superior engineering acumen, the Honbike Shaft Drive System is a perfect example of this innovative chain-free system done properly. Thanks to the patented shaft drive system used in our e-bikes, we’ve been able to achieve 40,000+ kilometers of proven maintenance-free riding for our clients. 


Twenty engineers and a three-year-long research and development project have yielded one of the most advanced shaft drive systems on the market today. This dedication to precision and high quality allowed us to trim all the unnecessary fat from our bike. With only 57 parts, compared to traditional bicycles which have more than 250, assembling and replacing parts in our bikes is a breeze if it’s even needed at all.


Our shaft is enclosed in a sealed shaft tube so you can’t even see the parts moving. Not only is this aesthetically pleasing, but it keeps out dirt and debris or dust from accumulating. This distinct look is durable, too, thanks to the aluminum alloy material it’s made from. 


Our focus on minimalist design and integral die-casting technology during production makes our bike an attractive way to fight global warming. The Honbike ChainFree One is lighter than a traditional bike as well, so we are able to save energy while storing and transporting them, too. Combined with electric power and intelligent speed management, we’ve been able to create the world’s leading shaft drive e-bike. 



Now you know where the traditional bicycle got its start and how it works. We also discussed how a shaft drive bike differs from those traditional models. Finally, exploring the many benefits of chainless shaft drive bikes helped inform you of the reasons a rider may opt for a shaft drive bike. 

These topics all converge into our safe and reliable foldable e-bike, the ChainFree One which provides a seamless and joyous experience for today’s urban rider looking for a unique answer to their mobility needs. For more information, be sure to check out our companion piece. No Chain, No Fuss. Honbike


Why You Should Commute with E-bikes? | Top Reasons


Electric bikes are yielding great transformation in commuting systems, especially in cities. Cities are high populated areas, as several people hustle to meet up with daily schedules and deadlines. Amidst these tight schedules, cities often experience traffic congestion. Contrary to the traditional transportation model, electric bikes have helped many challenges faced in cities. 

There are several reasons you should consider commuting with electric bikes if you haven't started. This article has detailed and necessary information supporting the importance of individuals owning e-bikes in this modern age. It also includes e-bike trends and growth in certain parts of the world.


Ability to Meet Up with Deadlines Effortlessly

If your job is highly mobile, you will need to invest significantly in your mode of transportation. Initially, riders had issues with riding long distances with the conventional bicycle. Although electric bikes have their limits, you can cover more distance than traditional bicycles. Also, this is made possible with the assist mode in the latest e-bike designs, like Honbike ChainFree One, with smart drive technology, your commuting way will be easier. If you have not been on board, this is high time you joined the train.

It Has a Similar Charging Mode to Modern Technology

At this age, GenZ and millennials want to get things done with a simple technology interface. The implementation of a charging system in bicycles is relatable to many people at this age. Before commuting, you do not need to queue to fill your transport mode with petrol. Fortunately, most manufacturers provide additional batteries that allow you to charge one while the other is being used. You can simply plug in your battery the same way you charge your earbuds and smartphone. If you run out of power while riding, you can easily replace the battery with its alternate.

It does not take long to charge an electric bike battery, usually between five to eight hours. Meanwhile, some batteries are also built to be super fast and will be fully charged within three hours. The battery range will determine how far you can go on a cycle. Before setting out for the day, you may want to check your e-bike manual for confirmation. Hence, an individual that is naive about e-bike operations will not need to worry much about charging difficulty. Fortunately, governments and electric bike enthusiasts build charging ports in strategic areas. This is the right time to commute by e-bike because you can have a stop at these charging centers without delaying your ride.

Increased Safety in Transportation

With the high population rate in cities, you need to ensure to safe transition from one place to another. Your safety is highly guaranteed with electric bikes because of their flexibility. For instance, you can easily park foldable e-bikes in your workplace without occupying an ample space. Also, most electric bikes have precautions that enhance your safety while riding. However, it would help if you took extra measures personally, such as wearing a helmet and using a lock code. Nevertheless, you need to consider an electric bike, especially in a community with a high record of theft.

Electric Bikes Support Body Fitness

Many people in society today have an increased focus on their body size. Meanwhile, achieving a healthy body fit does not only apply to overweight individuals. Nevertheless, there seems to be a primary challenge with this growing desire among people to keep fit. Gym equipment is pretty expensive, and it is sometimes strenuous for people to engage in rigorous fitness activities. Hence, health practitioners recommend a more passive alternative, which solution has been found in electric bikes.

Having realized that electric bikes can serve exercise purposes as much as commuting, it has become a preference for car owners. If you have difficulty maintaining a consistent exercise process at the gym, the e-bike is for you.

Electric Bikes Are Easy to Use

The beauty in technology is simplifying tasks more than previous methods. The gears inbuilt in electric bikes are easy-to-use, especially if you are using the pedal-assist mode. It allows you to climb uphill while cruising, which is a vital function for many riders today. Also, electric bikes have different gears level, which vary with your expertise level. A beginner should consider the lowest gear, while experts can try out higher gears. While riders don't need to worry about these problem when using ChainFree One, as a chainless e-bike powered by shaft drive system, it also features safe riding experience. With built-in angle alert sensor cuts off motor power when your e-bike tilt angle >30° to prevent from falling when making a turn.

Contrary to vehicles, more people take a short time learning electric bike operations. With the straightforward interface, you can even run the maintenance system yourself. However, you should consult a professional if you are entirely naive about e-bike operations. A professional can quickly identify any component developing a fault to avoid spending extra money on replacement. Also, bear in mind that the hybrid electric bike is more common than every other type of e-bike. This is why each person has a more suitable e-bike model than other persons. Hence, the hybrid electric bike may not be the most appropriate choice for your buddy. After you choose to commute with an e-bike, the next step will be to find a product that matches your needs and requirements.

Electric Bike Is Becoming the Trends 

It is not coincident that electric bikes are trending in society today. The best time to commute with an e-bike is no different from now, especially when you need to ride to a social function. When you ride with fancy and modern design, you will not have low self-esteem among your peer group. Many statistical records validate the growth of electric bikes. The market rate was recorded as $21 billion in 2018 and is estimated to reach about $39 billion before the next decade. At the end of 2020, the world experienced exponential growth of e-bikes due to the post-covid-19 effect. The need for collective human effort in promoting a green environment has become more pronounced.

Electric bikes have become a top investment because people's enthusiasm for riding to work has increased. Hence, business enthusiasts are creating outlets in the electric bike industry. This makes it easy for intending users to access retailers and suppliers close to their location. Since you will not need paperwork or legal steps to own an e-bike, it is a better option than traditional bicycles.

Electric bikes are not as seasonal as some other means of transportation; they are available all year round. A cyclist will not have trouble finding the perfect e-bike suitable for both cold and warm weather. Hence, adaptability to diverse climates and conditions should be another reason to consider riding an electric bike.

Electric Bikes Regulations in the EU & UK

While it is best to own an electric bike now, you may want to consider the regulations surrounding e-bikes in your location. Research on the do's and don'ts and the appropriate measures to implement. Hence, this article focuses on European rules since there is a high usage of electric bikes here. Honbike follows the European regulations regarding speed limits and other specified features as well.

More users can confidently commute with e-bikes, especially when they patronize manufacturers that comply with the EU and UK electric bikes rules. Although these regulations are strict, it ensures the safety and proper distribution of electric bike into the market. One of the critical rules is that an e-bike motor should not operate independently like some other components. Also, a ride exceeding 25kph should be ready not to receive support from the motor system. The power input of an electric bike is also expected not to exceed 250W.

The primary purpose of the European regulation is to identify a brand or manufacturer as trustworthy or not. Any brand with certified proof from the European Union would have gone through several testing stages. Hence, it has gained the trust of more riders and attracted more potential users. The European Union also cross-checks the regulations and makes necessary amendments when needed. Since 2020, more younger persons have shown interest in electronic modes of transport. This is a great push for the electric bikes market, which shall be tremendous sooner than we may imagine.


There is great pleasure in arriving at your workplace on time without being sweaty. It motivates you for the day as you work towards being more productive. As transportation is one of the main hindrances to workplace productivity, this is the best time to upgrade your commuting mode. Hopefully, the information above has helped you realize the importance of owning an electric bike. However, it is essential to mention the importance of buying from a quality wholesaler or retailer. You may want to consider Honbike company since the brand has built a good reputation. Reach out to the e-bike's inquiry team today, and make commuting much more fun and easy.


Ride with Convenience | Top Benefits of Folding E-bikes You Should Know


If you’ve been out and about in any major city or park these days, you’ve likely seen someone riding a foldable e-bike and you didn’t even know it. Commuters, adventurers, tourists, and people of all ages are discovering the benefits of e-bikes. They are quiet, good for the environment, less expensive than a car, and more versatile than a scooter or motorcycle. But one downside to e-bikes is the amount of space they take up when storing or transporting them. That’s where folding e-bikes come in.

Riders are turning to some the best foldable electric bikes like the Honbike ChainFree One to realize all of these same e-bike benefits with one important additional feature – the space-saving miracle of a folding bike. Easily fold your bike and carry it into your apartment, office, or home while not in use. In addition to easy storage, there are other features you should know about when it comes to folding e-bikes. Today, we’ll cover the most important things you need to know to be an expert in this popular electric vehicle.


Convenient & Compact Design

This may seem obvious, but we must point out that folding e-bikes can indeed be folded in half. Each brand is different, but the one thing they all have in common is the ability to dismount your bike, release the safety mechanisms, and literally fold your e-bike up into a compact and easy-to-carry shape. At just 44lbs (20 kg), bikes like the Honbike ChainFree One collapse into an easy-to-carry or store design in just 15 seconds.


Never worry about your bike being stolen again. Keep it stored safely inside away from the elements. Most folding bikes are compact enough to be folded and stored under your desk at work, in the trunk of your car, or even on the seat next to you on the train. This opens up an entirely new world of possibilities for getting around on your terms. Skip the taxi or bus and bring your folding bike to get to your destination on time.


Suitable & Right Amount of Power

Many folding electric bikes require a specific range of power to achieve such a lightweight and foldable design. Typically, folding e-bikes come equipped with a 250-watt power motor to deliver the right amount of juice to the bike while still allowing for a lightweight and transportable design. The added benefit of using this size motor allows an e-bike to meet the European regulations for electric bikes.

This is because EU and UK electric bike rules usually define it as one with manual pedals and a motor with less than 250 watts of power. Many high-end bikes take advantage of a pedal-assist system to achieve the right balance of efficiency and a true bike feel. Our Honbike ChainFree One comes with 5 different pedal assist levels and tops out around 25 km/h, with plenty of speed and variation to ride to work or leisurely explore a beach town.


Due to their limited power, e-bikes with 250W of power are allowed on most paths except where prohibited locally. This reduces the chance you will be fined or run afoul of the law. Many more powerful, non-foldable e-bikes are simply not permitted in many urban settings; therefore, lower power is a good thing!


Provide Good Workout

Because e-bikes in the EU are required to have pedals, many brands opt to encourage manual pedaling in addition to the use of the motor. In this configuration, the e-bike only provides power when you are pedaling. The harder you pedal with this system, the faster the bike goes and the more power the bike puts out. This allows the rider to exercise as they would on a traditional e-bike, while still getting to and from their destination with ease and comfort.


Enjoy the weather and stay fit while you travel. By adding light pedaling to your ride, you might even be able to accomplish multiple goals at once. You can simultaneously be riding to work, getting your daily exercise, reducing your carbon footprint, and saving money. This multi-tasking is almost impossible to achieve in other areas of life. Folding bikes truly provide a distinctive experience unlike any other.


Folding E-bikes Are Affordable

As the price of gasoline rises around the world and stays elevated, it is more important than ever to seek alternative transportation methods that are affordable. A new car can be prohibitively expensive, not to mention you still need to fill it up with gas each week. Bus passes, subway tickets and private taxis like Uber and Lyft are similarly expensive over time.


In contrast, e-bikes represent an attractive price point due to their relatively low up-front cost and their low power costs. Charging the e-bike at home or the office can reduce your energy bills by a large amount. Over time, these savings can even pay for the entire cost of the bike itself. By opting for a folding e-bike with lower motor power, you are sure to find one within your budget. Lastly, some e-bikes also incorporate chainless engineering which reduces expensive maintenance and repairs over the life of the bike.


They Come in All Shapes and Styles

In order to revolutionize the mobility market, e-bikes need to come in multiple styles and shapes, just like traditional bikes. Not everyone is the same size and has the same preferences. This is why foldable bikes exist in the first place – more versatility and more options. On top of that, serious bike enthusiasts like high-quality designs, unique styles, and aesthetically pleasing colors.

As the winner of 4 unique design awards, no one takes the style of their folding e-bike more seriously than us here at Honbike. We seek to provide a unibody design with minimal parts to ensure your lightweight bike can be folded up within 4 easy steps. Folding e-bikes are pushing the limits of innovation and technology by rethinking what an e-bike looks and feels like. Many other foldable bikes differentiate themselves with different colors, options, and sizes so you are sure to find a style for you, no matter the brand.

How to Choose Right Electric Bike Gift for Your Mom?

How to Choose Right Electric Bike Gift for Your Mom?

There are many objects to gift a mother as a present; however, it is only intriguing when the gift is unique and tangible. Whether you want a best gift for moms on Thanksgiving day, Mother's Day, Christmas, and even Birthday, you should consider electric bikes. Your mother possibly belongs to the adult category that needs to ease their travel process. At their age, the bone is getting weak, and it is medically advisable to travel with ease.

Manufacturers are continually creating fancy electric bike models with an assist mode. Interestingly, you can customize the e-bike to suit your mother's weight or body size. What other things should you consider in choosing an electric bike for your mum? This article provides all the necessary information you may need as you read further.



Why You Should Buy an Electric Bike for your Mom

Choosing an ideal e-bike for your mum is not challenging as you may have thought, while you need to understand the purpose of gifting your mum an electric bike firstly. This places more value on the gift since it is from a place of understanding. Below are vital points that explain why your mum needs an electric bike.

  • If your mum often visits the grocery store or friends, riding an electric bike is the smoothest way to reach her destination.
  • It is one of the best options you can make as a child when your mum has an electric bike to accomplish school-run. More so, this reduces the chances of your siblings getting late to school.
  • When your mum has an e-bike, she can easily plan a family hang-out or picnic.
  • As mentioned earlier, your mum contributes positively to the green environment by riding an electric bike. This ensures no fossil fuel or toxic chemicals are released into the atmosphere.
  • Riding an electric bike is cheaper than booking private cars and some public transport systems. Fortunately, governments are building charging ports, allowing users to renew their e-bike batteries without complaint quickly. Also, manufacturers like the Honbike brand have batteries that recharge quickly, using about 3-4 hours. Your mom only needs to charge the e-bike battery and be ready to use it.
  • Electric bikes provide a passive form of exercise for adults. Body coaches often recommend this exercise for adults who cannot perform rigorous activities

How to Choose Right Electric Bike for your Mom?

Learn about Mum's Preference

Preference is one of the most important factors you should note when choosing an e-bike for your mom, particularly if she has a preferred color or bike shape in the brand's collection. If you are unsure of your mum's preference, you may want to ask her to make the purchase decision easier. Remember, the best gift you can ever get anyone is to buy to their taste. This applies to every life scenario, including electric bike orders.

Think Clearly Your Mum's Body Fitness

When choosing an electric bike for your mum, you need a frame size that matches her body weight. This also includes the appropriate handlebar height since it supports your mum's strength level. Your mum has a naturally reduced strength at this stage, so the e-bike should provide much support as possible. Although many ladies believe it is rude to ask for their weight, you may want to take exception with your mum. Also, knowing the maximum weight a bike can carry will help you to determine if it's fit for your mum or not.

Consider the Purpose of Using E-bike

Another factor you want to consider is the intent behind getting an e-bike. Although you are getting an electric bike as a gift for your mum, what will she use it for? Is she going to simply commute with it for daily activities or as a means of exercising? This decision will help you choose customized features that match the e-bike needs. For instance, mothers will need a commuter e-bike if she rides on regular journeys.

Check the Needed E-bike Accessories

E-bike accessories fascinate many riders today, who h has contributed to its growth over the years. Meanwhile, the required accessories vary with different mums. For instance, a mum may feel the necessity to have a bottle holder, while another mum will not. However, some other accessories are necessary you include, to enhance safety and productivity. Your mum needs a helmet, rearview mirror, first aid kit, and many other accessories that will assist in responding to an emergency.

Buy with the Most Appropriate E-bike Class

It is required to gather sufficient and proper knowledge when shopping for an e-bike for your mum. Generally, electric bikes are categorized into three categories, with different motor assist levels. A class one e-bike operates at 20mph and only responds to a pedal-assist mode. Although class two e-bike has the same maximum speed as class one, it has pedal-assist and throttle functions. On the other hand, a class three e-bike can reach 28 mph but only has the pedal-assist function. Hence, the maximum speed at which your mum can ride, and her experience level, will influence the best class of e-bike for her.

If your mum has never ridden an electric bike, you can choose the class one option. It is adaptable to many paths and is most affordable. On the other hand, the class three e-bike is ideal for riding around town. Also, class three e-bikes are for powerful rides, which are also fast and highly efficient. However, you should also adhere to your countries e-bike legal as well, in the EU or UK, the top speed of electric bikes should be limited in 25 KM/H. 

Choosing a Reliable E-bike Brand

Undoubtedly, there are several e-bikes manufacturers and wholesalers out there. Since you are getting your mum a gift, you need to consider a brand's experience in the industry and accessibility. For instance, your mum can easily find the spare part of any component that malfunctions. Also, you should be able to reach the company for suggestions, complaints, or recommendations. Hence, choosing a quality brand plays a vital role during and after the purchase stage. It would help if you considered a Honbike bike because you will get a top-notch design and features suitable for your mum.

Other Things to Look Out for When Buying Electric Bike for your Mom

Beyond the aforementioned factors, there are some other necessities that people unfortunately neglect. These features ease the riding experience your mum has with an e-bike. Meanwhile, it also applies to different age groups that want to own an electric bike.

  • Choose an e-bike with a solid inbuilt motor, which can provide a high level of assistance. Also, your mum should be able to choose her preferred assist level, which is usually low, medium, and high keys.
  • Consider a folding e-bike that your mum can easily store as she joggles between daily activities. A foldable e-bike does not only serve a purpose for older adults but also across age groups.
  • Choose e-bikes that are highly visible and safe, especially with smart drive system.

What is the Best Electric Bike for Mothers

Truthfully, several brands are out there, but Honbike has received many positive reviews on its online platform. Honbike is commited to creating safe and smart riding for users, with shaft drive system and smart drive technology, the company realized easy and safe features on ChainFree One, the best chainless & foldable e-bike. You can easily place an order online, while the electric bike will be delivered to your location.


Regardless of the first e-bike type you are getting for your mum, it is essential to check its warranty level. Since it is a gift, you want to ensure it stays with her as much as possible. It is a precious sight to feel a gift around you for a long time. Fortunately, electric bikes are highly durable with low maintenance costs. However, this is primarily applicable when purchasing from a reputable brand like Honbike. Honbike e-bikes are made with modern materials and of top quality. You can contact the customer team, for further inquiries.

10 Tips You Should Note When Buying Your First E-bike


Buying your first e-bike can be a big and not cheap decision because the market is flooded with options. While it is true that electric bicycles do give you a lot of benefits: less traffic jams, a lower carbon footprint, and good workout.

With the ups and downs of the COVID-19 and the rise in international gas prices, causing a lager demand for healthy travel as well as the sales boom of electric vehicles. 

This article will guide you about the right choices of your first e-bike.



Why Shopping for an E-bike the First Time is Important

With the rise in technology, manufacturers introduce new models of electric bikes daily. This topic is crucial because you are not buying a traditional bike. Electric bikes are built with innovative components, which will require some deliberate analysis for the best decision. There are several sizes and categories of electric bicycles which apply to different users. For instance, foldable e-bikes, cargo versions, ultra-light e-bikes, and many others.

How to Choose Your First Electric Bike

Clarify your Needs

It is essential you bear in mind your needs so that it will hasten your search process. For instance, are you taking your e-bike for just grocery shopping, or are you using it for a long journey? Also, consider whether the e-bike will be used on rough terrain or a smooth road. If the primary purpose of buying an e-bike is for exercise and fitness, a user can purchase an electric mountain bike. Although electric bikes are widely categorized as recreational and commuter e-bikes, they have subdivisions. A popular subdivision is the hybrid version of e-bikes. This allows a person to ride while serving multiple purposes.

Safety First

There are a few things to keep in mind to keep yourself safe on an electric bike. Your brakes need to have stopping power that matches your motor. Also check the suspension on the fork and seat, as well as the integrated lights and reflectors. Besides, a few e-bike also equipe with smart drive technology, such as Honbike ChainFree One , a foldabe bike comes with Hill-start technology, it is able to detect slops automatically and help you smooth out starts on hills, besides, its angle alert sensor will cut off motor power when your e-bike tilt angle surpasses 30°, which will prevent riders from falling when making a turn.

Easy to Assembly

This is a point that many people may ignore. Some of your new e-bikes are almost completely assembled (such as folding e-bikes); In most cases, you need to complete the assembly yourself. You can either do it yourself or others as many e-bike companies provide step-by-step instructions on their YouTube channel, but if the steps are complex, you may not be able to do it; Then you need to go to the bike store for assembly, which costs money, so it is included in the cost of your electric bicycle. It may not decide or undermine your purchase decision, but you need to be aware of this.

Your Preferred Type of Motor

The two common types of motors are hub motor and mid-drive. However, most wholesalers and retailers supply more hub motors than mid-drive, and they are present at the rear wheel. Hub motors increase a bike's acceleration by propelling the pedal further. However, they are not as efficient as mid-drive, even though they are popular due to their affordability. Even though both motors have similar battery sizes, they run at different ranges. This is why mid-drive motors are better for riding uphill.

The Assist Type

An electric bike can either be a pedal-assist or a throttle e-bike. A pedal-assist e-bike assists a rider in propelling uphill, while a throttle e-bike requires some power level from the rider. However, your provider may present to you three classes of e-bikes, which are class 1, class 2, and class 3. Meanwhile, the legalized class accepted in your country will also influence your decisions. The maximum level to which class 1 e-bikes can provide pedal assist is 20 mph.

Meanwhile, the class 2 category has both pedal-assist and throttle functions. The class 3 category only had a pedal-assist function, with a maximum speed of 28 mph. Therefore, the bike’s speed limit  and elctric bike rules in your region will also determine your option. Such as UK, the max speed of electric bicycle should be limited in 25 km/h.

Ideal Weight 

The weight of your electric bicycle should be suitable for your body size. If both weights do not align, it causes discomfort while riding. However, lightweight electric bikes are generally preferred by most riders. This is because you can easily park and store your e-bike, especially the foldable designs. It makes commuting easy while riding to your workplace.

Waterproof Capacity

The best electric bikes are the ones that can withstand the rain. Undoubtedly, every riders feel like their LCD, battery and motor to be splash-proof so you don't have to worry about riding in the rain or leaving your bike outdoors, after all these bad weather are unavoidable.

Expected Price

Usually you'll need at least $1,500 or more to buy an e-bike, though you may come across cheaper prices, but please beware. Similar to buying a car, the configuration and performance of e-bikes are an important factor in determining the price, and of course their appearance is also important. Take Honbike ChainFree One as an example, with shaft drive system and smart drive technology, attracting a number of favors worldwide. Also, your riding area will affect your e-bike expenditures. For instance, you need either a single-speed or three-speed e-bike design if you are engaging in gentle riding. However, you should try investing highly in e-bikes with wide gear ranges for climbing hilly areas.

Battery Range and Power

The battery performance of an e-bike is also something you need to consider. A daily commute of 15-25km means you can use a smaller battery. A 400 watt-hour or more battery is best if you're riding long distances a lot.

As a first time buyer, you should also consider your e-bikes’ power. You will need a 250 watt to ride downhill, and a 500 watt to ride uphill or on rough terrain. However, the downside of higher power could be less range or a heavier, more costly battery. 

Service and Maintenance

Failure and repair may be inevitable with all electronic equipment, which means choosing a motor that can be repaired is another key decision. Shop mechanics are sometimes unable to repair no-name brands because they lack parts or diagnostic tools.

In addition, it is also necessary to carefully read the warranty service and effective commitment of the brand. Only the company can obtain the favor and trust of consumers by providing the greatest benefit guarantee for the customer.


Electric Bike Rules 2022 in the UK

Electric Bike Rules 2022 in the UK

E-bikes have become extremely popular nowadays. The practicality and the convenience they provide for the city commute as well as the health benefits have put electric...

Electric Bike Rules 2022 in the UK

Electric Bike Rules 2022 in the UK

E-bikes have become extremely popular nowadays. The practicality and the convenience they provide for the city commute as well as the health benefits have put electric bicycles the most demanded vehicle. Moreover, with the appearance of the pandemic and the restrictions that required social distancing, many people saw the this device as a wonderful opportunity to make some significant changes in the way they used to travel to work. The health and the physical activity came first, and the e-bike was all about that – providing convenience and a much healthier option for all different age groups.

Riding an electric bike is truly a fantastic and unique experience. Generally speaking, an e-bike is a bit different from a regular bike because of the modes it has. The rider can enjoy the ride as a regular bike, by physically moving the pedals. The other great thing is the motor-assisted mode, which means that the e-bike is powered by a motor and battery while you pedalling. This is especially convenient when it comes to climbing a hill or if some rough terrain requires some physical strength.

However, riding an e-bike does require a few rules and regulations. Electric bikes are part of transportation and should be ridden in the lanes provided by bikes. Riders must wear helmets, and there are many other things that need to be followed to ensure the safety of riders and other traffic participants. In the UK, there are laws and regulations that apply to e-bikes.


Is it legal to ride an E-bike in the UK?

Most E-bikes (known also as EAPCs – electrically assisted pedal bikes) are legal for use in the UK. They are also treated as ordinary push bikes. However, there are some regulations and stipulations that must be followed such as:

  • The rider of the E-bike in the UK must be over the age of 14;
  • The electric bike in question must have pedals;
  • The motor of the electric bicycle must not exceed 250W;
  • The e-bike itself must not go faster than 15.5mph which is equal to 25km per hour.

What about E-bikes that are not EAPCs?

According to the UK government, any e-bike that does not meet the above specifications and exceeds 25 km/h (15.5 mph) is classified as a moped or motorcycle. That means that it must be registered, insured, taxed and the rider must carry a driving license. Additionally, riders are legally obligated to wear helmets when driving on public roads.

In cases when the motor of the electric bike can be activated without pedaling, then it also fails to meet the EAPC standards. For example, an electric scooter is classified as Personal Light Electric Vehicles (PLEV). As such, it is illegal to use it on public highways and pavements in the UK.

Who can ride an E-bike?

Here are more details on who is allowed to ride an E-bike in the UK:

  • Those who live in Scotland, England, or Wales, must be over 14 years old to ride an e-bike;
  • These same countries do not require taxation, registration, or insurance of the electric bike;
  • The same countries do not require a license to ride an E-bike.
  • Those who live in Northern Ireland must have a moped license to ride an ebike;
  • Those who live in Northern Ireland must have their E-bike registered, taxed, and insured.

General regulations

So, if the bike and the E-bike riders meet this criterion, then, they fall and can be held accountable for the same rules that apply to the traditional bike. The following regulations that apply are:

  • Cycling at night must be done with a working front white light and a rear red light. The bike should also have reflectors fitted to the e-bike;
  • Both the brakes (front and the rear) must be working and in good condition;
  • E-bikes must not be ridden under the influence of drugs or alcohol;
  • The e-bike must be ridden carefully and safely, taking into consideration all the other road users;
  • The electric bikes should be ridden on the designated cycling path/road, followed by the regular road rules as well as traffic lights;
  • No passengers are allowed on an electric bicycle unless the e-bike has been adapted for it;
  • Holding onto a moving motor vehicle or trailer with your e-bike is forbidden.

Are throttles on E-bike Legal?

The "twist and go" throttle is not considered legal in the UK. It is a part that allows the bike to go more than the walking pace (4mph) without pedal assistance. In such cases, the vehicle is classified as a motorbike and must be registered with the DVLA, and be taxed and insured like the other vehicles.

Starting from January 1, 2016, the only throttles that have been legal within the UK’s EAPC legislation are the ones that assist the rider without pedaling up to a speed of 6 km/h which equals 3.7 mph. If the rider here is rolling, and not pedaling, but going over 6 km/h, the throttle cuts off. If the rider pedals at the same time, the throttle can assist up to 25 km/h or 15.5 mph.

The bikes sold before January 1, 2016, are still considered to be EAPC certified. That means that they do not require registration or taxation.

What about Honbike UK?

Honbike has always been actively expanding the global market, the company has incorporated the legality of electric bicycles into product design from the beginning of its entry into the European market. Therefore, ChainFree One is not equipped with high-power motors and throttles, while you will enjoy an easy and safe riding experience with the brand's patented shaft drive and smart drive technology. In addition, Honbike ChainFree One comes with only 57 parts and features foldable design, which is easy to carry and easy to assembly.


In general, the UK does not have strict rules when it comes to riding an e-bike. It is treated similarly to the regular bike. In those terms, getting an electric bicycle is one of the best investments that you can do for yourself. If you are looking for a high-quality electric bikes, look no further than Honbike. The brand offers quality chainless & folding e-bikes, all produced in strict accordance with the European power and speed which is in full regulation with the European requirements in this area.

Get your E-bike today, and get out on the streets of the UK! Drive safely and enjoy the ride with Honbike!

All You Need to Know About Chainless E-bike


As technology advances, there is a greater possibility for a bright future with cycling. Electric bikes are modifying the transportation modes in society. They are upgrading people’s mobility, providing the right solution to the high congestion rate in cities. Governments have also shown support for the usage of electric bikes. This is evident from the establishment of charging ports in many commercial areas. The Honbike HF01 is an excellent model that addresses the setbacks in traditional e-bike drives, with the company’s patented shaft drive system, it is safe to say that a chain-free electric bike is part of the smart future humans anticipated.



What is a Chainless Electric Bike?

The motor drive system is categorized as either belt, chain, or shaft drive. Meanwhile, shaft and belts drives are mostly chain free because the machine uses a chain alternative to drive the rear wheel. The chainless system usually has cogs that connect the components. It is gradually becoming a standard technology in electric bicycles. Honbike, an updated company on innovations, has several models built in the chainless system. The professional manufacturers work closely with researchers to identify the current needs in society. Apart from the chainless drive innovations, folding e-bike’s have also come to stay. It has become much easier for workers to take their e-bikes to the office.

The Principles of a Chainless E-bike

Since the chainless version of the e-bike is growing among many users today, it is expected you are curious about its mode of operation. The original concept of the chainless e-bike is to boost the structure of a traditional bicycle. The traditional bicycles have cranks at the bicycle’s axle and front wheel. Through these cranks, the machine converts kinetic energy into electrical energy. Traditional bikes also have saddles at the arm region, while chain-free has their harness at the upper oblique area. This reduces the center of gravity and ensures a smooth riding experience.

The chainless e-bike has an electric control unit, shortened as the ECU. This unit cooperates with the bike’s sensors to ensure a rider is convenient on rough terrain. Hence, a chainfree e-bike is compatible with rough roads, which is uncommon with traditional e-bikes. The energy output is consistent with the electric bike through the automatic gear changer. Meanwhile, lithium battery serves as storage for the electric energy utilized during the ride. Also, the motor converts the rear wheel to electric power during the ride.

Conventional E-bike Vs. Chainfree E-bike

A typical electric bicycle consists of wheels, pedals, handlebars, frames, and chains. However, a chain is gradually becoming a traditional component. Only a few companies have sustained a chain-free drive, including Honbike. The company has proved that e-bike provides a stress-free and reliable riding experience to their owners. More so, chain-free e-bike’s have lubrication oil that reduces wear and tear during movement. This also increases longevity and low maintenance requirements.

The new chain-free system is similar to the conventional arrangement. However, it does not have a toothed disc connecting a chain to the rear wheel. Since there are no chains, how does the drive activate the bike’s wheel? The drive generator is equipped with quality components capable of generating adequate electric current while pedaling.

Benefits of a Chainless Bike

A chainless e-bike provides a lot of advantages to the commuting system. Firstly, riders will spend lesser time and money on the repair since the system does not wear out quickly. Meanwhile, repairing a chain system requires hard work from most workshops. The repair process of a chain system is quite messy, with the grease staining several parts of the e-bike.

Chain Free Bikes are Mechanically Simple

A chainless e-bike is easier to modify and configure into new shapes or designs in production and innovations. Over the years, Honbike has successfully created several models or products of the chain-free electric bicycle. More so, this allows manufacturers to develop more e-bikes with multiple wheels. Pedaling is also much easier with a chainless e-bike, as you also get to charge your battery while in motion.

Chain bikes have complex components, especially while aligning the drive system with the rear gear. There is no need to construct moving parts in chain-free bikes or try to ascertain rolls and stretches. Although it requires professionalism and hard work, the production method is done in one loop. On the other hand, chain-free bikes get more complex when internal gear hubs are added to the drive system. These traits are relieved in the quality products manufactured by the Honbike company.

Lesser Fuss

Chainless bikes are not prone to constant wear and tear like chain bikes. If the bike has a belt drive, you can be sure the cog and chainring will have the same durability as the belt. Since the cogs are in good condition, the bike will function appropriately, except there is a need for repair. It is rare to repair a belt-drive, which only implies a lower loss efficiency over a long period.

Chainless bikes have a straight driveline than chain electric bikes. You can identify this line in the space between your rear cog and front chainring. The driveline remains straight because no movement occurs in the cogs while riding. All shifts or motions take place in a gearbox. Contrary to a chain drive, chain-free does not cause excess energy loss.

Easy to Store and Lower Noise

There is so much convenience with chain-free e-bikes, especially foldable ones. A chainless e-bike usually has less weighty than electric bikes with chains. Since this version of the e-bike has longer durability, its lightweight is a plus for every user. You can quickly move it around for as long as you ride a chainless e-bike.

There is beauty in riding your e-bike without causing noise in the environment. Bike chains make a rattle noise while riding along the road. This can be disturbing and unpleasant to society. A chainless bike also gives a user some sense of privacy. Although a chain bike does not produce as awful noise as parties, the difference is still evident in chainless bikes. If you want a quiet cycling experience, even on sandy ground, choose a chainless e-bike.

Easy Maintenance

It is clear that removing an element that requires a lot of maintenance from a traditional bicycle means that there is one less thing to worry about. While Honbike HF01 is made of die cast manufacturing, which enhances the strength and is more commonly found in automotive, aviation, and high-speed electric motor manufacturing. Moreover, the brand offers a 40,000 KM maintenance-free service, realizing the real sense of “ No Chain, No Fuss”.


The combination of foldable, electric and chainless makes HF01 unlike anything else you've ever seen - it's the best e-bike with all of these features. If you are interested, explore more information here.